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Manifort / Gates INDICTED In "Trump Campaign Criminal PROBE" ~ Who Meets Justice NEXT And When?

Will it be Kushner, Trump Jr., Flynn, Trump Sr, "Squinty" MIke Pence who was intricately involved with the "Trump Transition"? Paul Ryan who is COMPLICIT? The "INTENSITY & Serious Intent" of prosecuting individuals within "Trump's ORBIT" who have obviously placed their ALLEGIANCE elsewhere other than the United States of AMERICA, is reflected in Mr. Manifort's & Gate's "BAIL Amount" ~ Subsequent 2 INDICTMENT, a Judge tagged Manifort's at 10 MILLION & Gates 5 Mil apparently due 2 the FACT of "FLIGHT Risk" ~ I wonder which "Lovely Exotic GLOBAL Locale" they would flee 2 if given the chance?


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Eric Dierker (Ericdierker) says

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6 days ago
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    Alternative Prime 5 days ago

    “Indictments” begin “Due Process” ~ Trump found immoral Generals Kelly & McMasters who act like Nazi Enablers, but if Donald miraculously overcame his cowardice & served in the Revolutionary WAR or Patton’s Army, no “DUE Process” 4 TREACHERY

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