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How Will Mr. Trump's Comrade Paul Manifort React 2 His INDICTMENT For "CONSPIRACY Against America"?

BOMBSHELL ~ Dominos FALLING ~ Former Drumpf Campaign Manager P Manifort was INDICTED by the Special Prosecutor 4 Several CRIMEs including Felony Charges of "Conspiracy Against AMERICA" which could render a Federal Prison Sentence of Up to 15 YEARs, essentially a "LIFE Term" 4 the narcissistic 68 yr old suspect ~ His REACTION? Will he be LOYAL to DISLOYAL Comrade Donald & RISK Serving a "LIFE Sentence"? Or will he "FLIP" & provide the FBI with perhaps even MORE Evidence to INDICT Mr. Trump for even MORE CRIMEs other than CONSPIRACY, Obstruction, Abuse of P, Treason, Constitutional VIOLATIONs?


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