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How Can A Woman Still Support Moore? How "SAFE" Are Young Teen Children In "Roy Moore's Alabama"?

Yes, I think we realize Alabama has always been a BIZZARE, Disturbing backward place with their Grungy Dented PICK-Up Trucks Adorned with "Confederate FLAG Hate Ornaments", & "Secret BACK-Woods Meetings" where the only things allowed R a select breed toting their favorite home-made, unsanitized "DEVILs Brew" ~ But now, they've reached an entirely different level of CRUDE, Uncivilized & Despicably CREEPY Abominable Behavior ~ WHY on Earth R a Handful of "SUPPOSED Christian Women" supporting X-TREME Right Wing Nut Roy Moore who According 2 one REPORT, Abused a 14 Yr OLD Girl? Pure INSANITY!!

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ahorseback says

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2 months ago
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    Alternative Prime 2 months ago

    HEY Dude, Clinton's "GIRLz" were a little older, HEY Dude, one of Roy Moore's Alleged "GIRLz" was ONLY 14, HEY Dude, Clinton was IMPEACHED 4 his deeds, HEY Dude, I know it's "ALABAMA" where this behavior is expected, but 14?? C'mon DUDE

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