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Do u think some criminal offense is better off using community service rather then prison?

While some people conduct crime due to bad intention, others might conduct crime due to been desperate. There are some violent crime or those that could really hurt people, such as armed robbery, drug dealing, which should not be committed even when people are that desperate, but then there are cases such as theft or shop lifting, which if for example, a homeless guy, who have not eat in five days, it is more understandable. In these situations, instead of sending them in prison, do you think it is better to get them to redeem them self via community service?


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Lindsay Bloom says

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2 months ago
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    peter565 2 months ago

    Thanks, I started thinking about this, when I am reading and at ancient China, community or military service, frequently replace prison, they did many harsh labors including digging water way to prevent flood, repairing great wall of China etc.