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Why Did Donald John LIE To "X-Coal Miners" About Their JOBs ??

Yup, we all know Coal Mining JOBs R Commin' Back around the same time as Donald John Publishes all that "PROOF" his "Invisible Private Investigator" Dug-Up on President Obama's "Origin of BIRTH" ~ Time FRAME 4 Release ???? N*E*V*E*R ~ Didn't this Habitual LYIN' "SHORT-Timer" also Aimlessly BABBLE 2 the Hippies about "RESURRECTING" their 8-TRACK Tape Manufacturing JOBs ???? Unlike the MINERs, the Hippies realized it was all just Babbling BS ~ He & his COMPLICIT Cohorts will B EVICTED Soon, but did Donald J. GAIN anything 4 his Blatant Dishonesty ????


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