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Auction Sites Online for Stolen Goods

Updated on February 12, 2018

Beware of Buying Stolen Goods Online

You probably would not buy anything from this guy if he approached you but what if he was selling his ill gotten goods online? Could you pick them? Would you care?

It was an eye opener watching how brazen thieves are targeting shops to steal goods they then sell online to unsuspecting customers. One guy was recenlty shown on Australian television leaving a shop with a trolley load of computers, television sets and other items. Other thieves were photograped stuffing purfumes and cosmetics into their clothing and even into their underwear. Babies were used to hide goods in prams and even behind their pillows as the crooks tried to get away.

While stuff is bought and sold on e-Bay, and other auction sites, in the millions who asks about their origin? No one it seems. How would anyone know that what they just paid good money for was something for which the seller paid nothing.

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Stolen Goods Online Victim

In most countries the possession of stolen goods is a crime. Whether you bought them, received them as gifts or acquired them in some other way you are involved. According to Wikipedia if you knew they were stolen then you are guilty of a felony but if you acquired in innocence then the material is given back to the owner and you lose out. There are no winners in either case.

itNews for Australian Business notes: "The culture of faceless selling via online auction sites is dramatically increasing the availability of stolen goods such as mobile phones, iPods, laptops, bicycles and satellite navigation systems, according to property identification company Checkmend." The Commander and head of the Violent Crimes unit states that ""It is conceivable that should the seller, auction house, buyer or repairer be found in possession of a stolen item, then at the very least the item could be confiscated. But at worst, they could potentially be charged with handling stolen goods."

A fence is charged with receiving stolen goods and it used to be the local pawn shop where crooks headed with their bounties for some quick dollars. Now it is sites like e-Bay, which potenially asks no questions and takes no responsibility for what is sold. The traffic is, therefore, going to include illgotten gains.

Decent people do not want to be involved in this type of marketing and must be cautious, therefore, of where they shop and of the goods they buy. Now, because shoplifting is providing the market with new products, it is harder to say where their purchases may have come from,.Buyers on auction sites may have saved some money with the transaction but is it worth it if you are promoting crime.

Fireplace Stolen and Sold

Beware the thieves may be targetting your home, your assets, even your children.

Everything today is worth money and crooks will convert anything they can get their hands on. Even your body.

How Safe Do You Feel About Shopping Online?

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Protect Your ID

Many people put up their birthdate, address and even their credit card details online for public viewing, What they do not realise is that they are inviting the crooks to sell them out.

In Australia several people have had their homes sold while they have been away. All the crooks needed was just this kind of information to sell their houses through local real estate agents. The problem is they can never get them back again. The law just does not protect the home with legislation that would prevent this kind of thing. But it does protect everything else.

A local television current affairs program, Today Tonight, covered this very topic. The reporter Laura Sparkes stated"- "Houses stolen from underneath the noses of clueless owners and once they're sold, the money's gone and the owners left empty handed. if you think it can't happen to you, think again."

A Real Estate agent on the program noted that a woman, whom no one knew or could identify, had simply to go down to the local shops with a form and have it signed by a notary. The facts as stated by the program are these:- Here's how it works. Fraudsters hire a lawyer, pretending to have lost the land titles deeds to their home. No identification checks are made and a new deed is sent. Once they have the new deeds, they're able to sell your home. Smart thieves target homes not lived in by owners. "Please somebody answer the question how was it able to happen" says Roger Mildenhall. He is the latest victim, internet fraudsters forged documents and sold his house for $485,000 while he was in South Africa.

Homes worth millions are being sold by fraudsters who often steal deeds from elderly persons, have them sign papers of which they are unaware of the contents, and then sell the house. One such crook was caught and admitted on camera how she had succeeded in acquiring such a property,

Cyber Crime expert, Mark Gregory. stated:- ""To sell a million dollar home you don't need security, but to sell $10,000 worth of shares you do, the system is obviously broken. We need to increase regulation, we need to change the legislation and we need to increase security systems"

Most of the criminals in this type of con are from the Middle East or Nigeria or somewhere else where they are pretty much immune from prosecution. Now the shop lifters are also arriving here in droves from these countries to target businesses with their shop lifting gangs before heading back overseas. Romanian gypsies work in family units and kids are employed in the stealing raids. They come here on a couple of weeks holiday visa to make a lot of profit.

Shop Online with Safety

Protect your credit card against fraud. That is one of the first things you must do. If you trade online use a card that has limited funds in it. Try also to only deal with Companies that have a history of good service and offers encrypted card details. The better way is when they use online exchange systems, such as Paypal.

Don't buy goods unless you know they are genuine articles that come from manufacturers and businesses that have a good reputation and are not part of the fraud. These companies market their goods online from either their own websites or through agents such as affiliates who are then paid commissions.

My malls were established with Companies listed that are easily the choice vendors to promote. They offer unused, brand new products at much the same price as the dodgy ones on auction sites. They guarantee their wares and stand behind their customer service with guarantees and return or exchange policies. You can visit hundreds of such merchants through either at or at

Where do You Shop Online?

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