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I am feeling very sorry for all the American victims. Not those hurt but those that feel they are.

I just do not get these horrible victims. I have a cell phone and a car and food for me and my family. We pay to live in a home. We have a bit extra to help needy. Music and hugs abound. Do these folks who hate others have it worse? How bad is any American's life? We have extra money to make our school great. We have free health clinics down the street. Our taxes make life better for those who need it. Can somebody here in the USA tell me why their life sucks? I just am having to adjust to this horrible death knell. Really? How can I give more to these victims?

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Patricia Scott (pstraubie48) says

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2 months ago
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    Eric Dierker (Ericdierker) 2 months ago

    What a wonderful comment. Patricia I really researched this. I could not find a single benefit for the poor that has been cut other than typical gov. bureaucracy. Maybe we will hear from somebody about changes, but I seriously doubt it.

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