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Violence: a way of life?

Updated on October 9, 2009

Violence on the street

These patriotic australians are celebrating, often turning to violence.
These patriotic australians are celebrating, often turning to violence.

Main source of violence

According to australian parliament:Domestic violence occurs when a family member, partner or ex-partner attempts to physically or psychologically dominate or harm the other.Now i believe that statement to be partly true. What if you are attacked for the way you look, or have looked at someone while walking down the street.Is that not also counted as domestic violence, as there is no reason for another party to assult you.

I believe the biggest and utmost disturbing issue in Australia is hands down racial violence.Violence has become a way of life for too many people. Schools have become an unsafe environment for many students as they are racially abused and/or constantly picked on.

Now, these may be all bad things but there is another outlook on violence. Take football (soccer) hooligans for example.They fight for thier club and also what the believe in.

Boxers make their name by beating other people up and its all for entertainment and money. When ever a fight breaks out in the street people gather around. Its like a magnet, pulling in people of all ages to see who has hit who, which fighter won and what started it.Violence is in our nature, in our blood and has helped us survive for hundreds of years.

Muhammad Ali

muhammad ali in victory pose
muhammad ali in victory pose

the irony

The averadge payment for a pro boxer is at a minimum of $500.00 a fight.The boxer's however, are being ripped off as proffessional UFC fighters are making an average of $37,000.00 a fight and like a boxer it varies greatly depending on location, experience and the company.

i personally think its funny how violence is supposed to be so wrong, yet we promote it and even pay the individuals who are so tough they an beat anybody to a pulp.Thats my views on violence and i'd like to hears yours in the coming future

Richard Veronese


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