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WHY Did "Chief Of Staff" Gen. John Kelly DESTROY His Own Credibility By LYING To America?

Unlike yours truly, many were "DUPED" into believing Mr. Kelly was a "GROWN-Up" to be TRUSTED within a White House "FILLED to the Brim" with Dishonesty, Delusional & Deranged Hateful individuals like Mr. Trump, Sarah Huckleberry Sanders, Steve Mnuchin etc. Looks like they were Dead WRONG ~ I guess the world has become acclimated to the unprecedented Volume of LIEs, Deceit, Fake Accusations & Psychologically Unhinged Behavior flowing freely from our pseudo-president, & it should continue until he's REMOVED, but WHY did Gen. John Kelly willfully undermine his own "Reputation & Credibility"??

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Wesman Todd Shaw says

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2 months ago
  • Alternative Prime profile image

    Alternative Prime 2 months ago

    Wesman, that's not how the Majority of my READERs feel ~ I offer FACT Based Questions ~ I knew anyone who would even consider working for this EVIL, Corrupt ABOMINATION of an Admin. is either DESPERATE 4 Work or "Deficient of Integrity

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