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Top Ten Reasons Why Apple Sucks More Than George Bush

Updated on September 13, 2015

George W's presidency and Apple's trendy comeback will probably go down in history as one of the most baffling co-occurring mental illnesses in millennial American history. If I took a bet on who will leave a deeper hole in the growing emptiness of the American conscience, it would be evil iProduce for the win!

1. iArrogance

Bush thinks he's a genius, but constantly reminds us he's not. Apple thinks they're geniuses, and you're a moron.

"You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on."

"I think we agree, the past is over."

"You teach a child to read, and he or her will be able to pass a literacy test."

"To those of you who received honours, awards and distinctions, I say well done. And to the C students, I say you, too, can be president of the United States."

-President George W. Bush

2. iNherently Evil

78% of Americans hate Bush, and know why. 89% of the computer world hates Apple, and they have no clue why.

3. iDesuetude

Bush served eight years and despite his failures we can begin to heal. Apple's term has lasted 39 years and despite it's failures - it shows no signs of ending. There is no God and Apple killed Nietzsche.

"There's an old saying in Tennessee—I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee—that says, fool me once, shame on—shame on you. Fool me—you can't get fooled again."

-President George W. Bush

4. iDiscrimination

Bush makes fat people richer. Apple bashes fat people on national television.

5. iCyborg

Bush sounds like a computer riddled with malware when he speaks. Steve Jobs mindf$%@s his back account when he spoke.

6. iVanity

Bush wanted to invade parts of the world in the name of defeating terrorism. Apple wants to name the entire world after it's favorite the letter "i"... for no reason at all.

7. Boredom iFactor

Bush's addresses could put you to sleep in under five minutes (well, unless he unleashed one of his famous Bushisms). Steve Jobs' addresses made you want to poke out your eyes, tear off your ears, and hit yourself in the kidneys after 60 grueling minutes.

"Too many good docs are getting out of the business. Too many OB/GYNs aren't able to practice their love with women all across the country."

-President George W. Bush

8. iDeficit

Bush wanted us to spend trillions of dollars to repair Iraq. Apple wanted us to spend hundreds of billions of dollars to replace our rectangle iPods with iTouches, iTouches with iPads, iPads with iPad Airs, iPad Airs with iPad Pros... just like conflict in the Middle East, it never ends.

"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we."

-President George W. Bush

9. iUgliness

Bush dresses like a stiff capital pig. Apple representatives dress like members of the Blue Man Group.

10. iWarming

Bush's decisions made our planet overheat. Apple makes everything in your house overheat.

Sad thing is, George Bush probably can't even operate a Mac.

"I know how hard it is for you to put food on your family."

"One of the great things about books is sometimes there are some fantastic pictures."

"Well, I think if you say you're going to do something and don't do it, that's trustworthiness."

"Families is where our nation finds hope, where wings take dream."

-President George W. Bush


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    • profile image

      Nick 3 years ago


      What a piece of shit. I purchased my MacBook just for show and I immediately installed Windows on it. Nothing works on this shit. A simple photo upload on iPhoto crashes and looses my pics.

      Fucking Apple disabled my account because a $3 transaction failed. GOOOOOD!!! Are you fucking serious!??? There is no way for me to access my account to change the credit card because the system asks me to log in but I cannot cause the account has been disabled waiting for me to change the credit card.

      The only thing closest to religion when it comes to selling bullshit is Apple!

    • profile image

      elias 4 years ago

      you have jjust bheen coherently debunked

      I must apologize for the spelling though im typing on one of the uncomftable and bulky keyboards that mirosoft works with.

      I apologize but im not used to stress and bullshit.



    • profile image

      elias 4 years ago

      very intresting points

      nah just kidding

      Though i do agree with you hating on george bush here is my argurement of all your ponts on apple

      1.This point doent make sensehow do you know what apple think can you read minds

      2.90% of the world doesn't use apple because they cant afford it and stik to pcs inherently you get what you pay for.

      3. What failure afre you reffering to is it their 3 terabyte storage or their genius new mac pro design. Or is it the effect that movies like harry potter and the lord of the rings have been edited uing final cut which is apple software. No mac system after 1999 sucked while on the other every other microsoft system does 97,me,vista.

      4. They have ads where they show the computers capabilites if you don't agree with them don't watch them

      5.this is pathetic you nare just retreating to lame insults with no backing

      6. So apple puts its logo on its products (How dare they)

      7. Again retruning to opinons and hating on steve jobs with no backing

      8. They're changing heir design andn if you want to say that their money is wasted then how come apple has the highest of customer satisfacion among their computers

      9. Are you really hating on what they wear. This has nothing to do with the topic.

      10.Again your point isn't comunicated correctly. If you mean that macs cause fires well all computers cause fire if left on mattress are you saying that computers are hot when you use them well macs arent proof i use them.

    • profile image

      mr. w 5 years ago

      macintosh a certain type of apple , great for smoking out of. you can eat it too...

    • profile image

      Jason 5 years ago

      Apple iphone lost many peoples things, so they really suck.

    • profile image

      Molly 5 years ago

      I don't know why people even like apple. their designs are horrible, but I have to admit that their technology is pretty good.

    • profile image

      Bob 5 years ago

      Apple does really suck. I am getting a google phone instead of an Apple phone.

    • profile image

      Arleen 5 years ago

      Apple is actually booming with business and is probably better than Bush. I don't think that that the reasons are reasonable, and they are ridiculous.

    • profile image

      jeff 5 years ago

      Apple icloud lost all 500 of my contacts. After trying 2 weeks they gave up and offered me a car charger. Lost forever. Apple blows.

    • profile image

      titanicmacbookpro 6 years ago

      Apple sucks big donkey butt. And yes I've been trying to use this effin retard crap for 9 months all I wanted it to do is run DJ software. After loading 1500 gbs of music it throws every album and artist name out the window or where ever it lost them to, and puts everything into unknown album unknown artist folder. It only got 60% of album artwork for the albums I loaded on this initial load of music. So after dumping all 1500gbs of music, that took me 3 months to load about 2,000 cd's I load 700gbs of cd's back in and this time it only gets 30 album art covers. Elegant and better than PC? you've got to be kidding me!!

      It then loses 75% of the information again only searchable by song name. Then after spending six hours at the genius bar the idiot loses the rest of what's left of my library.

      So for a third time I'm trying to load music in I feel like a retard I should sell this crap. And I'm at about 120 cd's and it's already losing information. This is the worst piece of crap I've used in my life.

      I recently debugged a 12 year old dell updated to service pack 3 and updated Media Player to version 11 and it's rock solid it has 97% of the album art work and is smooth sailing no headaches here!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Applehead 6 years ago

      Anything a pc can do a Mac can do better. You get what you pay for. And it funny isn't it how the iPhone sucks yet it's the most sold phone in the world. Just saying. Oh and an iPad itself can do anything a pc can do. Maybe you prefer pc to macs but have you ever even tried a Mac got more than a couple minutes. Switching from pc to mac is like giving a glass of ice water to someone in hell.

    • profile image

      Cakestrike 6 years ago

      "anyway people who need to use a real computer with a real software buy Apple computers"

      Still lolling xD

    • profile image

      BioOrganism 6 years ago

      @PC Ownage:

      Macs are actually more stable than PCs because that Windows runs a lot of unnecessary applications in the background. Mac does have a few points were it suck more than Windows.....but this is not one of them.

    • profile image

      PC Ownage 6 years ago

      A computer is like a tool. Would you have a tool that actually works (PC), or would you have a tool that is used for decorations (iFailed Apple).

    • profile image

      Tim 6 years ago

      This, I believe, is one of the greatest pages on the entire internet. You could not be more correct about apple. They SUCK!

    • profile image

      Sandesh 6 years ago

      Bullshit!!!!! Get your info perfect than write!!! Seems like you are an alien to this world so you don't know much about Apple!!!!!

    • profile image

      JanPeter 6 years ago

      "WOW, all the apple hater are FAGS! You guys are just jealous that you can afford the Apple Products and now are bashing them! You guys need to get LAID! Peace out bitches,

      Posted from my 2010 17" MacBook Pro, 3.02Ghz, 8GB DDR3 1066 RAm, 512GB SSD HD, DUAL 512mb Vid Cards. $6100."

      hahaha yeah spend 6100 dollars to be able to do NOTHING with those specs... What high end games you gonna play? You do realize for half that a windows/ self built computer would BLOw you out of the water. (24 months ago)

    • profile image

      Miaclockman 6 years ago

      All of you Appleheads probably aren't aware that Microsoft designed the first MAC OS. HMMMMMM, what does that say about Apple? I was a staunch Mac user and got tired of finding 1 aisle of Apple software to 100 aisles of PC, paying 30% more for peripherals, and lots of fluff instead of a solid working machine. I just dumped my IPhone4 for an Android because I got tired of dealing with constantly crashing updates to I-Tunes and being stuck with whatever Steve Jobs deemed "proper" despite whatever the rest of the world wanted. Wake up people!

    • profile image

      IhaveBALLS 6 years ago

      ^guy above me how much did they pay you say that

      Thegecko you FUCK WIT how old are you?

    • profile image

      JDP 6 years ago id been using windows computers forever..from win95 to win7. Then, after my Alienware crashed,,i bought the 2010 i7 13" macbook pro. Im not saying windows is bad, i personally prefer the mac, also im not a pc gamer so my i7@2.7 is good enough for me and i don't find 1100$ very costly. People say the mac os has reduced functionality, only taking into consideration the fact that it has a simple GUI. But you can do almost everything you do on a PC, on a mac, including using ms office @AAA, you just have to figure it out, which will take just 2 days even if ure hopelessly dumb. Definitely macs are not for the hacker ethos or the pc gamers but if ure a normal user or even a working professional, macs do the job better than a pc does. The interface of osx lion is also deifinitely more appealing than win7. Im not saying id buy a comp cus of its os's intuitiveness, but yes, that is a factor. For me. and my circumstances, its a mac win.

    • profile image

      Steve Apple 6 years ago

      MAC = Microsoft Admires our Company

    • profile image

      UrWRONG 6 years ago

      Ppl who hate don't use mac's or lie or just tried it one time. I guess ur age is all around 12-14. so u've been using windows for like 10 years. so when u try a mac for a few secs it will frustrate u, because ur known with windows, not with iOS. If they were this bad then nobody would buy them. U guys know not even 1/100th of computers, but the ppl of apple studied ICT and i think they know it better than u. And about that 90% statement; 1. there is no questionnaire, filled in by all ppl, proving that. and 2. Almost HALF of our world is Asian, those guys who have to make Apple products. So they vote against, while apple is even giving them work! If they don't wanna work, then they have to sit on their ass and get no money. that's how economy goes. u can't fix that. Economy went all wrong when (don't insult me for racist cuz this IS proven) having slaves was prohibited. With slaves europe had a great working triangle. Europe was stronger than Africa so, Europe overpowered them blackies. This may sound unfair but, life is based on 'survival of the fittest' and not 'emotions of the weakest'. they were lucky that some white noobs who fell in love with them blackies pleated them free cuz they wanted to kill economy. the bad economy today kills more ppl than slaverny did in total.

      No reply needed cuz all i said is true. If u feel like replying back, i don't care cuz i'll never visit this site anymore.

    • profile image

      randell 6 years ago

      bush actually is smarter then people make him out to be. he simply doesn't have the social skills to be portrayed as intelligent.

      but facts are facts.

      bush got better grades then john kerry when he was in college. and john kerry has an iq of 129 and therefor bush has to have an iq of atleast 130 which is 10 points lower then genius

    • profile image

      Langgong T. Amercano 6 years ago

      I have a Macbook and I also have prosti friend.

      Both are the same. They sport cheap makeups to cover their cheap personalities and appear sociable, if not adorable, to a customer. Yes they will sure look good to someone who is looking for fun. That is Apple Macbooks and Prostitutes.

    • profile image

      varun 6 years ago

      iphone cant even do simple things like sending songs, photos clicked from its own camera !! via bluetooth...and they say iphone 4s has bluetooth 4.0 ....bwwaaahahahahah :D roooofl...ever seen an iphone not jail broken ? !!the device cannot even start w/o first hooking to a PC loaded with itunes! or a mac!...pity on you apple! you call this security..where u don't even allow things to happen!...** GAY MAcs **...they only love their own made machines ! hahaha...(Mac os cannot be installed on a regular PC architecture w/o hackintosh).

    • profile image

      Anoyomous 6 years ago

      apple is so much more better than that cheap, worthless thing people call windows

    • Alladream74 profile image

      Victor Mavedzenge 6 years ago from Oakland, California

      It would appear to me that some people just hate the product without any knowledge of it. I am surprised by the shallowness of the post and the silliness of some of the comments here. Sounds like a kindergarten discussion.

    • profile image

      Anonymous_Linux_User 6 years ago

      Well, hopefully, the Apple cult will die off now that the founder of the cult is dead. :)

    • profile image

      kdon27 6 years ago

      Apple is like the drunk blonde at a party - fun to play with for a while but afterward just a pile of puke...

    • profile image

      Versa 6 years ago

      The extremely ironic thing here is, all the MAC fanboys use excuses like 'Your PC's unreliable', 'Your PC's noisy', 'Your PC's outdated'. You see, the thing about that is this; unreliability comes from improper use (Ergo, an informed PC user can maintain his PC quite happily with no hiccups). The same goes for the noisiness; it stems from improper usage. As for the outdated comment... well... that's just a little upsetting; that someone could be ignorant. I noticed someone a little way up mock us for loving our 'components'... but it's the components that make the PCs special. It means you can A: Personalize, B: Update, C: Maintain and D: Keep an all-round educated eye on your machine. MACs? I suggest proper maintenance should be performed using a hacksaw and a flask of sulfuric acid... but then, MACs are so reliable I'm sure they'd last through that anyway. As for the size/ appearance issue of PCs... I honestly don't look at the tower that much. When I open it up, I just sit it on the table and unscrew the side (Notice that drooling in a mindless vunder-stupor isn't part of the process). The size... ? How small is your house exactly? That you can't fit a, lets be frank, tiny-in-comparison-to-most-household-objects item in your room? It's absolute nonsense, all of it. The best part about this is I've not even mentioned APPLE as a company. All of these qualms are from MACs alone (I sincerely beg you not to get me started on the rest of their products). All-in-all, they're the tyrannical business-equivalent of an accidental pregnancy. Nobody wanted them, nobody needed them and now that they've realized they were a mistake, they're throwing a tantrum and going all 'alternative' thinking it will 'broadcast their message'. It's ridiculous and an argument that shouldn't even exist.


    • profile image

      Steve O 6 years ago

      I have an ipod nano 5g and an ipad 1g i fuckin hate both after spending about a thousand dollars to get them. No flash, on ituns on pc all 700 of my songs and my one movie were deleted because i hadent bought anything in a year, also all the things you hear about the ipad keyboard sucking is true and im typing on it right now hurts my wrist like hell, also i looked at the movie meet the spartains, cant buy the high def versain and the standard is 10 dollars wtf!!! I also looked at click wheel games amd even packman is 5 dollars fuck apple not getting i phone i got the droid x much better my sis has iphone and she likes my phone better also 60% of the android apps are free including all of the full angry birds so suck it apple your getting shown up bitch! ( sorry for profanity just really worked up over apple sucking)

    • profile image

      AAA 7 years ago





    • profile image

      greg 7 years ago

      Apple Haters are usually Obama lovers. They get mad when they can't afford something (hard work for something??), and want it for free.

      If you want stuff for free or cheap (gov welfare health care, cheap copies of Apple products) go ahead and love Obama and hate Apple and get your welfare version, err I mean Windoze copies of Apple ideas.

    • profile image

      asdf 7 years ago

      they are offering a product same as others but for a very high price and missing some very fundamental features so that u canserve to them only and they can takemoney form u as n when they want...because they have an apple tag ...disgusting!

    • profile image

      Heiji 7 years ago

      To quote Jobs, "Microsoft has users, Apple has fans."

      Fans is obviously another term for retarded people.

    • profile image

      Azobe 7 years ago

      your a fucking retard, btw, 90% of the world love apple, n u guys r wasting ur time making such gay posts which proves you have no lives.

    • profile image

      Me 7 years ago

      I hate apple, every time i see anyone with a apple product i realize how all these products are so useless. apple has sometimes good idea but they cannot make a good product ultra-compatible. Apple fan-boys cannot realize that they are wasting money : for example, when the ipad appears, other tablets came on the market with more compatible components, better spec, better systems... and not so expensive ! I cant understand why apple fanboys buys all these shitty products, only beacause its made from this shitty mark with a funny logo ? Why always use products that we don't need, uncompatible? Where is gone the real computing without shitty "macworld" meeting ? I hate you apple

    • profile image

      Lalala 7 years ago

      This one made laughed, hard! xDxDxDxD.

    • profile image

      Kevin 7 years ago

      Of course apple lovers commenting thins... ANDROID OS BETTER APPLE SUCKS!!!!!

    • profile image

      kyle wuz 7 years ago

      apple makes me want to blow my brains out all over the wall behind me : )

    • profile image

      aplsx 7 years ago

      apple is gay

    • profile image

      RandomSrvApps 7 years ago

      @Max I totally agree with you and have been trying to teach the dumb, the arrogant and the ignorant for years how microsoft got alot of its ideas from KDE and apple is just terrible taking open source applications and didn't change UNIX at all you still cannot have more than one user to be logged in at once on my brand new MacBook pro which i only bought to wtite iphone applications in horrible Objective-C and my ubuntu laptop vastly outperforms It in boot time, shutdowns and execution if scripts and applications and everywhere else.

      And for all you mac fanboys out there hackintosh (kalyway) runs faster on my 3k computer than it does on my brothers Mac Pro which he pourd 10k into and is quite dissapointed.

      And people who do not like Linux need to educate themselves I have never had an IT class in my life and now im a programmer and also commercially deploy linux servers

      Posted from an overpriced, jailbroken iphone 4 which boasts about its 2 hour battery life.

    • profile image

      singaporeGuy23 7 years ago

      Apple computers here are generally more expensive than their Windows counterparts. Apple's latest entry level MacBooks and Pros specifications still cannot beat the specs on their windows counterparts for a fraction of the cost. I bought a 4th generation IPod Shuffle for my girlfriend and I must say that it's a wonderful, ergonomic and innovative mp3 player to be used by the visually impaired. I was brought up using Windows and thought of getting my first MacBook because of the free Voiceover feature versus getting a Windows laptop plus having to still purchase JAWS or Window-Eyes talking software for another $1000. But then again there is a free open-source screen reader for Windows called NVDA which is comparable to JAWS. Oh well, guess I'll be still getting a Core I3 320 GB laptop with Windows 7 versus a Core 2 Duo 250 GB plastic MacBook. Apple really does come out with stylish products but too many people owning the same coloured MacBook Pros and IPhones is starting to look like the IRobot movie - not natural, too many things all looking the same = boring. One prefers variety in life just like the myriad varieties that can be found in nature.

    • profile image

      Brianna Sorne 7 years ago

      Whoever put "Head Like a Hole" on Bush's playlist is a fuckhead. Head Like a Hole is about how the Christian church constantly wants more money and power.

    • profile image

      The Guy Who wants Apple to go bust 7 years ago

      I totally agree. Apple sucks and they should go give their entire assets to Microsoft. Those guy at Microsoft are great. At least they know how to run things smoothly. I mean everyone liked Windows and the Xbox!

    • profile image

      someguy 7 years ago

      I own both a PC and a Mac. I'm not saying which one is better than the other, because they both are useful, but I must make one point.

      Many people say that Apple products are too pricy. The truth is they're not. If you're comparing shitty HP and Dell laptops, then yeah Apple Macbooks are more expensive. But think about it, how many $1300 notebooks can you buy that can last 7-8 hours of battery life for 4 GB of RAM and i3,i5,i7 processors? Im sure if you were trying to find a notebook that matched these specs, they would be somewhere in the $1300 mark or more. Im talking about IBM and Sony laptops, which are by far way better than low end HP and Dell laptops. Furthermore, Macbooks don't generally burn like HP and Dell laptops do.

      I still love Windows because I've been using it for so many years and there are so many applications for Windows, where as Mac only has a handful of software.

      What people use macs for are probably for content creation purposes (such as Photoshop, music, etc) since they are portable and reliable and their batteries last a lot longer (these artists probably need to travel alot)

      For the other side of argument, people hate Macs not because they cant afford it (a rigged Windows laptop can easily top $2500 like my Sager laptop). It's because they find no use for it.

    • profile image

      GABRIEL 7 years ago

      Good day,

      Do you heard what steve jobs said when he introduced IPAD?

      He said it will change the way we use our computers & it will be use more?

      He reiterate that it will not just a multimedia or just a gaming tablet, but when people checked & see that its only mostly multimedia piece of crap, apple fanboy said that its OK because I bought it for email, watching movies & surfing web (a typical fanboy that if you will see the negative side of APPLE products they will change their tune & still defend APPLE) those are morons because I have APPLE products that I know I need & only my kids will use - ipods & me my macbook air for my business trip-because its so light, then the rest of the products of APPLE are old technology with flashy appearance)


      Every products he ( Steve Jobs ) will sell to the public is the superior, most advance, will change the future, latest techology, the best, all words that will catapult his brand that they are the no. 1...

      But did you checked all their products that only good aesthetically but the hardware inside is like only emachines or compaq products only with IOS & flashy outside appearance & they will sell it 3 times the price of other brand with the same hardware specs, i have mac book air & ipods in my house but I seen ASUS,TOSHIBA,PANASONIC,SONY,SAMSUNG,FUJITSU who has better specs, hardware wise than APPLE but much cheaper price.

      I will give the commendation to APPLE the award of BEST MARKETING & DESIGN COMPANY- that's all... They don't have manufacturing facilities, no parts factory & even their OTHER engineers who give some advancement about their IPODS, IPHONE & IPAD was from OTHER small company they have tie-up with, I know as I have friend who work with this small company they are connected to.

      Please to those people commenting, don't bash people or say that you know this & that about APPLE & other products if you don't have it & if you do have one - research other products too even they were made by small companies or made from other country because they are more better in hardware specs. than APPLE. Also if you really know the company if you work there or you know someone who work there, tell the truth not just because you want to defend the company as you spent your hard earned money already thats why you have to disagree with anybody trying to put mud at your products that you bought that even in your personal life doesn't really help you & makes you happy (most people defending company even they sold you an inferior products are doing it because of ego & pride - stop that non sense) me if im not happy in one product, im returning it - that's why before I will buy anything I will ask how long will be the returning period & how much the restocking fee if there is (that's why i returned IPAd - its just a TOY) Im excited about the samsung tab & the blackberry tablet that is coming because it will give you more stuff than the ipad & your not making steve jobs being more arrogant person (i know because of my friends told me - hes a prick).

      I have lots & tons to say but I'm not favoring any companies here as what I've said, buy the one with the best hardware then try to find it in lower prices than brand recognition & how it looks (like ferrari & bugatti veyron that they put best mechanical parts with great design - unlike APPLE that will put cheap parts but with flashy looks - ask isuppli & other tech cites that opening every APPLE products that they are always shock how cheap & low tech. APPLE parts have in their products, but people will still buy it because it has APPLE logo & it has cool looks.

      I think sooner or later people will realize it as like in automobile because when I was still young, americans will just buy dodge, ford & gmc because its big & good looking. That's why when some european, japanese & korean makers sell their cars here people are rebuking them but when the 2000 comes those european, japanese & koreans has better parts & design to compare to american cars. People now if they have money & they have good credit standing, will not buy american cars but from the other 3 nations who has better specs, parts & design (no american cars anymore)

      By 2020, mark my words - tech. companies from ASIA will beat every tech. companies from USA or any part of the world because they have money, workforce & facilities to do all of it. Only GOOGLE (from America) will still flourish because they have arms in every country especially in ASIA and now samsung, sony & every big companies from ASIA has connection with GOOGLE. Think of this, if every ASIA company will stop giving every products & technology they have to APPLE, do you think APPLE will still do business even they have money - NO WAY. NO other countries can manufacture & produce parts like ASIA can do, believe me or not.

      Who's the most powerful continent - ASIA - they have everything than any continent...

      I'm american & visited almost all ASIAN countries & I was amazed how they are more advance from cars, electronics, textile, toys & so on, From India to china to korea to japan to south east asia - they are more hard worker, disciplined & full of dreams than any continent in the world.

      Please stop making lame judgement because you like this & that, only here in the USA people are wasting time & money for the things we don't really need. We're buying this & that because of status not because we really need it, that's how idiotic america is.

      Thanks & GOD bless you all...

    • profile image

      KT 7 years ago

      You guys scare the sh1t out of me. What the f%^k is up with calling people gay just because you disagree with them? So what? He likes PC - good for him, good for his wallet - and he likes Apple products - good for him, bad for his wallet.

      So, @Fudge, Bill Melater, etc., I'm saying this on behalf of the rest of the world. It is because of aggressive, narrow-minded people like you that America is one of the least popular countries in the world. Lighten up and learn that being gay doesn't change anything, being able to join whatever political party you want is a must for a free country and that when you disagree with someone you shouldn't attack them but debate the issue with them properly. That is how to separate the intelligent from the plain dumb. (Guess where you fall....)

      Before you accuse me, I am not gay or a communist. I am simply a disgusted European who finds the fact that there are still so many ignorantn and aggressive people in America really frightening. I bet you guys think that all Muslims are stupid or something equally ridiculous. (And before you attack me of being Muslim, no I am not.) At least it explains why people like George Bush and those idiots who burn books exist. Come to Europe and we'll teach you. Just don't bring your attitudes.

    • profile image

      Sab 7 years ago

      That was funny, seriously.

    • profile image

      Fish Chröllyester 7 years ago

      I would say if the Cakes inside of the Apple Products are to stay there forever, why would you buy an apple product?

    • profile image

      Minion rebel 7 years ago

      How the minions use reversed labels to trample the Apple uprising

    • profile image

      Wayne 7 years ago

      Apple's business model is to take something basic, lock it down so it has a limited life span, zero control for the user force them to rely on Apple for such simple things as new batteries, but make it look cool (to draw in the suckers) and over price it. We can knock it all we want, but in a sense it's good business; it has allowed Apple to survive. They have a niche. I think if Apple tried to compete head to head with PCs they'd fail. Oh that's right in fact they did fail, and that's now why they're selling eye candy to people that don't know better. But I only have 25 years experience with computers, and yes, I have used Apple computers, a) at university and b) at one of my previous employers (before they got rid of the lot of them and moved 100% to PCs).

    • profile image

      hahaha 7 years ago

      very funny.

      perhaps you should add the following as well:


      Bush made many GIs commit suicides in Iraq;

      Jobs in the first half of 2010 alone drove 13 Chinese assembly workers crazy and they jumped off factory buildings.

    • profile image

      Applesuxnokia#1 7 years ago

      Plane nd simple ppl apple sux cuz they limit there crap I don't know much about how computers work so u can bash on me for that as much as u want idc but I'm not gona pay 200$ for a phone nd then be told wat way to hold it...nd I hate they they r so cocky they think they r the #1 in the moble has been number one for 12yeara nd still is

    • profile image

      Lolbot 7 years ago

      Ipod touch and iphone suck dick unless you jailbreak them then you can steal cash from apple and get free apps lol

    • profile image

      Fuge 7 years ago

      @Guess who

      While you're online buying stylish purses and watching Twilight with your stylish portable DVD player with a browser and a webcam, I'm playing intense first-person shooters with people around the world. And I have Vista which was PC's poorest OS. Who gives a sh- crap if your computer is stylish? What can it do? I picture you wearing alot of light blue and pink and holding a tiny white poodle. Just so you know what image you have created for yourself.

      The people who run Apple are control freaks who limit your freedom to increase their profit. I hope Droid shuts them down.

    • profile image

      Max 7 years ago

      Wow...what else to say. I see here no people having real computer knowledge. People are comparing 2 different things here...Apple and PC's....Apple is only an OS. The thing is that they build their own drivers to fit the hardware they use. Mac OS is a strong OS compared to Windows in terms of memory control, stability and security...but this is NOT BECAUSE they have good programmers...IT IS BECAUSE THEY RELY ON A UNIX SYSTEM!!!! I hate Apple because they make money over an OS they haven't even built. What they did is they took the best OS freely since the people who created it believed in a better world with open source and they made it the most restrictive OS ever! Its a Closed Open source OS. A Mac is costly because you have to pay for the commercial and for the special drivers and for the brand. A real good OS is Linux Or Unix. Try Ubuntu, OpenSuse, CentOS and more before saying a Mac OS is great. Its a scrappy version of Unix.

      I hate how people comment on computers when they don't know shi* about it.

      Why do you think the server industry is based on Linux and Unix?

      And for people saying open source is buggy or not great, its because you don't know how to program.

      For example, an average security problem is usually solved by Microsoft in 3-6 months.

      On a FREE...yes FREE linux OS, the average correction time is 22 minutes....

      Mac should put more money on programmers rather than on marketing.

      And btw, Windows 7 is still a poor technology OS.

      I'm tired of those pointless discussions

    • profile image

      Guess who 7 years ago

      iKnow the reason why I bought a Mac:

      Because Apple products are STYLISH.

      All Mac-haters can go whining here about "better hardware configuration", "fraction of the price", but in the end, they got an ugly, buzzing, large crate of their beloved "components".

      Now, look at me. I am writing this post on my Mac Mini. This little box sits here on the table, the side that faces me contains only a DVD drive and a gentle, white diode that indicates its on (not that crazy, red-green blinking disco stuff that can be found on most PC towers), and it won't make a sound.

      Please come to understand that most of the world doesn't care about computer entrails. Even I, as a programmer and power-user, don't care. Why should I? I don't waste my time playing games and I do not develop any performance-critical business software.

    • profile image

      Bill Melater 7 years ago

      Apple is a bunch of obamacommies.

    • profile image

      Anon 8 years ago


      Hahahahahahaha oh wow. Dos prompt? Registry? In osx? Really???

      You are so many different kinds of stupid I don't even know how to approach it.

      Do us a favor - keep your uneducated opinion to yourself and Go back to using windows, it's the what people as dumb as you deserve.

    • profile image

      RJR 8 years ago

      As a new Mac owner - after a Dell PC at home died under complicated circumstances - one of the key things I have noticed is the dumbing down. Simple things like using MSCONFIG or commands like CHKSDSK /F appear not to exist although I have found the DOS prompt! Where the registry is no one can tell me. Other complaints include the lack of a separate delete and backspace key not to mention page up and down commands on the keyboard. I would never switch my business to macs.

      Even more troubling is the overwhelming Arrogance that you encounter almost in everything Apple related. Applecare tech reps are not impressive after you've become used to using level 3 Dell reps Rabid fanboys add nothing to the equation nor does the additional expense. I may have bought my first and last Mac. But hey it looks cool and my 10 year old likes it.

    • profile image

      Tony 8 years ago

      You are idiots.

      PC's running Windows are cheaper because they RUN WINDOWS. ...And there is absolutely NOTHING I can't do on my mac that I could do on my previous Windows-running PC. Just because the general UI is for people who want simpler stuff doesn't mean the functionality isn't available--you're just too lazy to figure out how to do it. ...In fact, I can do more with my Apple computer than I could with my PC. Because I figured it out.

      Enjoy complaining about a clearly better product. In terms of a lasting product, reliability is what counts, and Apple products have FAR superior reliability.


    • profile image

      PK-JIN 8 years ago

      Mocking President Bush? No ... Bush was ... let's say ... okay. Better than Obama.


    • profile image

      djm 8 years ago

      Dude... you own the url... ffs all u do is rant, i want this url to start my career.

    • profile image

      No One 8 years ago

      If you know nothing, don't say something.

      bad research, microsoft puppet

      nonsense, bullshit

    • profile image

      gibi 8 years ago

      everything has its strenght and weaknesses,

      windows= fast

      linux= secure

      macs= pieces of shit wich i cant even play my games on, they restrict everything just to make it more "secure" but the truth is that they want to restrict our freedom.

      ps. i wrote this comment on an ipod touch (jailbroken ofcourse)

    • profile image

      Danger Mouse 8 years ago

      Great list. iHate Apple as much as the next rational man.

    • profile image

      John 8 years ago

      The iPhone is a giant piece of junk. When it stops functioning properly, which it frequently does, Apple does nothing to help their customers. They are completely useless.

    • profile image

      ABC 8 years ago

      Oh you MAC LOVERS OUT THERE..TELL ME ONE THING OF PERFORMANCE U LOVE ABOUT MAC EXCEPT FOR BOASTING..'LOOK SEE I HAVE A MAC...SEE HOW COOL IT LOOKS'. They are overprices piece of shit and you all know it but you have to love it after spending your two months salary on a PC. But yeah some one truly said..Apple should be given credit to brainwash people. Anyways, most of dumb shallow human on this earth need only things to SHOW OFF whether bee clothese, gadgets or themselves. Apple cashes that quality!

    • profile image

      RockStar 8 years ago

      WOW, all the apple hater are FAGS! You guys are just jealous that you can afford the Apple Products and now are bashing them! You guys need to get LAID! Peace out bitches,

      Posted from my 2010 17" MacBook Pro, 3.02Ghz, 8GB DDR3 1066 RAm, 512GB SSD HD, DUAL 512mb Vid Cards. $6100.

    • profile image

      Rye 8 years ago

      Flash Player not available for your device

      Apple restricts use of technologies required by products like Flash Player. Until Apple eliminates these restrictions, Adobe cannot provide Flash Player for the iPhone or iPod Touch.

    • profile image

      z-warrior 8 years ago

      Apple is the super-villan, it hates unity, it doesn't want to make super-ultra compatible machines(like r2d2) but it wants us to use only products with hyper-less compatibility at very high price!

    • profile image

      Apple products are for morons 8 years ago

      mac - a purely moronic from of a pc.

      ipod - a purely moronic form of an mp3 player.

      iphone - a purely moronic form of a mobile phone.

      ipad - hahahahahahahaahahhahahaha. its derogatory to a human conscious.

    • Karanda profile image

      Karen Wilton 8 years ago from Australia

      After reading the comments, I'm not sure what the article was trying to portray. Do you hate Apple and love Macs or what? I get that you're not too keen on George Bush and that's understandable.

      Personally I have a problem with any computer that uses a Mac OS because it does not give the user the beauty of using all the lovely keyboard shortcuts of a PC.

      I'm all about keystrokes and for me, Windows platform is the only thing that's ever been invented that makes sense.

      Best of luck with your hubs, you write well, by the way and I'll be keen to see what other snippets of information you can bring us.

    • profile image

      Wikiih 8 years ago

      Apple is for Puppets!

    • profile image

      8 years ago

      i find it hilarious that mac fanboys main argument is that we are jealous and we don't have enough money to buy a mac. but most of them don't know crap about computers, we like pc's because they have better specs for a fraction of the price

    • profile image

      I  8 years ago

      I could buy a Quad-Core

      One 2.66GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon "Nehalem" processor

      3GB (three 1GB) memory 640GB hard drive 1

      18x double-layer SuperDrive

      NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 with 512MB

      for ONLY $2,500

      or a Windows based computer with better specs, For about $600.

      I would tell you where you could find a Windows computer, but this blog doesn't want me to tell you that its on ^_^

      btw i find it hilarious when Mac fanboys start off on how "PC's" suck. It's funny because they are also slandering their Mac which is a "Personal Computer" (As in, they don't have a basement full of processors just for one computer).

      Although, I do give credit to Apple for brainwashing most of their customers...

    • profile image

      Pie man 8 years ago

      All macs should be uthinated it ate up 100 dollars of my iTunes gift card!

    • profile image

      Dick sucker 8 years ago

      I love pcs there great

    • profile image

      Kate 8 years ago

      Wow! you are really having a battle here! I used to like apple cuz of the elegance... that's stupid. I don't think anyone is better than the other, but for what I see here, see more much reasons to buy a PC than an apple product

    • profile image

      Undecided 8 years ago

      Haha well researched JAK.

      I have a mac pro, and it works great. But after my iPhone breaking a month out of warranty n apple refusing to fix it and giving a genuinely overall shit customer service (the phone has still not been dealt with) - i'm fed up with apple.

      Out of spite I wouldn't buy another phone from them ever again, and my next computer will probably be a PC.

      It's a dire shame because they have a great potential, however shitty customer service and their a little too eager 'fanclub' are both ruining and creepy, respectively.

    • profile image

      JAK 8 years ago

      Remind me, Which company bailed out the other to the tune of 150 million dollars in 1997? Yeah, that bite mark in the logo is from Microsoft.

    • profile image

      Mac Sucks 8 years ago

      I pity people who say " i had an old computer with windows (3.1) for long time i then shifted to mac and its wonderful"..People please grow up and compare wisely

      After apple shited to intel, the hardware in mac and PCs are the same... at any point of time in the market, PC configurations can outclass macs easily.

      If you want the best hardware out there you HAVE to get a PC.... (except for if you are a baby who cannot search for a product by yourself) and if you got a PC you HAVE to have windows in it.Its the best operating system available for a PC.. (Linux is too buggy and software free).

      So right now sensible computing = PC

    • profile image

      seb 8 years ago

      I hate to see this simplistic shit.

      Yes, bush did some stupid things but there are sooo many people hating bush without a reason (and adoring Obama without a reason too). But I don't know really what could be wrong with Apple. Apple, 32 years of failures? I think microsoft made as much failures as Apple. This fanatic creator should think better before creating this.

    • profile image

      freebsddick 8 years ago

      hi guys I'm sure that you are not mac Users but this is not the point. in my case I'm one of those bastards you wanna name that shit in the same way. so far I can see every one is a MF freak suckers who use windows and those shits...

      anyway people who need to use a real computer with a real software just bye an apple computer. you're frustrated because you don't have money in order to buy un of these machines.

      if you don't want to follow the bulls you must THINK DIFFERENT!!!

      ipod iphone is awesome and that's the truth. you cannot say the same about that shit named ZUNE. and is the only hardware in this level microsoft has. and of course their don't have any computer.

      well bye bastards....

    • profile image

      Hardcore Bob 8 years ago

      Very nice indeed, digging apple into the ground by comparing them. To a president!

      Good thing it isn't the other way around: apple is the government and sends 6 billion dollar Itanks to Iraq (lol, I-Raq)

      Apple products could've been better if they didn't cost twice as much as it's comparable products.

      Thank you for this amusing pwnage.

    • profile image

      justin 8 years ago

      Well i won't say obama sucks......but this is one heck of an article. Good for dissing bush and apple. imen...

      Btw @bitch boy- Well pretty much everyone hate bush.....after all he's the one that proved darwin's law that monkey's human's predessor, and anyways since when mac and pcs were together...

    • thegecko profile image

      Warren Samu 8 years ago from San Diego, CA


      Apple is a computer? I thought it was a company run by a group of people...

      I was trying to say Macs are better than PCs? I don't remember even mentioning the two together...

      Either I didn't write this, or you didn't read it o.O

    • profile image

      krunt 8 years ago

      ya.. that was full of facts... not. iDon't understand (see how stupid that looks) how you can relate a president to a computer first of all, and secondly, you no only missed the entire point of mac. vs. pc, but you made no valid points of why in the hell i'd buy a pc. only that.. you in fact hate george bush and like writing all your headings iLike iThis. Which is a little artsy and homo. sincerely, bitch boy <3

    • profile image

      josh 8 years ago

      thank you for this.

    • profile image

      Ed 8 years ago


      The reason why you can't do half the things on a PC as easily as on a Mac, because Macs are for 'tards who don't want to learn how to actually use a computer. 90% of the world is actually smarter than you, and it is you who is JELOUS [sic] that you can't actually learn to use a computer properly. 90% of the world can't be wrong.

      By the way, Microsoft owns 98% of the computer market, and that includes anything Apple. Why? Apple makes most of its money on hardware sales, and shares the profits of software with Microsoft, with most of the proceeds going to Microsoft. Apple users usually want to dual boot Mac + Windows, so Microsoft makes a ton of money by licensing the losers Windows. Also, most Mac users know that iWork sucks, so they need to use Microsoft Office, which is again money in Microsoft's pocket. Apple = Microsoft's puppet and external R&D

    • profile image

      Aperson 8 years ago

      He's just jealous because he can't afford a mac. Macs are great!! You can't do half the things on a PC anywhere nearly as easy as a mac!! And yes the apple people ARE geniuses. And 90% of the world hate mac cos they're JELOUS =] you know i'm right. Oh and my old PC overheated SO much that it actually melted some of the wires. Then i got a mac and that NEVER happens =] just making my point and blazing you.

    • profile image

      Navajo Joe 9 years ago

      Apple and nObama suck @$$

    • thegecko profile image

      Warren Samu 9 years ago from San Diego, CA

      iMen brotha!

    • profile image

      David 9 years ago

      Haha. Excellent! I can never really understand why people like Apple products so much. Because they look pretty is a kiddy reason. Apple overprices everything. For a much lower price, you can get a computer with the same specs. For the same price you can get one with much better specs. And it wouldn't be locked-up like a Mac. As for Ipods, there is a bunch of third-party software out there made to "allow" Ipods to do what a regular mp3 player already does. Maybe people are just too busy looking at how nice it looks to notice there is actually much better stuff around.

    • profile image

      Tonedeaf 9 years ago

      The overpaid musicians are the ones who make their money selling concert tickets. The underpaid musicians who don't have a multi-million person following are the ones apple is killing by selling their music on iTunes without asking and not paying them for it. Apple is the prime example of corporate evil while appearing to be "cool, hip, and different." I hope Jobs dies a horrible painful death.

    • bgamall profile image

      Gary Anderson 9 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      Ipod has almost eliminated the record industry and has made musicians a lot poorer. If you think they were overpaid in the first place, then you are happy.

    • profile image

      Tumalo 9 years ago

      Amen. I posted some "customer feedback" to their discussion board and apparently "Dear Bob (tumalo), Apple removed your post on Apple Discussions titled "Apple 4G *****?" because it contained the following: Rude or inappropriate language Non-constructive rants or complaints"

      Boohooohooo . . .they couldn't handle the fact I posted something negative about the 4G Nano so they clipped it. Chumps

    • thegecko profile image

      Warren Samu 9 years ago from San Diego, CA

      Sorry to hear about your friend. I know the corporate world can be cold, you would think a company as "colorful" as Apple would stand up for it's employees.

      But then again, we're talking about an organization so focused on it's proprietary rights and elitist attitudes, maybe it's not that surprising.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 9 years ago

      Perhaps you wrote #4 as a joke, but Apple does discriminate. My best friend was a star employee -- getting the highest performance ratings, promotions, etc. -- and then became disabled. Not only did Apple have the power to help prevent her from becoming as disabled as she has by telling their workers comp insurer to authorize treatment for that neurodegenerative disease she got as a result of a work injury -- and Apple refused to help -- they have now fired her because she is disabled and can no longer work overtime (e.g. like a slave as she used to, when she did the job of several people). Decency is a foreign concept to Apple. She was loyal to that company, and they treated her like shit.


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