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How R You "Legally OBSTRUCTING" The Trump/Republican Assault On Your Medicare, Medicaid And 401K?

The INSANITY of this Quasi-Dictatorship CONTINUEs ~ As we "PRAY" 4 a Fed. Judge 2 REVERSE "Drumpf's" Unlawful EO to TERMINATE 7 Billion in HealthCARE Funds which would TRIGGER a "HealthCARE Holocaust", the GOP R at it again with "CORPORATE Welfare TAX CUTs" ~ If you're not OBSTRUCTING & U or a family member or friend is or soon will be the Beneficiary of Medicare, Social Sec. & Medicaid, which is almost ALL Americans, you'd better Wise Up 2 the LATEST Unlawful "Trump University SCAM" perptrated by CONservatives ~ Their Abominable Plan GUTs Medicare so Weirdo Steve Mnuchin can pocket MILLIONs


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