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Should The USA "REPEAL And REVOKE" Republican Steve Scalise's Health Insurance ??

If NOT WHY Not? Just CURIOUS ~ Prior 2 his incident, he along with hundreds of his Republican Partners VOTED 2 "STRIP" Health Ins. from 23 MILLION Americans who need it most ~ We all wish him well despite his "ANTI-Humane Actions", but WHY should he receive "Preferential TREATMENT" while his Unconscionable VOTE could Interrupt, DISTURB, Limit and or NEGATE Insurance Coverage for Millions of AMERICANs? Is that JUSTIFIED or CRIMINAL?? We'd have 2 ASSUME he now UNDERSTANDs the Importance of HEALTH Insurance, like most of us do ~ If NO Policy, he'd B FILING 4 Bankruptcy from his bed RIGHT?


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2 months ago
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    Alternative Prime 2 months ago

    A Repugnantkin "HealthCARE Holocaust" is upon us ~ Mr. Scalise's Medical BILLs R easily in the HUNDREDs of 1000's, an EXPENSE that would B PAID by us if not 4 his INSURANCE ~ Ya THINK he NOW REALIZEs the Critical Importance of INSURANCE?

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