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How Will Trump FANz Feel Once DISCOVERING They "Foot The Bill" 4 Trump's Corporate WELFARE Tax SCAM?

Well, Believe it or NOT, Mr. Trump & his Republican Comrades in Congress R Relentlessly Attempting another "ABOMINABLE Act of Human Destruction" by Transferring TRILLIONs MORE of OUR Dollars away from OUR HealthCARE/ObamaCARE & Retirement Accts & into the GREEDY Hands of Steve Mnuchin, who FAILED 2 Disclose his "CAYMAN Island Accts", Wilbur Ross who reportedly "STASHEs" large sums of OUR Cash in Foreign Entities, & of course WALL Street Mongers who HOARD Trillions 2 EVADE Paying TAXEs ~ So, guess who "FOOTs the BILL" so Mr. WEIRDO Mnuchin can buy another Grotesque MANSION? Yup, Trumpeteers do


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