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Would Trump Jr. Go 2 PRISON Or "RAT On Daddy"? What Would This Cowardly "WILD-Life Abuser" Do?

Conspiracy, COLLUSION, Treason, Corruption, SUBVERSION ~ U can bet your BOTTOM Dollar all of these & Much Much MORE is under consideration not ONLY for Mr. Trump Sr, but his Family & so called Friends ~ Public Record alone INDICTs Mr. Trump Jr for at a minimum "CONSPIRACY, Treason & Subversion" for his Unlawful "Secret CONTACT / Interaction" with Vladimir Putin's RUSSIAN Agents, at least one meeting that we are aware of which was apparently conducted in an effort to RECEIVE "Espionaged INFO" ~ What will JUNIOR Do? Go to PRISON where it's "HOTTER than Hell"?, or RAT on DADDY?

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bradmasterOCcal says

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5 weeks ago
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    Alternative Prime 5 weeks ago

    brad, that's what U & Faux LOSER Channel said 2 INDICTMENTs & 2 Co-Operating Witnesses ago, but It's trumpeteers RIGHT 2 DENY Reality if U choose ~ Maybe it's better that way, so when the TRUMPs R in ORANGE Jumpers, U can PRETEND they're NOT

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