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Would force sex change be better to deal with extremely violent criminals?

Women only got 1/4 physical strength of men, without proper training, women are usually no match against a man in a fight and for some women, even with only intermediate training, might not be enough to deal with some men, our prison system frequently need to deal with extremely violent criminal, costing tax payers lost of money, female inmate only 1/4 of men's strength, is cheaper and easier to deter, so, if we force violent criminal to get sex change if felt necessary, will it make our prison system cheaper to maintain?


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Chloe Davis Smith (nochance) says

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3 months ago
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    peter565 3 months ago

    To deal with these violent criminal just forcing hormone treatments upon them is necessary, we only need them having the physical disadvantage female have over male, others such as giving them a vagina, is not necessary

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