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If you watch either CNN or Fox and believe the spin they put on articles why?

It has just become routine for me to not really conclude anything until I have read both. The line up of regular experts is just disgustingly lopsided at both. For instance. Everybody knows about climate change, and everybody knows that we have some kind of effect on our environment. You would have to be nuts to totally deny our effect and clearly nuts to think the sky is falling next decade. Now come on people. CNN reports fire and brimstone shortly and FOX reports it is nothing to care about. How can anyone read either one and believe it is fully accurate?


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Tim Mitchell (tsmog) says

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4 months ago
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    Eric Dierker (Ericdierker) 4 months ago

    I used the word watch but I only check them online. No live TV in my house. Looks like you have a good combination.

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