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Are the Illuminati behind racism and the degradation of African-Americans? Controversial film poses the question

Updated on February 14, 2016

The Illuminati. Are they real?


“Travail” by Raymond Deane. A brilliant movie, but uncomfortable to watch

When we go to the movies, we usually go to relax, eat popcorn and drink oversized and overpriced soft drinks, while we wallow in escapism for a few hours and hopefully throw off the cares and worries which beset us all in our daily lives. Not every film that is made leaves us with that comfortable feeling of having just had a good time. Some movies can be disturbing and others can provoke ideas and thoughts that we would very much rather not have. The film “Travail” is definitely one of this type. This is absolutely not a popcorn and soft drinks type of movie. You really will be sitting on the edge of your seat when you watch this film. You may find yourself shouting at the screen, but if you do, you will probably find that a large part of the audience is engaged in the same raucous exercise.

So what kind of film might be expected to create such a reaction in the viewer? The best way to answer that really is to tell you a little bit about this provocative cinematic production and that's just what I'm about to do for you now. Read on.

The Illuminati negate the abolition of slavery? The premise behind this outstanding film

I'm sure you've all heard of the Illuminati and unless you live on a different planet you're bound to be at least acquainted with the history of African-American slavery and the abolition of the same plague on mankind after the Union victory in the American Civil War. What if I were to tell you that slavery was not really abolished, but only changed? Would you believe it if I were to say that the servitude is just as much a shackle on the ankles of every black American as it was in the days of slave auctions and toiling in the cotton fields of old Alabama. This is the proposition that is laid before you by the writer and director Raymond Deane in this, undoubtedly controversial, movie. The infernal continuation of the evil old times is maintained by the manipulation of the temperaments and the aggressive instincts of the descendants of the slaves, so that the ghettoised underclass is eternally in a state of self-destructive, drug induced infighting and hatred. Cutaways to film of chemical spraying aeroplanes show the means by which this mind decomposition is accomplished. “Travail” further maintains that all this degradation is orchestrated by a secret government above the government called the Illuminati. There are shock troops on the ground as well and one of their delights seems to consist in the hunting, torturing and killing of black men and any white women who might have the temerity to seek love across the racial divide. The shadowy elite also have an obsession with claiming that all 9/11 truthers are terrorists. The media, in the form of the television news channels, are so under control, that they back up and perpetuate the calumnies.

That's the background to the plot. I don't intend giving too much away, so I'm not going to write chapter and verse on the many twists and turns in this very exciting movie. I will say though that it moves along at a really cracking pace and the shocks hit the viewer between the eyes with the rapidity of a gangster wielded machine gun. When I said earlier, that you would be on the edge of your seat watching this movie, I was not exaggerating. Believe me, you really will be.

Examples of how the manipulation by the Illuminati degrades human character?

I need to say a few words at this stage about a couple of the leading characters and players. All of the actors were excellent and the individuals they portrayed were absolutely believable. I would like to pay tribute to two of them in particular, not because they were better actors than their fellows, but because the characters they played showed the essence of human iniquity and the hopelessness of good people when faced with it.

Nick Dubanos plays New York detective Robert Herman. He is also an enforcer for the Illuminati. Adolf Hitler loved his mother and his dog and he hated Jews. This “Big Apple Finest” adores his teenage daughter but absolutely detests black people, whom he characterises as cockroaches. There is a reason given during the film, as to why he has this unreasoning loathing. It explains but by no means excuses. The scene shot outside an apartment block, where he gives Christmas presents to innocent black children, reminds me of accounts I have read of Dr Mengele giving sweets to young Jewish kids in Auschwitz, as he plans new and crueller ways of exterminating them.

Samuel J Price plays Boston policeman Alan O'Brian. He gets transferred to New York to work under the mentorship of the psychopathic Robert Herman. He doesn't have a racist bone in his body and indeed he is the typical “innocent abroad”. His gradual realisation of the true character of his boss and his inability to counteract it is one of the tragic ironies in this story.

The lesson to be learned from "Travail" by Raymond Deane

I would like to conclude by saying that I don't personally subscribe to the theories proclaimed in this film. I'm not a believer in the Illuminati and my reading of the evidence leads me to conclude that the World Trade Centre was brought down by terrorists and not by the US government. I don't adhere to the notion either that there is a continuing evil plot to degrade and exterminate African-Americans. The trails we see coming from aeroplanes are just vapour trails and they contain no more dangerous chemicals than can be found coming from the steam erupting from a boiling kettle. That's my opinion anyway. I have to say though, that there is another way of looking at these issues and in “Travail” Raymond Deane makes a very compelling case for doing so. The world still is cursed with racism and it is true that a large part of the black population of the United States is mired in the underclass. Whatever the cause, this is the real evil. If fearless film directors like Mr Deane are prepared to show us this ugly truth, they are doing us a great service. Watch the movie. It will not be painless viewing, but it will be enlightening.

Watch this disturbing excerpt from the controversial movie

The truth is in here (perhaps)


After the serious stuff, enjoy the simply funny

“The Zombie, the Cat and Barack Obama” by the alternative comedy writer Christopher Antony Meade is a book that will give you great entertainment. If you are the kind of person who likes to laugh at the pretentions of those who call themselves our betters, this is certainly the book for you. Among those lampooned, in this savage satire, is a rather hapless Barack Obama. The chapter explaining the bizarre details of his ancestry is a classic of political comedy.

Do you want to find out the true use of Area 51, or the origin of the Illuminati? All that is revealed here as well.

I won’t spoil your enjoyment of this original and startlingly outrageous novella, by revealing any more of its secrets. It’s better that you discover them for yourselves. It is definitely well worth the exploration.

Read the complete reviews of this devastatingly irreverent novella and

sample the hilarious first chapters FREE on AMAZON.

United States.


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    • christopheranton profile imageAUTHOR

      Christopher Antony Meade 

      2 years ago from Gillingham Kent. United Kingdom

      I don't believe the film for one moment, except for it's portrayal of racism, but I watched it and it's a very good movie. I think it was on YouTube. It's worth a watch if you come across it.

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 

      2 years ago from England

      Hiya Christopher sounds really interesting stuff! I am sure I read it ages ago, but maybe the old brain is going! LOL!


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