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Congress hasn’t been able to get anything done, is any excuse good enough?

Republicans have failed to repeal Obamacare and it’s simply because some of them don’t want to repeal it. They answer to the Insurance, Pharma, and Medical corporations, not the people. Democrat, Republican, doesn't matter they continue to find ways of fleecing taxpayers of more money while playing the blame game. What do we as Americans need to do, to fix a corrupt and broken system? Or are we helpless to do anything about it?

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2 months ago
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    Ken Burgess 2 months ago

    McCain isn't a good example, I can't think of a more two faced politician who has gone out of his way to screw the people he represents over than him, his state just got hit with over 100% premium increases for the ACA in 2017. Corrupt as they come.

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