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Did Deutsche Bank sell off Trump loans to VEB or other Russian banks?

Did Deutsche Bank sell off Trump loans to VEB or other Russian banks that now are under U.S. and European Union sanctions? Holding such debt, particularly if some of it was or is coming due, could potentially give Russian banks some leverage over Trump, especially if they are state-owned. Trump wants improved Russian relations as a top foreign policy priority despite proof of Russian meddling with the US 2016 election. Are there any personal considerations that played any part in that top priority foreign policy of Trump's?


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Ken Burgess says

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10 days ago
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    Alternative Prime 9 days ago

    lol, don't worry your little head off Ken, FAUX Loser Newz & Sean Helmet-Head will soon be "PRETEND IMPEACHING" President HIllary ~ Meanwhile, Donny's" BIG-TOP Charade CRASHED with REAL Indictments 4 REAL Crimes ~ Donny, Pence, Ryan? ALL Gone

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