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WHY Did Donald John's Assets "Suddenly SINK" From 10 Billion DOWN To 1.4 Billion ??

Within 2 YEARs ???? Now that's an Incredible Disappearing ACT David Copperfield would surely be ENVIOUS of ~ This according to the most recent FINANCIAL Statements released by the "KING of Delusion" himself, so don't go "BARKING" at me for simply REPORTING the FACTs According 2 the Media ~ I distinctly remember Mr. Trump BRAGGING "Maniacally & Compulsively" a year or two ago that his "Net Worth" was proudly at around 10 BILLION right ?? So, what accounts for the 90% "HAIRCUT" in Wealth ?? Are BOYCOTTs Cutting into profits ?? Did he make some really BAD Financial Moves?? What do U think ??


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4 weeks ago
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    Alternative Prime 4 weeks ago

    "CONCEALING Assets" 2 perhaps evade tax liability is certainly a realistic possibility Patty, but is it plausible 2 "HIDE" 9 Billion which is 90% of what he claims he's worth? Just Curious ~ Or, perhaps his "Worth CLAIMs" R Inflated?

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