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How Likely Is It Trump / Republicans "Get Away" With Their "Corporate WELFARE Tax Cut SCAM"?

Right now, an estimated 21 TRILLION with a "T", of OUR Money and or ASSETs, is "ILLEGALY Parked" in Offshore / FOREIGN Accounts in a concerted, calculated effort by Trump's Elite Pals and or Wall Street Corporations to perhaps EVADE Paying their share of Taxes ~ INSANITY ~ And NOW? Mr. Trump & his Republican Cohorts are "STRUGGLING Mightily" to transfer even MORE or OUR Wealth into the GREEDY Hands of these very same Un-Patriotic DREGs via their "CORPORATE WELFARE Tax Cut Scheme" ~ BTW, these "PUPPETs" are also attempting once again to "SABOTAGE" ObamaCARE in the same legislation ~ CRIMINAL


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Wesman Todd Shaw says

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5 days ago
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    Alternative Prime 4 days ago

    Well Wesman, I know you're "Allergic 2 FACTs" & it's OBVIOUS U never paid into the American Safeguard Medicare or Social Security, perhaps never had Health Ins & perhaps never paid taxes ~ If U did, you'd B just as OUTRAGED as the RESISTANCE

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