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BOMBSHELL: Trump Criminal Investigation Yields FIRST Indictment ~ Who'll Be Arrested 4 What CRIME?

"Atomic BOMBSHELL News" came down yesterday but for those of us who have been "Conscious & AWARE" of the "Plethora of Impeachable Crimes" surrounding this most Important Criminal Investigation in United States HISTORY, it's no surprise INDICTMENTs are now beginning 2 FLOW ~ With this 1st indictment filed, who do U think will be in CUFFs soon and for what CRIME? Trump Junior 4 "Conspiracy/Collusion"? Ivanka 4 Unlawful Business Activities in Azerbaijan? P. Manifort 4 Money Laundering, Disloyalty? Donald Drumpf 4 OBSTRUCTION of Justice, Conspiracy or TREASON? J. Kushner or Sater? Your Guess??


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