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The "ABOMINABLE 49" Republicans Who Voted 4 "TrumpSCARE" ~ Their Chances Of Getting In 2 HEAVEN ??

"Slim to NONE" in my OPINION, but perhaps if they Repent of their Unforgivable SIN, Accept their GOD & REVERSE their VOTE 2 "NO" the next time Mr. Trump trys 2 RAM his "TrumpSCARE" Scheme through congress, the Good Lord might apply mercy on their ERRANT Souls & welcome them into his place of Eternal Light ~ Do U think a Republican Senator who VOTEs to DIVERT Money from your HealthCARE and into Wall Street BANKs actually has a CHANCE to make it into HEAVEN??


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Hxprof says

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2 weeks ago
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    Alternative Prime 13 days ago

    UNTRUE Hxprof ~ "Mandates/LAWs" R NOT "EVIL" unless U believe we should be a "LAND of Unmitigated VIOLENCE & Chaos" like OUR White House ~ What's a "Criminal ABOMINATION"? Orrin Hatch TERMINATING a Childs HealthCARE & KEEPING his OWN

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