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Should ALL Doctors REFUSE 2 Treat Republican Politicians Who Vote YES On The "Trump-Care" Scheme?

They would be HEROEs ~ Just Remember, a Doctor or any other Medical Professional has NO "LEGAL, Ethical or Moral Obligation" to Treat a Republican Congress-Person who actually "VOTEs Yes" on the Unthinkable Un-Christian, ANTI-American ABOMINATION called "Trump-Care" which wil inevitably result in Human Tragedy 2 RIVAL the Holocaust ~ Should Doctors exercise their "RIGHT 2 BOYCOTT" CONservative Republicans who support this Unconscionable & CRIMINAL "TRANSFER of Our Wealth" to the Obscenely GREEDY KINGs & Emperors ????


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4 weeks ago
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    Alternative Prime 4 weeks ago

    Good Points, but AMERICA is in an EPIC Struggle 4 SURVIVAL with their own Psuedo-President & INSANE Republican Radicals ~ An ABNORMAL. Unprecedented Era of Strife ~ Would an "OATH" B BREACHED if a DOCTOR Refused 2 Treat HITLER/Bin Laden?

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