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Why is Social Security not a Ponzi scheme? Or is it?

A Ponzi scheme is a fraud. Nobody is being misled by SS & is the morally the polar opposite of a Ponzi scheme. Certain people make bogus claims that SS is a Ponzi scheme. The reason that SS isn't a Ponzi scheme is that it isn't a lie. It keeps accurate books, attested to by a board of trustees and an actuary. The issue keeps getting raised — usually by people who object to the whole idea and say "Ponzi scheme" to inflame emotions.

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bradmasterOCcal says

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6 weeks ago
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    ptosis 6 weeks ago

    You are lying. Ss is not a complete fraud and it won't be 'Pay as you go" until 2038 - and that's because the funds were raided. Mebbe that why the Dems want DACA - for future over the table workers to pay in, and not working under-the-table.

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