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Can We Really Trust AUTISM SPEAKS?

Updated on April 2, 2012

Why Autism Speaks is No Good for Autistics

Okay, so you want to donate to Autistic Charities. Good for you!

Autism Speaks isn't one of them.

I could just tell you about how every single Autistic individual I have ever spoken to seems to hate the "charity" with a passion. But if you want proof...

Much of their "education" on Autism is deliberately demonizing Autism / Asperger's Syndrome, which as you can imagine is the last thing ANYONE Autistic actually needs. Their most famous video, Autism Every Day, even features a mother who admits in front of her autistic daughter that she had contemplated carrying out a murder-suicide because of her child's Autism.

(Ironically, only a few days after the video's release, one mother did just that to her own daughter. Check out "Karen McCarron" below.)

There are no Autistic members in any controlling position of Autism Speaks, only parents and other related family members. As you can imagine, the divide between "Being Autistic" and "Putting Up with someone else's Autism" is a BIG difference, given how social slights and other communication issues are part and parcel of Autistic behavior, even though it doesn't have to be. As a result, with such lopsided representation, they can hardly presume to speak "for" Autism in any sense.

There exists a very vocal contingent of Autistics online who are appalled with Autism Speaks right down to the choice of logo (They don't appreciate being called "Puzzles", to be honest.) In fact, even MENTIONING Autism Speaks will spark flame wars in Autistic Communities, backed up by plenty of evidence from shunning at Autism fundraisers and conventions to the sheer lack of support they provide current Autistics in favor of long-term "research" that allows them to splurge on PR stunts and lavish corporate expenditures without having to show any proof of the progress they're making with all that money, while true Autistic Charities are choked for funds because it all goes to Autism Speaks.

Fortunately, there ARE alternative charities which would have a far better impact. The Autistic Self-Advocacy Network and the Dan Marino Foundation are the best alternatives I can recommend to you. Please consider them as your charity to support instead of "Autism Speaks".

I assure you, Autistics prefer to speak for themselves.

Happy Autism "Awareness" Day!

emember, "Awareness" is a very empty word unless it's coupled with "Action".

Please take action today by supporting your Autistic Chartity of choice -- as long as it's not Autism Speaks!

What do you Think?

(Relax, you don't need an account to voice an opinion! Just type it into the box and let it fly!)

Autism Speaks is Evil! Autistics are People too!

Autism Speaks is Evil! Autistics are People too!

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    • Peter A. 2 years ago

      I myself have never had a problem with the 'Autism Speaks' charity (if that is what it actually is), having visited the site a number of times with the express purpose of uncovering many of the more controversial aspects of it that I had been informed about, but failing to find anything.

      In any case, living with autism (even the relatively 'mild' version that I have - i.e. Asperger's Syndrome) is pure hell. All the things that others take for granted (ex. a career, family, friends) are, for the vast majority of us, an impossible dream. The constant misunderstandings, sensory issues, clumsiness, and other limitations that go along with this handicap are enough to drive me, even at the best of times, to despair and self-destruction. The sheer frustration of it all is just overwhelming, and if anyone who isn't like this thinks they have any idea as to what it is really like, they are deluding themselves. Being this way is just far too frustrating.

      One commenter above said that it 'sucks', and yes, it certainly does. If 'Autism Speaks' is truly funding research that will help in the development of a cure for this curse, then I say 'Go for it!' It's easy enough for most people who are not like this to pontificate on their soap-boxes and say (stupid, in my view) things like, 'It's who you are, so don't try to change it. Accept it', but they have NO idea how awful A.S., and autism in general, truly are. Being this way is NOT who I am; this affliction is a prison of the mind, an obstacle to personal growth and development that I would not wish on my worst enemy.

    • Emma 2 years ago

      It makes me so sad that they want to come up with a prenatal test for autism. I have heard that, unfortunately, 90 percent of people with Down's are aborted, and the numbers will likely be similar for autistic people if a test is developed. How sickening is that?

      I am grateful for my own life, and for the lives of my friends who also have autism or other disabilities. We deserve to live just as much as the next person. I would never support an organization that aims to stop disabled people from getting to live life. I am okay with abortion in the general sense, but I'm not okay with picking and choosing. I feel it's a slippery slope that begins with disabilities, but before long, people will be aborting because their baby has blue eyes instead of green, or because they will be half a foot shorter than the rest of their family. None of that's right, in my opinion.

      Sure, things are more difficult with a disability, but most of us love our lives even if they aren't "normal" lives and we can't do many of the things our peers can. Just give us a chance!

    • Unknown 2 years ago

      I'm an aspie who is over all tired of listening to "Austim Speaks" views and stupid program.This is the last thing you should donate to if you want to help people with Austim. The people in this program pretty much only want money or were sadly dis lead. The people who run this "Friendly asbalishment" (yes this in "..." Is sarcasm but you probably already knew) would like nothing more then to completely change are personality just for money. Yea there accuse is that we suffer... the only reason I ever fill like I'm suffering is stuff like this that I frown upon. This program treats people like me as if we were idiots when we are clearly not. I my self am in the National Junoir Honor Soctiey. Please don't donate to "Austim Speaks" ( more like let parents of kids with Austim Speak about something they hardly understand or if they keep taking "Austim Speaks" serouisly will never understand )

    • Unknown 2 years ago

      I'm an aspie who is over all tired of listening to "Austim Speaks" views and stupid program.This is the last thing you should donate to if you want to help people with Austim. The people in this program pretty much only want money or were sadly dis lead. The people who run this "Friendly asbalishment" (yes this in "..." Is sarcasm but you probably already knew) would like nothing more then to completely change are personality just for money. Yea there accuse is that we suffer... the only reason I ever fill like I'm suffering is stuff like this that I frown upon. This program treats people like me as if we were idiots when we are clearly not. I my self am in the National Junoir Honor Soctiey. Please don't donate to "Austim Speaks" ( more like let parents of kids with Austim Speak about something they hardly understand or if they keep taking "Austim Speaks" serouisly will never understand )

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      no more Speaks! I feel bad for the autistic people who are commenting on the second option, because they probably did not grow up in an environment that accepted their difference of being autistic. If they were accepted for who they were, I bet they would have been commenting on the first option. I wish people knew how much their talk of "autism is a disease" can really effect autistic people.

    • anonymous 3 years ago


      I am helping to publicize a site related to deafness,

      The Brainy Deaf Site. It's worth a visit.

      If you like it, please tell your brainy friends about it.

      Thank you,

      Nina (Marino)

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      Every year, around this time, my school gives a presentation to the "good kids" (who are really just kids who are not on the autism spectrum) about how Autism is so bad, and that we should support Autism Speaks. And considering that earlier that year (it was my first year at Elsie Johnson) the teacher straight up announced (without my permission) to everyone in the class that I had Autism. This lead to ridicule and hate. We are not circus monsters! So stop treating us like we are!

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      How do we look past the idea of having some kind of prenatal screening to encourage people to weed out autistics like they do downs? I cannot in good catholic conscience support that agenda. My son is a blessing and is a fine addition to my life. Couldn't imagine it without him now.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @the anti-circle jerk To be fair you are right but then again most "normal" people are not much better so.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @generic heartwarming.... really heartwarming.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      I'm a millionaire with Aspergers, and find NT's simple, relying on gestures.Their standards are that of the herd in majority, not of the elite. Do like Bill Gates and run these NT simpletons like worker ants...that's all these "normals" can do really. Autistics have Eisenstein, NTs have Paully Shore....

      Autism Speaks is like the KKK, and anyone supporting this group is most likely an IQ 90 NT trying dealing with an IQ 160+ autistic. For a rare few it's a the rest of you we are your masters.

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      As a teenaged girl with Asperger's syndrome, I have to say that Autism Speaks is a bull-crap organization that demonize those ASDs by treating the spectrum like they're disease or something to be cured or have a cause (Rhett's syndrome is an exception but it is very rare and, at best, hard to diagnose, however there is no cure for that), when they aren't. If anything, this organization only makes creates a stigma when Autism acceptance would be just fine and it would really do us some good. We're people, too, not something that should demonized because of this crap that this organization and many others are feeding to everyone.

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      I agree. I found their tax records and they donated very little to actually help children and families that are impacted by autism. I am an autism specialist as well as a therapist. Most people have no idea the impact of autism on the individuals themselves, siblings and the whole family. Currently, I am trying to purchase land to build a lifelong ranch for individuals with autism. As I am new to the fundraising side, I tried to contact Autism Speaks for just some "knowledge." No response at all. What does that tell you? I just want the children I have worked with in the past and currently to have a home, a job, friends, animals that will be safe and simply home when they age out of the system. But, as for Autism Speaks--not even a word of how to contact people, go forward to help those that will not be able to help themselves. Go figure. BeccasHeart Ranch

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      Autism's something that people just plain come into the world with, and nobody knows how or why that happens. Despite all the research being on done on how to prevent autism, there's no way to prevent it from happening.

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      We need not just awareness but acceptance

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      Autism Speaks, I am autistic. Your comments affronted me because you say that autism is a reason to be pitied. Not so! Our difficulties are different than yours, but you think we have all difficulties. I am in two advanced classes and my teachers don't use my autism as an excuse to treat me differently. I am treated like any other student. I did not win a fine arts award because everyone patronizes me. I won it because I worked hard and had the guts to audition for the LVYO even though this is my first year of flute playing. Autism Speaks, you look at me like I will never have any potential. Look at me now. I play the flute in beginning band, am an A's and B's student, and have many friends.

      To those who think autism is some excuse to be pitied and patronized, I beg to differ. Autism magnifies the senses and we get overloaded. Either that or it diminishes the senses and we want more and more. I am a bit of a vestibular seeker, so I love roller coasters. Why should you pity me for that? I am treated like any other student in school, even in advanced classes and band. However, I go to resource class for tests. The teachers there are very helpful.

      I don't want first chair. I just want a chair.

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      I am diagnosed with PDD (It is part of the autism spectrum). I am fine with it. When media talks about ASD as caused by pollution, or something wrong in mothers, or vaccines, I feel very offended. ASD should NEVER be considered diseases, mainly because the life expectancies are COMPLETELY THE SAME, that the ones for neurotypicals.

      I DON'T believe they may be caused by factors mentioned above, because IF THAT WERE SO, the life expectancies would be affected, the symptoms would be very different in each individual, there would be life threatening symptoms and body abnormalities, etc.

      THAT'S NOT THE CASE. Instead, we are fine and healthy. We have no discomforts, no pain, no aches, etc. Instead, we have a mind that neurotypicals will never have. For example: we can notice details that they don't notice. We can articulate ideas in a manner that is difficult for them. Among other advantages.

      I do not deny that there are some disadvantages. For example: Reacting desesperately to something, some behaviors that disrupt social interaction, and some obsessive ideas, but we can overcome them if we put our minds to it.

      I just believe that the Autism Spectrum is just a natural human variation, like blond hair, black race, or asian eyes. It is a natural difference that manifiests on mind, behavior, and perception of the world.

      If scientists "find" something that "may cause autism", the stuff they "found" is NOT autism. It's just a PHENOCOPY.

      A Phenocopy is an externally induced feature in an organism that, by coincidence, IMITATES a natural genetic feature.

      Congratulations: Temple Grandin, Jim Sinclair, Albert Einstein(Rest In Peace), Mozart(Rest In Peace), Ari Neeman, Bill Gates, etc.

      They succeded in Autism Spectrum, but ignorance still in the world. People still thinking that autistic people cannot succeed in society.

      I FEEL VERY ANGRY when people talks about autism, and compare it to diabetes, AIDS, cancer, or a mortal or debilitating disease.

      I EXPLODE INSIDE, when I hear in media, that prevalence of autism is higher than diseases mentioned previously, and they speak it in a tone of sadness and/or fear. Autism DO NOT affect life expectancy, NOR is life threatening, NEITHER mortal.

      AIDS, cancer and diabetes, ARE THE OPPOSITE to this statement. Parents SHOULD be grateful that their children have autism, but NOT the others mentioned previously. The previously mentioned ARE diseases. Autism is NOT a disease.

      I'm afraid that in the future, if an autistic person still healthy at an elder age, people will see it as a Super-Mega-Miracle. It should not be seen as such thing, because Autism DO NOT mess with life expectancy. It is like black race, blond hair, or asian eyes.

      I'm also afraid that if an autistic person get sick before it, people begin to blame Autism.

      I Repeat: Autism DO NOT affect life expectancy.

      If an autistic person still healthy when elderly, it will be THE SAME as if it were black, blond hair, or asian-eyed. The same an autistic person may have longevity, a black race person may have it too. A blond hair person may also last healthy at a higher age. An asian-eyed person of course, may be healthy at a higher age.

      If an autistic person gets sick before it, it of course will be THE SAME that if it where black, blonde, or asian.

      Both for Autistics and for Neurotypicals, it depends, on exercise, healthy diet, safe body weight, sleeping the hours needed, among other details.

      Both for Autistics and for Neurotypicals, if they don't take care of their health, of course, when elderly, they would be on a care home, or on the pantheon.

      I am, a strong believer in Neurodiversity. I encourage parents of Autistic Children to Interact Strongly with their children for very long periods of time, inmediately when they get the diagnosis, in order to maximize their performance and functionality, so they can live independently.

      For a low-functioning diagnosis, it's very difficult for them to live independently. In this case, I encourage their parents do the same mentioned above, but the more strongly as possible, for the more long periods of time as possible, in order to make their children live the more independently as possible for them.

      The more early the intervention is, better results. The more strong the intervention is, the more independently autistic children can live. The more long the session is, the early they develop skills for independent life.

      Autism Speaks Is spreading the WRONG idea of that autistic people is sick, and needs a cure, and another WRONG idea of that autistic people is consumed by autism, among other wrong ideas.

      The cure is a stupid idea. They raise champaigns claiming that autistic people is a horror for parents and society. They are dehumanizing the people on the spectrum. The "I am Autism" video was the last straw. With their vision, they are insulting Me, they are insulting a friend I have (He is also on the spectrum), they are insulting Temple Grandin, they are insulting Ari Neeman, they are insulting us.

      I have a mental image of an event like that seen on X-Men- The Last Stand (In the movie, a cure is found for mutant gene, and there are a revolution). The image is like that, with the difference that the event is a cure for ASD.

      That organization is insulting us. I am encouraged to check all I'm going to buy, for an Autism Speaks' logo. If I see that, I will NEVER buy that item. The presence of the logo means the product manufacturing company is helping them (donating part of the proceeds). Autism Speaks is a satanic brothel, NOT a "charity". They are spreading messages that are suggestive on the thought autistic people is lower than neurotypical, and cannot succeed in nothing. The messages are also suggestive on the thought that we should not exist, and our existence is bad. Autism Speaks SHOULD ALWAYS be boycotted. They SHOULD NOT gain anything, because they are EVIL, and they deserves POVERTY. That will be a JUST PUNISHMENT FROM HEAVEN.

      The Autism Speaks name is an obscene phrase, that deserves to be bleeped out like obscene vocabulary on TV. Any depiction of Autism Speaks thing, deserves to be covered with a black bar, pixelate, or blur out, like genitalia, and obscene gestures and depictions.

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      Autism speaks is so selfish the Governor of Pennsylvania supports and sadly that's our governor I hope you hate him as much as I do and dubya thinks that 0 plus 0 is


    • anonymous 4 years ago

      Ok so obviously there is issues with autism speaks but asking to take a side in the way it is worded is wrong too. Autism is not a choice but can be difficult for kids and adults with the condition and difficult for the parents who try to do their best to understand and help their kids with any difficulties albeit speech difficulties, sensory issues and just understanding the way this crazy world works. I never want my sons personality to change as his autism is such a big part of who he is. He is only 5 and every day im learning how his autism can effect his way of thinking and behaves. We have good days and not so good days. For anyone with aspergers and autism that is totally happy and content with their life-great im really pleased for you. But its not like that for everyone living with the condition. Soz just a mums opinion who loves her son more than anybody in the world (:

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      Autism is a disorder, not a disease. The two are used interchangeably, but they are very different. A disease is deadly and has(or may not have) a cure, a disorder is a part of life and may have a treatment. Autistic kids, the really severe cases, do not need someone trying to force them to be "normal". It won't work, and only breeds hatred for the disorder.

      Those of you who believe in euthanasia, come back when you have a low functioning autistic child, and if you still believe in killing them, I'll get the swastika ready.

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      Shut the fuck up generic. Autistic people are people too.

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      To be honest, that group really uses the name of autism in vain & drags it down to the mud. And I hate such kinds of hypocrites in fiction and in real life, most especially REAL-LIFE hypocrites!

      Sometimes, having autism is a burden most of the time but you are what are you since birth for the rest of you life. I do agree the Church of Scientology don't a care if a member of their cult has autism or has a family member with autism (like the case of John Travolta & Kelly Preston) & will not let professional help to intervene & help the PWA (person with autism) & their loved ones and John and Kelly, due to this, missed out every opportunity to help their late son Jet until it was too late in the Bahamas more than 3 years. Being a person diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, it's like I'm carrying too much weight in my shoulders, more burdens to carry.

      Yet, what's interesting about PWAs is that, with the help of early diagnosis, training & a true loving family and society, they'll improve and live near-normal lives and this happened/(is & will be happening) to me now years after my diagnosis.

      More power to those REAL Autism activists who show real care for PWAs & supportive family, relatives, friends, etc. who show no signal for standing up for those who haven't found a voice in them yet & those who really make a stand!!!

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      I honestly cannot stand Autism Speaks: any organization that treats a diverse group of people as one, large stereotype deserves to have their funding taken away. I taught kids on the spectrum for four years, which were the most rewarding years of my life. Unfortunately, most people are duped into thinking that Autism Speaks is an autism advocacy group, when nothing could be further from the truth. Sprouts Farmer's Market supports Autism Speaks during Autism Awareness Month in March: BOYCOTT THEM! Neurodiversity is not a crime: it is a blessing!

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      Well, I think the main problem with the portrayal of autism in the media and in the social sphere. People think nothing of calling someone "autistic" if they seem to have trouble with social skills or overreact. The media isn't quite as acceptingâfor example, the father in "Dear John" was portrayed astoundingly insultingly in the movie; the book version focused more on his collection of coins and his routine never deriving.

      My cousin is high-functioning, and she's so self-conscious that it's heartbreaking. She goes out of her way to make sure she's not ever associated with autism.

      Autism Speaks is an appalling thing. It can almost be a hate group with spreading misinformation and putting children they are supposed to be helping down. Did you know they asked the parents to stop their kids' therapy in that horrendous video so the kids would act "autistic" enough? Wow. They shouldn't even be called s charity group.

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      generic, I am autistic and know someone on the other end of the spectrum. His name is Rylan. He is full of life an energy. How dare you label him as a zombie!

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      Honestly, I would ask you to be reasonable, austism is not some demonic and vile curse. I know several different people with a autistic syndrome they are all quite intelligent and rational persons. To attempt to cure something like Austism would require a complete rewirering of the human brain (as you said: BRAINWASHING) that would likely cause massive cerebral damage erasing everything that this person once was. Autism Speaks is not especially evil nor monsters: They are just incredibly stupid, scared and short-sighted gits. Sure it can be hard with bullying, the stress, the emotions(early teenage years sucked) and all the idiotic people acting as if you're a retard. However autism can be an advantage, (think of Silicon Valley, California, a major computer research hub with a 56% autism rate of the locals) in your life (higher IQ, logical thinking, statisticly better math skills etc.). Most people I know with autism lead productive, happy lives with a bright future ahead of them. I went to elementary school with these people and we were in the same class. (European elementary school.) So please, think before you support anything utterly moronic like say, a cure for a different neurological thought process.

      The moment you judge others as less-than-human, you lose your right to call yourself a human.

      Sincerly: A high-functioning-Asperger in high school.

      PS. Autism is freaking awesome, I would not trade it for all the gold in the world.

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      I have aspergers and at rare times I'm proud but other times I hate it. Like someone else mentioned, it's such a burden. I've always been terrible at socializing and it's caused so many problems. I've gotten made fun of all throughout middle school and freshman and sophomore year of high school because of how different I am from other people. I still do get made fun of at times. I am always misunderstood by NTs. I've always been an outcast, which sucks beyond belief. It is extremely difficult for me to find people who accept me for who I am, hence why I barely have any friends. That aside, I think autism speaks is terrible. Although I don't like having aspergers, it's not the worst thing in the world like autismspeaks makes it seem. I've seen the type of stuff that autismspeaks feeds to parents of autistic kids. They make asd's seem as bad as cancer, when it's not. Autismspeaks just digusts me, to be quite frank.

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      I am a 14 year old girl with Aspergers and i wouldn't change it for the world. I may have my problems sometimes but that's just a part of being a teenager. All those people who ask for a "Cure" are blinded and think that everyone who isn't on the spectrum have a good life and as we all know (Everyone who isn't fooled by these people anyway) that "Normal" People can have a rubbish life to. Oh and did you know that some of the greatest scientist in ever might of been on the spectrum? Like Einstein! Also if i was "Normal i wouldn't be who i am! :) I hope that you all have a big hard think over your life now. :D

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      I'm a minecraft-loving autistic girl. Autism speaks people are creepers. In the "cure all the auties" side, I see something that all the comments have in common. They all say it is hopeless. They blame autism for bad things in their lives. No one has a perfect life, so accept your downfalls and move on.

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      ". I have problems developing healthy relationships. It is hindered me from getting promoted at work"

      Watch out people there are a lot of fakes out there, especially ones who blame being Autistic for everything.

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      Autism gives me so many things other people don't have such as a vocabulary large enough to cover the floor with words, individualism, a love for things most people think of as "undesirable" or "disgusting," and insight on other special people. Without it, I would be a bigot with an IQ of 83. I may lack the ability to verbally express myself, but i don't intentionally annoy people, lie about my opinions, or ostracize others.

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      Don't eradicate people like me. The vaccine thing is an evil fringe theory like saying bananas give ants cancer. To those who think autism is a pestilence,think about my fellow auties, my band director, the euphonium player, my friends, and me. They love me for who I am, not out of pity.

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      I DO NOT COVET ANYONE'S TYPICAL MIND. The band director never says "Oh you're autistic. You can't play this piece." He is patient with me and walks me through the music. I catch on faster than the "normal" population of the band students. I play the flute.

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      Until Autism Speaks actually listens to us Autistics and gives us a voice, I will not support them. They also need to get rid of the puzzle piece (I'm a whole person, not a piece or a puzzle), stop talking about "epidemic " and stop talking "cure." They are fear mongerers of the worst type hiding behind Autistic kids.

      Also, they don't now, and never have, spoken for me. They need to include more than just a few token Autistics in their propaganda. Of you want to really know about Autism, them ask me or another Autistic!

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      I hate to be the one who does this- trips headfirst into Godwin's Law- but...

      They really are like the freakin' Nazis. If they had their way, I would have been aborted or locked up or given some sort of 'cure' as if seeing the world in a different way is a deadly disease. These people should be charged with hate speech, just like the racists and terror-ecouragers- they're all for an 'ethnic cleansing' of whole section of humanity, isn't that a crime?

      Well, guess what. I'm not sick, I wasn't taken from my mother's stomach like I was some sort of tumour*. I'm a second-year university student, a wanna-be artist, a lover of nature and machines, and I'm not taking your bullspit, Autism Speaks.

      (*I am pro-choice, by the way, in case you weren't sure.)

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      2 Donât become like the people of this world. Instead, change the way you think. Then you will always be able to determine what God really wantsâwhat is good, pleasing, and perfect. Romans 12:2

      God would never say that my autism is cured. He would say that my sins were forgiven and that I am beloved. Why change who I am?

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      To KG:

      I have autism! If you would see the me at first glance, you would see a gifted, beautiful girl who plays the flute. If there was a cure (i.e. a magic pill), I would say "No, I do not want the cure," because I like my life the way it is, meltdowns and all. Would you kill the reason for my success?

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      God made me with autism for a reason. I just want to be included, but Autism Speaks is getting in the way of that. The video "I am Autism" says that autism is some sort of pestilence. We are blessed so much that other people do not see it.

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      I am a 12 year old atypical autistic. Without autism, I would not know words like "ephemeral" or "platonic," or have my two praying mantises Esther and Augustus. The autism speaks people hate on what makes me talented, quirky, and swagalicious.

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      i have aspergers. i hate autism speaks. without autism, i would be a very dull person.

    • Limmey 4 years ago

      I think people should be aware of the titles they give people with disabilities, my son is a man first who has Autism. Not an autistic man. I don't want him to be defined by that title. Do we call people with Downs Syndrome, downers? Or with mental retardation, Retards ( I would hope not).?

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      Autism Speaks? What kind of program is that, why is there a fight in between these two charities and what is going on? :l

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      Ok, autism sucks unless you know how to deal with it. I just ignore other people, and they ignore me. the people that do pay attention deserve a medal of honour. Aspergers and autism can be invisible unless you investigate, and most peole ignore this. the real "cure" for autism is people that accept you for who you are and don't pity you for your differences.

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      Autism Speaks is a eugenic organisation. They have no place in the modern world. They would have all autistic embryos aborted regardless of high or low functioning, so it's not coherent to try to argue, as some do, that the antipathy toward them is somehow only a preoccupation of high-functioning aspies.

      I have Asperger's, and I wouldn't be the same person without it. I like being this person, and I very much value the other aspects of my personality that Asperger's is correlated with.

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      I'm a parent of an autistic child, plus two non autistic children still at home. I work, don't have a lot of time beside

      The time I have for the kids ' housework to do a lot of outside things. Shame on any org. That preys on our family situations. If anything, apportion of the proceeds should go to assisted living for autistic citizens so they can speak and be seen for proof.

    • anonymous 5 years ago

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    • anonymous 5 years ago

      So, I've often heard parents say, "If they find a cure for Autism. I'd get my child cured." But I'm sorry, I disagree. Am I saying I WANT my child to struggle with some of the diffuclties that Autism presents, NO. But my son is the way he is. And NOTHING, not Autism or anything else, for that matter will or can ever change that. My son is smart, , loves animals, knows that he is special NOT because he has Autism, but because God doesn't make mistakes! And to cure him would be telling that the way he is is a mistake, and my son is in no way, shape, or form a mistake! He is a person just like you and I!

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      I am autistic. Very high functioning, but autistic none the less.

      If you were to meet me on the street it's unlikely you'd know. I hate Autism Speaks with a passion. They stigmatize us. They call us diseased. They call us parasites. They approve of murdering us. Their research is trying to find the " autism gene" so our parents can abort us. I don't want to have to hide my autism anymore. I don't want to die. And I'm glad I wasn't aborted.

      Autism is not a disease. It is a neuroprofile. I have an IQ of 150. I've learned social skills to the point that I come off as "quirky" I would never have had problems if it weren't for the way others treated me. Autism Speaks promotes society's patronizing, discriminatory, and frankly hateful opinion of us.

      I don't understand why they hate us. Who designed your computer? Were Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, and Sir Isaac Newton parasites? Look at all the major mathematical, scientific, and technological accomplishments we have made as a species. Now, tally up the number of people who made these discoveries/inventions whom were on the Autism Spectrum. Still want to abort us? Still want to "cure" us?

      We autistics have a word for your prenatal screeing "cure". We call it "eugenics".

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      -_- well i have autism but you don't see me clpaning i mean god sakes people doesn't matter well, i'm like a normal person but were different

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      Screw them!

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      Autistic person here who quite frankly just wants to speak for himself. It doesn't help what these people are doing, and I frankly want to shut them down and jail them.

      Oh and if any auties or families of auties are out there, check out my PRO autism tumblr:

      This is a tumblr featuring the home-made meme "Autistic Eagle", who kind of represents a generic person with autism. It's run by me and other autistics, so it's definitely not anti-autism! Feel free to follow us, we love you all!

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      "If you knew anything about autism, you would KNOW that it SUCKS, and without good guidance and therapy you're often JAILED in your body and mind aren't free in the FIRST place to really be yourself and show the world who you are."

      Ahh another NT trying to tell us what we experience. What deep hypocrisy and arrogance you show.

      "I have asperger's by the way."

      No you aren't. You're an anti-social monstrosity who produces typical NT word-game foolishness. On the internet no one knows you're a dog. Well, I know you are a wretched dog, but not of the four-legged variety that's for sure. If there is one mental disorder you suffer from it's from narcissism, insisting that we should hate ourselves like you supposedly do.

      If anything NTs are never what they are. They are the trapped ones. They are mindless conformists. Why I'd curse myself by wanting to think like you is beyond any form of sanity.

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      Ah look! Calling us, Autistics, dumbasses by taking the puzzle piece offensively. Let us dissect this patronizing, hypocritical NT garbage that Vivian has produced.

      "nobody called autistic people a puzzle by making the puzzle piece a symbol for autism. It means AUTISM is a puzzle nobody has quite figured out. Again, dumbass."

      For starters we are not seperated from our humanity. What you sordidly call Autism is our humanity. To call Autism a puzzle is to call us a puzzle, end of. To dare think we are some problem that needs to be solved is doubly insulting, a dreaded eugenicist belief.

      Next, how dare you be so arrogant as to call us dumbasses whilst you insist that we should not define our own identity! Go and take yourselves, you neurotics, and take your mindsick self-hating autistics with you, and go in to the hell for which you so willingly wish on us!

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      For those who try to say that autism speaks is for the good of autistics: I am an autistic and no it isn't. If you really think that you know what is better for your child's people than they themselves then you are deluded or being misled. If you don't, then congrats you're a good parent who has earnt my respect and admiration.

      I don't accept cheap excuses for supporting that Autism Speaks (that silences autistics) group.

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      Good thing my two siblings are considered "normal", otherwise I, an aspie, would end up being dead as well. No matter what anyone says, and even though we autistics are the only ones to see logic in this illogical world; any autism is HELL! Not saying Autism Speaks is good, per se, but we should find a solution that is not bloodshed and/or brainwashing. Autism needs a cure, not bloodshed and brainwashing to NOT voice an opinion. Of course, I would end up killing myself because I would not want to know what it is like to be "normal". I am jealous of my girlfriend because she CHOOSES to not be normal. Me? I AM A BLOODY ASPIE! Honestly, autistics should be treated as not sub-human, but they need stuff to make their lives NOT a living hell. Support autistics being human; do not support those who claim to support autistics being human but only want them dead with blood in their hands or brainwashed with them in the dark room...

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      i am in a extensive rage on autism speaks and their bulshity use of the donation money

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      They do not belong to the Autism Society of America, the oldest organization in the country. They deny that vaccines are one of the causes of autism, which the majority of parents believe because it was after the 3 in l shot that our kids went into full blown autism. These are a bunch of opportunists outside the mainstream. Making a profit on fund raising for themselves while not supported by the majority of parents. We have an Autism Society of Delaware, we have the only public school serving autism in the country. Autism Speaks works against our public schools for their private fundraisin that does nothing to help the children/adults in our state. Do not contribute a dime to this group.

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      Autism Speaks has teamed up with the Ad Council to frighten people via radio ads. 1-in-88 kids born have autism? Really? The Ad Council sounds more like an arm of a Socialist Govornment than lending helpful advice.

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      I am starting to actually doubt whether i actually have Autism or Asperger's. Autism speaks needs to stop doing this because this Autism is just dumb by doctors who don't know what is a right autistic child or not.

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      I used to be okay with the idea of Autism Speaks and their attempts to cure Autism. I figured it would be fine to have it there for any Autistic people who wanted it, as long as it was never forced on a person with Autism and that they could say "no" to being cured. However, now the organization has shifted from finding a cure that people who have been diagnosed with Autism can take to get id of their autistic symptoms to developing a prenatal test so that if a mother is carrying an autistic baby they can test for it and then get the mother to have an abortion. I'm all for a woman's rights to have an abortion, but this is just wrong. This isn't a cure, this is genocide of Autistic people. ant then there's the language Autism Speaks uses, calling the 1 in 88 ratio of Autistics to non-Autistics an "epidemic," as if Autism is some kind of sickness, when it's really just a different brain wiring. I have Asperger's Syndrome, and I believe Autistics can speak for themselves so, no thank you, Autism Speaks, I will be sending any monetary donations I will be making in the future to another Autism charity, like Parent to Parent or Autism Support Daily.

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      As an Autistic individual, I must say this article is spot on.

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      "(Ironically, only a few days after the video's release, one mother did just that to her own daughter. Check out "Karen McCarron" below.)"

      Actually, several autistics were murdered by their parents within a few weeks of that video being released. Karen McCarron's mother, to everybody's surprise, was convicted. Christopher DeGroot's parents were let off. They locked him in his room and set the house on fire, and they got off. But, you know, it's just so difficult to raise an autistic teenager!

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      I like good Part of this article but comments about parents. It is VERY fustrating at times raising a ASD child not everyone can do it. At same time to everyone like Serena (or anyone saying a Parent of ASD child) dont have any room to speak...STFU. We do, Im father of a ASD boy, 5yo, My son will before he is 10yo be able to function within society enough for him to live as 'normal' life as he chooses. We Parents can testify to the trials and challenges of raising a ASD child, many of the challenges they face both from ASD and society. NO we cant speak about it from their perspective thats for them, but we can give insight to people without ASD from a non ASD view. BTW when they diagnosed my child with ASD it was Child Phycologist opinion that I have/had ASD as child but overcame it without special help (luckly I more mild than my sons).

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      carrie lau,this mesage is for you.i don`t like how you think about you brother,but i think you have to talk with you parents,about you feelings.because you parents have too apreciate what you do,but you brother need you and is not his problem be autistic,i`m crying now because y have two childrens and both of them are autistic,that why,i decided don`t have more childrens,because i know i will not have time for somebody else,and you are blessed,because you brother have somebody to care him when you parents die,i my childrens don`t,that`s why you have to love you brother,i wish this help you....autistic people are just different of you are.

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      My apologies to all for all the typos in my post below. Spelling and Grammar is something I am still working on. English is not my native language.

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      I do think people in general should be more aware of what Autism Speaks is after all. For three years in a row I fundraised and did walks, I have to say between my daughter's father and myself (we are divorced, so we had two different fundraising teams), we raised about 10K, the donations came mostly from relatives and friends whom otherwise would have never even aknowledge Austism was in our lifes. They were always generous and they like the idea of being part of the buzz. They could post, brag etc about it in whatever social media they were part of.

      One day it occurred to me that how it was possible that I was struggling so much to find any funding for my daughter's much needed Intense Speech Therapy Services that was never covered by any insurance. I also thought about how it didn't make sense that while I had to struggle so much to get anywhere in regards to my daughter's treatment and intervention, I had no problem getting people to donate money to Autism Speaks.

      Where was that money going? How was it really being utilized?.

      I decided to bring my case to the organization themselves and asking direct questions about how they could help me gain access to services or treatments.

      It just happened that a coworker's husband was friends with Mark Rothmeyr?, she mentioned my case to Rothmeyer? himself whom in turn suggested to my coworker I should call his personal assistant to let her know what I was looking for and to get my daughter some help.

      I did call his personal assitance, we spoke several times on the phone for several weeks where the conversations always went in the same direction: she will give me a list of places that she had in her list as grant receivers from Austism Speaks to them be told by those same grant receivers agencies that they did not provide the services i was looking for, or this or that.

      I remember calling Rothmeyer assistant's and keeping her informed about the results of my inquiries to these places and asking her for some other leads or information.

      The last thing I remember hearing from her is that I needed to go to the website and constantly monitor the communities in search for hints and information in how to get access to services. She also made a mention to trying to find one of the "mafia mothers support group" in the area to help me figure out the how to's.

      I had to admit I grew very frustrated and that final suggestion from Rothmeyer? assistant's was the last straw. It was also the big eye opener.

      I realized how much could I had done with my time and with my money had I known in advanced how Austim Speaks was no more than a mega charity where very little was being done for my inmediate needs and the ones of my daughter. Or at least that is how I feel now.

      So I fundraised for this organization to pay for research about what? where? and how is that helping my child now? how it will help her in the future?

      I day dream thinking in how much therapy could I have given to my daughter with the 10k and over we fundraised for 3 years in a row.

      I think my daughter's father still does it. Which is even more surreal to me.

      He has never paid one dime out of his pocket for one therapy for my daughter, however he has no problem giving to Autism Speaks.

      This is a strange world we live in. And this is my real story.

      That was the big moment, the eye opener. I

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      Autism speaks is an organization that appears dedicated to advancing research for the treatment and cure of Autism. If you look at the "About us" link, you will find multiple members who have autistic children. The leadership group is riddled with PhDs and MDs. Unlike ASAN. The donations made to Autism speaks go to research and if you just investigate further, you would see the generous donations to academics across the country and world in search for answers. Autism speaks has an impressive leader in the scientific advisory board whose research is impressive and has authored many books on autism....So it probably be worth while to research before making statements or making decisions

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      Being a parent to an autistic child makes you no more eligible to speak about autism issues than being the father to a daughter makes you eligible to speak about women's issues.

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      You know, I have personal experience with being told that I have an "illness" that "must be cured" (I have generalized anxiety, adult ADD, and I'm a self-diagnosed, as well as formerly-formally diagnosed Aspie), and frankly, I'm tired of that crap. A lot of autists can work really well and, with their focus, can do things really well. Think of Bill Gates and Satoshi Taijiri (the creator of Pokemon who, coincidentally, shares my lack of social tolerance and decreased need for sleep)! We don't need to be cured! Think of the Orwellian implications of a personality, a human being, getting cured of minor quirks! Doesn't it sound like a dystopian, Orwellian future?

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      You know, my cousin (who I am very close with) supports this "charity". Being the self-respecting aspie I am, I told him that he was lucky I didnt kick him square in the nuts for supporting them. Seriously people, us Aspies and Autistics are people too, think about it, if we didnt exist, would you have all of this great technology, wich is all around us? Serioulsy, think about it non-neurotypicals, where would you be without us?

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      Autism: The Eusocial Hominid Hypothesis


      ASDs (autism spectrum disorders) are hypothesized as one of many adaptive human cognitive variations that have been maintained in modern populations via multiple genetic and epigenetic mechanisms. Introgression from "archaic" hominids (adapted for less demanding social environments) is conjectured as the source of initial intraspecific heterogeneity because strict inclusive fitness does not adequately model the evolution of distinct, copy-number sensitive phenotypes within a freely reproducing population.

      Evidence is given of divergent encephalization and brain organization in the Neanderthal (including a ~1520 cc cranial capacity, larger than that of modern humans) to explain the origin of the autism subgroup characterized by abnormal brain growth.

      Autism and immune dysfunction are frequently comorbid. This supports an admixture model in light of the recent discovery that MHC alleles (genes linked to immune function, mate selection, neuronal "pruning," etc.) found in most modern human populations come from "archaic" hominids.

      Mitochondrial dysfunction, differential fetal androgen exposure, lung abnormalities, and hypomethylation/CNV due to hybridization are also presented as evidence.

    • anonymous 5 years ago


    • anonymous 5 years ago

      It really bugs me in that one commercial with Dee Snyder and Gene Simmons they compare it to Cystic Fibrosis and two other disease (I forget) that are FATAL. Totally not the same thing, wrong thing to compare to.

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      I worked with autism speaks twice as a volunteer...hated it so bad I will never volunteer again I wont even try to donate again. I seen first hand how its money money then kids:( they claim to dump somuch money in to things but it dosnt benifit me or anyone I know or dont know ,does anybody know of someone that Autism speaks has helped personaly?

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      We all have dreams, loves, hopes, and fears. I thought I noticed this crap going down in high school. Turns out it was much earlier, when I was LITTLE. I saw this DUMBASS commercial that mentioned a child with autism AND a car wreck in one sitting. I automatically KNEW that was a GOD DAMN LIE. What I managed to "piece" together sounded like carbon monoxide that just turned kids into vegetables that sat on the floor doing nothing. Sounds stupid, doesn't it?

      Life is HARD as hell by itself, these dumb shits just broke the camel's back.

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      These are 2 very extreme choices, I'm addressing both sides..

      First, just because you have autism doesn't mean you get to speak for everyone diagnosed.There is obviously a spectrum.You were blessed to be an aspie,who can vocalize your thoughts and feelings. Second,you don't have an child yourself,so it's easy for you to condemn parent that can admit it's not all fun and games. I for one am NOT about a "cure". I am also not about to say that parents with low functioning children are "poor and pathetic" because they're only human and get discouraged because they literally ARE struggling: Emotionally and defiantly financially. Before you go name calling,you first have to walk in their shoes.You haven't! Okay,so if it's autism speaks you have a problem with,then address it.Not the parents. I'm sorry aspie's aren't more celebrated,but there are many other sides to autism. I say if you want to give money,you should donate locally,to your hospitals.Give your own communities funds for therapy,and research. .. I'm sorry if you feel offended,but the way to change peoples minds is not show the same kind of hatred,you MUST educate,and have a little understanding that not everyone will get it.

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      Wow, there are a lot of angry parents commenting on this article. I want to point out a fine distinction between parents of children and the mommies that seem so common, especially within Autism Speaks. Lots of parents are just trying to do their best to help their child, finder what is best for them, hoping their child will be able to grow up happy and healthy. Then there are the mommies who use their child's disability as a testament to their own strength and proof of how great a mother they are. This isn't limited to women, I have seen daddies too. You know the type: the woman who announces to everyone she sees in the grocery store that her daughter has autism or the parent who makes a big deal out of every little difference their child has. Don't get me wrong. My son has autism and I get tired and I sometimes wonder where the stim stops and his personality begins. But we try to keep his diagnosis on a need to know basis, untile he is ready to let people know what he is going through. I am not saying it is easy, but some parents make it more about themselves and not about what their child needs.

      I think parents need to advocate for their children, but by all means step back when they grow into adults. There is no need for non autistic people to be running the show. Autism Speaks represents a viewpoint that I cannot get behind.

      Also, to the sibling who posted on the site, I feel for you. I may not show your extreme viewpoints, but I resented my disabled brother when I was younger. It will work out. You will move out and become your own person. You may want to check into a sibling support group. is a good one. I wish I knew about something like that when I was growing up.

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      Stop making my job harder. Advocating for an intelligent kid in a public school is already difficult today. Myths stereo typed fueled by money still ignorant people is wrong. I adore my son, now a teen, I accept the challenge I am a MOM! Damn it. Stop raising money in the name of my child's challenge unless you send me a f*cling check! There should be some royalty on this talent. You Assholes.

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      My 5 year old son is non-verbal but he is loving and smart. being a mom is hard.My oldest is not on the Spectrum. I had to find out what works for both of them. I love both my kids and would never, never change them. I would change all the a-holes who fill they can judge my son. There is nothing wrong with how he is.

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      I will be protesting Autism $peaks yet again. Their money leaves the community, and does not go to help the children. They consistently spend less than 4% of their money on services for Autistic children. That's in addition to the fact that they waste so much money on research whose primary purpose is to find genetic causes of Autism so fetuses with these genes can be aborted in advance. Only problem is, look at the twin studies, and the family studies on genetic. Twin studies show that 90% of identical twins will both be on the spectrum... but 30% of those IDENTICAL twins will be High Functioning Autistic/Asperger's, while their co-twin is severely affected. How about trying to figure out how that works, since obviously it must be EPIGENETIC, rather than simply genetic? And family studies show that the genetic "abnormalities" found in Autistics - mostly series of genetic deletions or additions - are also found in relatives who are NOT diagnosed with an ASD, but are gifted architects, engineers, computer programmers, and etc. So fine, kill us off... and you'll kill off a majority of potential Einsteins, Bill Gates, and so on. You'll make humanity that much poorer as a species.

      And MOST Autistics are for interventions that will help our children speak. What, you thought we couldn't have them? Think again. About a quarter of the adults in a support group I run have children, some of them came to us after their children were diagnosed and the doctor was giving mom or dad "the eye" for Autism too. Obviously, we would be FOR research that was actually devoted to finding ways to help our children with communication, sensory processing disorder, GI problems, metabolic disorders, and so on. But that's not what Autism $peaks is spending their money on. To use an historical analogy, they want to take the nuclear option to the whole island of Japan so there's no need for a Marshall Plan. If the USA had done that, the charges of genocide and retribution would have left world maps looking significantly different than they do today. Open your eyes about Autism $peaks.

    • Lemming13 5 years ago

      I have an autistic son, and I hate Autism Speaks too. Yes, sometimes it can be hard dealing with his problems but hell, what child doesn't have problems than can be tough? He and others like him don't need selfish, ignorant and self-pitying prats presenting them as burdens or monsters. I'm glad in the UK we have the National Autistic Society - the name may not be marketing friendly, but it makes sense and means something.

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      Look at what is so great here...parents are reconnecting to children, slowing down, paying attention to their bodies, using a positive reinforcement program vs. consequences, letting the child take the lead, getting adults to play through play therapy, reducing false dependencies of vaccines, becoming more concerned for the environment, and on and on! The children are the salvation and hope we have waited for..corny as is seems, so true in my heart. They will lead us to a better time and place because of one simple fact, they are autistic and free enough from judgement just because they simply could give a rats behind if their purpose and path screws up your plans. This time around, they have no need to live in fear of not belonging to the group. We have been stuck here for too, in fear for survival in a box. Life does not live in a box, we are overcrowded and need to let go of things that no longer work, why do you think they spin things for us....they are showing you what life does...moves around and around..always evolving and regenerating to survive! The disability becomes the cure, duality is balanced. My son is my greatest teacher. He is five years old.

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      One more thing, for those who aren't quite awake yet...there is nothing wrong with autistic other than the label factor. The mustard seeds have arrived!

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      Anybody actually see first hand where this money is spent, does it ever get to families. Autism is here for a good reason, I hope these controllers expose themselves as much as they can...times up, thanks for the good publicity, hate to see you go now, but love to watch you leave the as we take the steering wheel back. We are in a win win situation ...let the good truth come on down/

    • Bambi Watson 5 years ago

      As an Autistic person I say that Autism Speaks does not speak for us, it is evil, so please do not give them money or any kind of support

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      any mother that thinks their child needs to be "mentally treated" is not na good mother. and also the concept of human beings needing to be "treated mentaly" to be "normal" is eugenics

    • nuestraherencia 6 years ago

      I couldn't agree more! I am sick and tired of hearing both charities & parents complain and use the "poor me" to get monies and services that many times benefit only the parents...oh, I need hospice...because I need a break...well, you should've thought about that before you became a parent...I am with my awesome autistic son 24/7...yes, I homeschool and have no relatives to baby sit...I am with him 24/7...and it's not as bad as any of these parents make it out to be...they truly just want free money for themselves!

    • Heidi 6 years ago from Benson, IL

      I've been warned off about Autism Speaks. There's plenty of autism-related charities out there that are worth supporting and this isn't one of them. Thanks for making a Lens about it.

    • anonymous 6 years ago

      Autism Speaks does not speak for Me. :)

    • anonymous 6 years ago

      I have Aspergers. I'm VERY pissed about the video. Autism Is not Demons or horrible things. And theres no way there can be a cure! Even if they found a cure. I'M NOT TAKING THE CURE. I like who I am. I can CLEARLY speak for myself.

    • MargoPArrowsmith 6 years ago

      Well, I think that autistics should speak, but 'evil' is a little over the top.

    • BetsiGoutal1 6 years ago

      I wouldn't *quite* say evil, but yep I pretty much hate them. I mean, I think parents should have a platform to stand up and say "hey, this sucks - not just for my kids, but for me" because there is validity to that. I have Asperger's, as do my two siblings, as well as my late father. And it sucked. For all of us, in a lot of ways especially for my mom. What gets to me is the way Autism Speaks is THE major autism non-profit people know of, and the name is misleading. Sure, Parents Of Autistics Speaks isn't as catchy, and again I think they have every right to say their piece on the subject, but seriously, don't call it Autism Speaks. Everyone's autism experience is different, whether that have autism or care for a child - or adult - with autism. It's a very complex disorder and they give the impression that it's not, and that it's only every a bad thing. There are ways in which my autism (high-functioning, admittedly) rocks. I can focus in ways most people can't and am MORE articulate than many people I know, even with body language and facial expression, because I've had to work harder for it than many folks. And they say WE see things in black and white terms - why can't Autism Speaks see that autism isn't just a 100% hellish nightmare for everyone affected by it?

    • anonymous 6 years ago

      As an autistic, I agree! I hate the video âI am Autismâ as it demonizes what we are. Is says false statements, such as âif you're happily married, I will make sure that failsâ which is nonsense and parents of NT's marrage fails too.

      Look, Autism Speaks, we autistics are people who have stuff to say, and not battlegrounds. Please listen to us and respond to it.

    • anonymous 6 years ago

      You wanna know something? Autism Speaks is not my voice, that's what! I am a human being. Weird, huh? I can speak for myself and make coherent decisions, even weirder! Why? I am Autistic (Asperger's). I laugh at funny jokes, I listen to music but hate rap, I am in the gifted program and have been since 2nd grade, I read for fun, I play a sport, I go to school, I wear the uniform, I have good days and bad days, I wasn't vaccinated(Oh My! Can it be?), I have friends, I have a beau, I am a teenager. Talk of a cure is scary! What if in high school someone was to take you aside and say,"Here is this cure, it will make you think in a completely different way, but we'll think you're normal!" I honestly, fervently and passionately hope this never happens to me 'cause I might cry. Right there. Not out of joy, out of fear. Oh, one more thing, if you couldn't tell, I have a fairly coherent understanding of sarcasm. All you curebies who may or may not read this, this is my honest-to-goodness opinion('cause I have one of those too). Please tdo not donate to Autism Speaks, they are scary.

    • anonymous 6 years ago

      Autism Speaks does not now and will never speak for my son!! He is a wonderful, intelligent, unique individual and i wouldn't want to change a thing about him. What needs to change in my view is the lack of appropriate supports and suitable educational environments.

    • anonymous 6 years ago

      I have mild function Autism, I have a lot of complications but I would still never give money to Autism Speaks.

    • anonymous 6 years ago

      I've never really liked Autism Speaks (there, I can't even use the acronym since it's AS. Aaah!!) ever since I read that they think that Autism is a contagious disease. That theory is right up there with Lizards for presidents and aliens teaching us how to make crops if you ask me. I quite frankly like the fact that I'm different from most people, and while it does mean I'm often on a different staircase, at least I can make people laugh in unexpected ways.

    • anonymous 6 years ago

      I'm diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, but I have no idea what Autism Speaks is. I used to read a lot of nasty stuff about them on Wrong Planet. They don't sound like very nice people, from what I've read!

    • anonymous 6 years ago

      this new video is disgusting, I'm glad I wasn't the only one that was appalled by the first video of the women who said she wanted to drive off the bridge with her daughter, I wondered why social services didn't come in to take both daughters away from her, can't stand autism speaks, i heard they paid jerry seinfeld an enormous amount of money to appear at a fundraiser, so disgusting for both autism speaks and jerry seinfeld(like he doesn't have enough money)

    • anonymous 7 years ago

      WE are autism: We are talented, unique individuals who just have our own ways of thinking and perceiving the world.

      WE are autism: we are not monsters or demons, nor are we something to be cured from, instead we are people who just want to be accepted like everyone else.

      Take THAT, Autism Speaks!

    Think of the Children Parents! Those poor, pathetic Parents!

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      • anonymous 3 years ago

        I've got autism - and I do NOT have a problem with Autism Speaks. Autistic people don't have some sort of immunity to the increased toxins, or whatever all it is in our environment that's weakening people in general and causing an increase in severity of all sorts of disabilities. Think of the poor autistic children - they aren't functioning highly (A LOT of them!) and they are NOT getting to have friends (A LOT of them!) and they are being neglected at every turn including by their parents who've been burnt to the ground by all the promises of hope they get and work they put into getting a little help so they are not alone - only to have it all be lies and more effort on their part than the worth of the services and so were TRICKED into harming their child by NEGLECT. Really people, what do you think drives a parent to do a murder suicide ??? Back to the toxins, autistic population of children are harmed by it more severely than neurotypical population - duh! And like blindness - autism IS a disability! Without blindness, a blind person is suddenly sight dependent just like everyone else, but hey pretty nice to have eyesight isn't it ??? Without my autism, my brain wouldn't be forced to do the gymnastics it does to function - and I suppose get to live life more on heuristics or something; but it's pretty nice to function without having your brain need to do gymnastics isn't it ??? (I think I somewhat know by comparing it to what's easy for me vs. the stuff others find to be so easy and then I get to feel so stupid because I know it ought to be easy but is sure is NOT!!! I'll bet it'd be a blessing to suddenly be a neurotypical similar to a blind person gaining sight. There have been experiments that have shown autistic brains to be trained to temporarily function like a neurotypical! But, it may have only been working on one particular feature of autism, and may not have worked globally. If social outcry would DEMAND that services NOT be withheld from autistic children and adults (I'm talking basic stuff, not handouts - the stuff anyone is entitled to, regular free public services anyone is entitled to) then parents would NOT be doing murder suicides and parents would NOT be contemplating aborting (murdering) unborn babies. DUH!

      • anonymous 3 years ago

        I am supportive of any organization that will work on prenatal autism screening!

      • anonymous 4 years ago

        Autism is a burden on everyone in a 100ft radius. Do something wrong and they start yelling, kicking and screaming. They cost 1 million dollars in their lifetime. Per person.

        Also this comment will likely be removed since autists love to circlejerk.

      • KatyaKandy 4 years ago

        I can't take a side. My son is autistic and autism speaks helps with doing research. it also helps other parents get involved. My friend's husband and 2 children are autistic and he donates to autism speaks. In my area people are not upset about this they are very thankful. Yes, autism children and adults have a mind of their own. But there are so many different kinds of autism. there is also nonverbal so a parent needs to help speak for them.

      • anonymous 4 years ago

        I'm not just against Autistic Speaks, I am against all of this stupidity. I read comments from people on this post that claim to have Autism. Many of you don't consider yourself to be normal, this is B******* people!!! YOU are normal! Why do we have to be diagnosed with anything? I am so glad that I was not diagnosed with anything. Looking back to my childhood, with current Autism awareness crap I would have been diagnosed as Autistic. At the age of 23 I could not write a single sentence correctly. I didn't have a diagnosis of Autism to blame for my failures. Do you know what I did? I worked my A** off!!! Parents want their child to be diagnosed with Autism because they are lazy, bad parents! I am sick and tired of listening to parents, and grandparent claim that their child or grandchild is autistic. It has become popular fashion, like it isn't cool to not have a child that is Autistic. Yes, there are people with real problems with Autism that need help, and instead all of the money is going to families that have children that are "in the spectrum of". If your child is in the spectrum of, the parenting part doesn't change. Every child needs appropriate nurturing to develop and grow. My extremely lazy brother-in-law uses Autism as an excuse for his children. The parents of both of my nephews leave their children to entertain themselves all day, with little to zero interaction. My poor nephews both have diagnosis of Autism, and their anti-social behavior is considered proof. One of my nephews looks like a malnourished Ethiopian. The parents excuse? "Because of his Autism, he is oppositional, and he won't eat foods like normal children" I have another brother-in-law that is dyslexic, and his mother has him convinced that he has a learning disability. He has become a lazy 35 year old bum that sits around at home, dreaming about becoming a comic book artist (even though he is a crap artist), and refusing to get a job. The parents that invent problems for their children are pathetic! You are lazy! You all make me sick! People that have been diagnosed with Autism, believe in yourselves, please! If you feel you can't get a relationship because of a condition, stop! I was never diagnosed with a problem, yet I suffered for 10 years! I worked hard, I learnt to be comfortable in my own shin, I increased my intellectual ability by working harder, I hit the gym hard to sculpt a better appearance, and I performed on stage in amateur theater to learn how to capture the attention of others. I stopped making excuses and worked hard for success. My biggest concern about this Autism awareness crap is that school teachers may attempt to diagnose my own child with a problem, because school teachers are lazy and want to blame the children in their class for the fact that they are poor at teaching to a variety of children. What is the point of diagnosing children with being in the spectrum of Autism? The answer is simple, after these children have spent their whole lives hating themselves for having this condition, they will likely suffer with depression and then spend the rest of their lives on antidepressants. The drug companies win! Think about it, why would any business put money into research without financial return? This is not how business works. Pharmaceuticals make more money by presenting an argument and creating a need for more money to be spent. Pharmaceutical companies have used funds to market a need for drugs, and it is them that have educated all of us into their way of thinking. There is no market in proving no action is needed, so basically all we have is the argument for Autism awareness with no argument against their findings. I read a report showing that a child diagnosed with being in the spectrum of Autism create costs to the government (taxpayer) of $2.3 million dollars for lifetime treatment!!! All these companies have to do is ruin your child's life to get their greedy hands on that money. Wake up people!!! If your child was really suffering with REAL Autism, you will know there is a problem without anyone having to diagnose anything. Over 1 million children in the USA have been diagnosed. With this the government cannot continue with the loss in this money pit and funding will be pulled. So if you are a lazy parent that wants to pointlessly diagnose your child with a problem, please prepare an apology statement to the parents of children with real autism because they will no longer get the help they need for their children!!!

      • anonymous 4 years ago

        I am not against autistics, but i have a deep inbound hatred for the ones i refer to as "moaning corpses".

        All of this is because i developed this hatred when using a service that supported autism speaks, which led me to have this undenyable hatred.

        In my opinion, if you can't open a can, with a can opener, within 1 day at age 20, you don't deserve to live.

        (not counting those unable to move limbs)

      • anonymous 4 years ago

        i am a high fuctioning auti., nvr spoke much but knew all the words. once i put my mind to school after being bullied, it was the best thing ever. i am highly intelligent and value education and self teaching. but am now the parent of twin girls, one who is moderately affected who has the mono tone anti-social stereotypical behavior, and one who is mildly affected, some anti-social, but otherwise great in school. my thing is that if autism speaks never done those commercials i would have never know my daughter was autistic, i just thought she was just extremely shy. so yes there is some cases who are textbook examples such as my daughter... i am kinda glad they gave me the resources to get her to see the doctors she needed in order for her dianosis to happen. i never thought in a million years we would be diagnosed as we are but am forever thankful there are people out there doing there research...i don't care for a cure cuz it wont do nothing now but hopefully those commericals keep airing so people are made more aware of their children...and for those of you getting overwhelmed i suggest take time out for yourself, have some you time, have your kid stay at a trusted friend's house or be creative and have fun with them while having their friends over, it makes all the difference...i know my daughter will never be able to live on her own but im in it for the long haul...and whoever said euthanasia should go help people with autism before making that statement, they are people too...

      • anonymous 4 years ago

        For these unfortunate creatures, at least the ones with severe autism - Euthanasia. That is all I am saying.

      • anonymous 4 years ago

        I have Autism. I wish that it can be cured. I hate it. It is a horrible burden. I have problems developing healthy relationships. It is hindered me from getting promoted at work. I HATE AUTISM! It is a horrible burden. It is not a just a different neuro profile. IT IS A DISEASE! Yes, I wish they can find the autism gene. Being autistic for 29 years really sucks. The only man I can find to have a relationship with me is 27 years older than me. I couldn't find people my own age who would date me ever. I walked on my toes throughout my childhood and was made fun of. Yes, I was made fun of on a daily basis.

      • anonymous 4 years ago

        on the other hand, parents with low functioning autistic kids(the ones that suffer from mental retardation OR harm to themselves and others) need professional help or therapy. The kids need to be understood, not forced to act "normal". from the video, the parents were dragging their kids around, giving them no respect or regards. I think that the parents need to be a positive influence to their kids. The parents have a responsibility to raise the child in the way that best suits him/her. All of the kids had an intelligent look in their eyes, or is it just me? The parents need to stop re-enacting their own childhood and upbringing and focus on what needs to be done now. My main message to the parents of autistic children is to stop treating them like retarded lowlife homosapiens and stop using stereotypes to judge a person's future behaviors. You don't need a charity to do your job as a parental figure, just trained profesionals who know what they're doing and your own sense of right and wrong.

        from experience and observation

        I hope that sounded intelligent as I am in middle school.

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        Im Autistic, since my childhood i worked hard to be like normal peapole. What i mean is that i can normally communicate with the society. Its very important to me, i want to have a normal life i won' t be good in a domain but i can't have friends. Because if it happen like that i will feel like a fck robot. I have very mutch talent on informatic and vehicule mecanic. Til now i haven't got a real friend. Im 16 year old

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        The controversy arises from the fact that high functioning autistic people or aspie people, who oppose autism speaks are highly intelligent and don't appreciate being regarded as unable to advocate for themselves or being regarded as a "project" or "case" or burden for others. However low functioning autistic people can be much more impaired and need an advocacy group and it is only natural that it would be made up of the parents and caregivers. I have high functioning autistic children and I never have told anyone about their alleged diagnoses (the "spectrum" aspect makes any "diagnostic definition" very relative and subjective) unless they were being unfairly treated. I never wanted them to think they were less capable or less normal, but it is an always doubtful and 2nd-guessing proposition for a parent, how do I know it did not hurt them to be faced with relatively normal expectations? Struggles through adolescence, particularly, were/are monumental. But for most part it is up to my kids to decide how they want to address the subject. Even my "normal" kids have shadow syndromes (as do my husband and myself) of the more affected siblings, the spectrum is so graduated, how do you decide where it crosses the line from quirk into autism? What I have tended to see is seen is no happy medium: a more classically autistic child suffers from the low expectations that are held for him, while an aspergers child suffers from the high expectations that are held for him.

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        Person-first language is a cute word trick, but I can use rhetorical devices too, and they would be far less deceitful.

        I vote for identity-always language! For self-respect first language! I say I am Autistic!

        I spit upon assimilation first language which insists that we must all eithger be NTs or retards. That is inflammatory, and is just a new form of racism for thugs to exploit.

        I am not a person 'with' autism just like a Chinese man isn't a man with Chineseness. It's crass, banal and is the belief of people who would prefer we are all perfect, soulless husks.

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        Oh and also the puzzle piece thing is absolutely ridiculous for someone to be offended by. Again, nobody called autistic people a puzzle by making the puzzle piece a symbol for autism. It means AUTISM is a puzzle nobody has quite figured out. Again, dumbass.

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        Don't be f***ing stupid. Autism sucks. Like Ness "Kage" Prower says, there is an overwhelming need for ways to manage autism, including funding for poor people to send their children to therapy and including research to figure out if it's possible to eliminate autism. And don't you DARE tell me that "therapy is just a way for parents to continue

        denying their children the freedom to be who they are" and "trying to fix them is insulting". THOSE kinds of statements are insulting to the struggles people with autism and those their related to and are around have to deal with twenty-four hours a day. If you knew anything about autism, you would KNOW that it SUCKS, and without good guidance and therapy you're often JAILED in your body and mind aren't free in the FIRST place to really be yourself and show the world who you are. Einstein is a HORRIBLE way to think of autism, and it shows a complete ignorance to what really goes on with the disorder. Sure, people with autism and asperger's occasionally say they wouldn't change who they were (some say they WOULD though)-- but they don't mean that given a chance they would make their lives easier! Autism is not "who" they are, it's something really crappy they have to handle.

        I also think it's stupid that I have to choose one of two answers to "side" with. No, autism speaks is not evil, and yes people with autism are people. In fact that was one of my major points, autism is never "who" someone is and it's unfair as fuck to treat them as such and speak of them as such. How ironically inhumane.

        Effing dumbass.

        I have asperger's by the way.

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        I admit that I question the actions of the organization Autism Speaks. They do some nice things like the walks, the PSAs of the statistics, support of movies about autism like the Temple Grandin movie and the group of kids that put on a musical. I do think the science and research bit is a fraud. All of the money they spend on research and it all blames the mom or dad in some pathetic way. So,yes, I do think Autism Speaks is wrong. But they are doing some good things at the same time. And the puzzel piece? What is wrong with that? We are all puzzels. Some of us just of different shaped pieces that are hard to find or see to understand. I don't support Autism Speaks, but I am not completely aganst them either. I do like the Golden Hat Foundation thought and support it 100%.

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        The lack of person-first language and a general ignorance regarding true evidence-based research surrounding the causes of autism within this forum are frustrating to say the least. Do more research, and learn how to speak about others, children or individuals with autism should have a voice and a name. No one should be labeled by a diagnosis, no matter what the condition. Regardless of how you feel about an organization, practice better person-first language.

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        I am just learning about my sons diagnosis of autism and i have been researching it and you know what I think, I think the doctor is wrong but I am still weary of it and I would love to participate in a chairity and gather more information about this "autism" and I will not pick a side

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        I don't like this website because now my entire projest is in danger of this. thanks.....

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        The first time a parent is told that their child has Autism will be a moment that they never forget.

        You talk to doctors, nurses, child-care specialists, positive parenting groups â anyone who can help you find the key to your childâs behaviour. And finally, itâs confirmed: your child is diagnosed with Autism.

        Letâs help you. Visit our site:

        It is vital at this difficult time in your childâs life that you put aside your fears and anger so that you can realise this one important truth: you are the key to your childâs future.

        Take action now:

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        Autism Speaks is not evil. They care and they want to help out the people with autism. My brother being autistic is enough for me to know that these family members are doing it for the right reasons. I don't know how anyone could sit there and degrade such a helpful organization. You clearly don't know anything they do for the people with autism.

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        Autism Speaks is not evil. They care and they want to help out the people with autism. My brother being autistic is enough for me to know that these family members are doing it for the right reasons. I don't know how anyone could sit there and degrade such a helpful organization. You clearly don't know anything they do for the people with autism.

      • rachelkeslensky 5 years ago

        Leana: I will be more than happy to promote other charities and groups that actually assist current Autistics, as I'm made aware of them.

        Also, if you don't want to pick a side in order to voice your opinion, there's a more neutral "feedback" section a little further down the page.

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        This article sounds ridiculous. It also sounds like you work for either The ASDN or The DMF and you're just trying to promote those two. It's ridiculous that grown people can't just be happy that others are helping these children.

        How ridiculous! You can't even post an opinion without "taking a side". What are we? 1st graders?

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        I think that Autism Speaks is a wonderful organization, for spreading knowledge. I live in Missouri, where the current rate is actually 1 child in every 72 has autism. I also have the wonderful experience of living within 20 miles of a Thompson Center for Autism. I do not believe it is an illness that needs to be cured. I delight in the way my son sees the world, even though he still has trouble putting it into words. I believe as he gets older and extends his vocabulary, that will change. I prefer to look at it the other way around. There is so much noise in our world, everything is so big, and loud, and bright, that it can be hard to tune it out. They tell me my son has PDD because he can't hop on one foot, and has poor balance, but he can climb a counter, and get in the cupboard above the stove. He knows how to build suspension bridges for his trains, so I don't consider it a disorder. I think the rest of society has simply become desensitized to the things around us. Our autistic children are special, and we need to learn how to operate on their level. I had to laugh, because I had a meeting at school, and the therapist is concerned that my child doesn't socialise with his own peers, he prefers to spend time with his aide. My sister commented that maybe he just prefers the mental stimulation that adults can offer, and it took her until she was 14 before she could dumb down to get along with kids her own age.

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        Autism Speaks is an awesome organization that raises the most money for Autistic research. There name is out there more than any other organization just getting the world educated on Autism. What are you talking about every Autisic family you know hates the charity? You sound ridiculous. Are you really involved with many families dealing with Autism? I have never met a family that hated a charity that raised awareness for something they were dealing with. Autism Speaks is wonderful & should be supported fully!

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        I am a proud mom of three Autistic sons. They are 7,6 & 4. We also have a 3 yr old daughter. They are the light of my life. My husband and I are dedicated to preparing them for the future. Yes it is very difficult at times, but what in life isn't? It makes me sick as a parent listening to these whining parents. If it is so hard for you, what about them? Murder/suicide, are you f_en serious! Maybe that woman shouldn't have kids at all. We have 4 kids and love them and wouldn't trade anyone of them for the world. So please stop feeling sorry for yourself and appreciate a gift that god was generous to give you!

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        I thank you to help making people more aware of possible issues.

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      • anonymous 5 years ago

        i have the asperger syndrom we aspies are not evil either are we deamons or criminals im a freshmen and i am a inteligant person like aspies can be. i am happen to know about military history and think of commercials and think about making movies and books of my own. if people thinks that autistic kids and people are evil well who is the real evil one the one's who say this autistic kid is a deamon every body makes a sin even i do but yall don't know the asperger syndromes did and made more money than yall people saying there deamons.

        Bill Gate creator of microsoft computers

        albert einstein known for being one of the smartest people on earth

        george washington 1st president of the united states

        so people if you think they are evil cause of there behavier and the way the are of struggling through social life and going through hell in life. but we are intelligent we are humans and we are creative at things. like me i am planning on going to be a fighter jet pilot in the USAF and after 30 years im starting a beusines. thats all i have to say.

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        I have a brother with that and were twins but I hate my brother. I dont think its fair I have to do all the work and my brother just eats all day and all of my friends say I should be nicer to him, but I just cannot take it anymore. For 12 years I did great things but my parents dont even care about my accomplishments, they just spend the whole day with my brother who is only 5 minutes older then me.And Im the one that has to carry 20 pounds everyday to school so why dont they care (its really 20 pounds-I weighed it)

        CAN SOMEONE HELP-Should I be nicer to my brother ? Or just talk to my

        parents about this and see if they will help

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        I have an autistic brother, and all I can say is: I hate him. I hate him with a passion.

        He knows right from wrong, he knows whats socially acceptable, and he knows how to act normal but he just....doesn't... have you ever gone outside with a socially retarded piss-smelling 12 year old before? I have, and do almost every day of my life. thank go I go to a different highschool than him.

        I don't care what you say, I don't care what you think. I don;t hate him for his autism, I hate him for him. I hate all mentally retarded (actual term.) people who use their disability as a reason to act out of the ordinary, when they no whats right and wrong in a social environment.

        I feel bad for parents everywhere to deal with this crap. I'm adopting when I'm older so I won't have to have a chance at having an autistic child. plus I'm gay so not like i'll be reproducing any ways.

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        Poor, pathetic parents?? Really? I devote 24/7 to my children, both a NT and one on the spectrum, and wantin whatever may be best for them makes me a "poor pathetic parent"? You obviously are articulate and verbal to say you can speak for yourself... but my 4 yo non-verbal does not speak for himself, see, that's where this "poor, pathetic parent" comes in to play. I speak for him, like it or not. In your opinion, us "poor, pathetic parents" should allow autistics to speak for themselves, but how do you suggest a 4 yo nonverbal should go about that? You are poor and pathetic, for not finding a more constructive way of getting your point across. Should an adult who is mentally on a childs level be able to speak for themselves? Basing all decisions on a childs preference, rather than what is best for them? Or are they not blessed to have a "poor pathetic parent" help them with their decisions? You are quite offensive, and just as you did others, I am sure you will turn this around to something I have done wrong, but I will not care, as I will not be back to a site that has this outlook. You should thank God for your "poor pathetic parents" who raised you, looked out for you, loved you, did what they felt best for you, sacrificed for you. This is something parents do for all their children, not just their ones on the spectrum. Poor choice of words, poor poor choice of words.

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        Sorry for the double post. Just thought I'd tell people to ignore the admin stuff I posted it on facebook as "Autism isn't brain damage" people can ignore it

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        People like Autism speaks, and cure for autism are frauds...They claim to understand and sympathize. But they take what people see, and what parents complain about and turn it into a nice big lie, basically stating that apparently I am brain damaged for autistic children don't have the same brain patterns as Neurotypical children. Has anyone really even considered my autism? Did anyone ever ask "IS this how you feel, is this how an autistic feels?" NO They take the extremest cases, the parents that can't handle it and turn it into an argument that there need's to be a cure..that there needs to be a way to stop this "epidemic" for it's "spreading" I for one enjoy being autistic. Other then the social bad mouthing i get for what? not wanting to listen to stupid jerks that decide that I am not socially acceptable? To hear that I need to make eye contact? That I have to act like I am having a good morning if someone is saying hi or good morning. That I have to return the greeting? i am sick and tired of this kind of crap. My mom never let me look up this kind of stuff..not until i was sixteen..and then I started turning up these sights with these "poor, and dealing, struggling" parents with autistic children. I for one can look in the mirror and see that I am more then some brain damaged epidemic that apparently want to cure my disease that is spreading?

        I for one go against all these things. There are some Autistic sites that are actually run by other Aspurger adults such as myself. I show my full support behind my Brother's and sisters of this "horrible suffering disease". Everything I have quoted was off of those sites in one way or another.

        I am sick of it all. and I hope as my friends and any fellow Aspurger's out there. That we stick together. We pull through this insaneness we call society. They take so much time drilling us on proper social behavior, they don't second guess what they are doing is detrimental, degrading in the slightest for they are "trying to help" Trying to help us be social? Isn't the USA home of the free? I don't feel very free..especially back when I had to attend and if I didn't. I had to sit out of class half the time. Missing important information for assignments and I talk to my teachers? "to bad" basically is their reply, one or two maybe giving me the benefit of the doubt..but Social groups show me that I should be friendly with everyone, to be nice and not show my grimace, to not show my expressions anything society apparently feels unworthy? Why do Autistics get singled out? there's so many people that sit alone at tables. I guess their brains are to valuable to condition as I see it.

        I appreciate everyone who stays or invites others. or asks to become admin so they can do so ^_^ Thank you for your time if you read all this and for understanding the crazy crap that's going on without much notice..

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        Adding onto Gabe's comment: It was eugenics that started Word War II, but they don't tell you that in history class.

      • anonymous 6 years ago

        I have to say that Autism Speaks has done some good for autism. As a mother of a son with wautism, and as a nruse I do feel that Autism Speaks and the National autism organizations are not doing enough to help people with autism, or their parents. We shiould never, I mean never hear of parents killing their kids because are autistic, or about autistic children getting lost.

        My goal with Optimal healthcare Solutions is to help parents with everyday issues related to autism.

      • anonymous 6 years ago

        Evil?!!! Is that how you think of autistic children!!!!

        I also wont come to this site if you talk about autistic kids that way

      • FrankChapman LM 6 years ago

        Pay no attention to the cat on my head. I have autism. I except it. It seems to be a greater problem for everyone else.

      • anonymous 6 years ago

        I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion, whether it be the parents or the auties themselves. I have natural triplets, all three are on the Spectrum - I wouldn't know them any other way. They are funny, eccentric, smart and loving, I am lucky to have them. Do I get frustrated at times? Sure. Do I wish they were without disabilities? At times, yes...but I don't think they notice or care as much as everyone else does. I think the word "cure" is up to ones interpretation. To me, the word "cure" symbolizes - answers. I want to know what collection of issues causes autism, no matter how many (vaccines, pesticides, pollutions, genetics, etc, etc,) . I also think that some just want something to fight or disagree with, this site is one of them. With every epidemic - someone milks the victims with over priced therapies/treatments, insurances deny the needed medical attention, groups advocate for answers and self proclaimed martyrs find fault in all of it.

      • anonymous 6 years ago

        Hey ass pies/ass burgers, you mad?

      • rachelkeslensky 8 years ago


        You seem very frustrated in general, and I imagine your son is much the same way if he is causing you this much grief. Surely you understand that not all parents with Autistic children are exactly like yourself, the same way your son is not like every other Autistic child. I apologize if the statement that Autistic children are often harmed by the same people who claim to be helping them bothers you -- strangely, you seem to echo my sentiment more than you think, especially in pointing out the school system's treatment of your child.

        ... That said, please seek some form of additional assistance / a second opinion on your home environment and your current treatment for your son immediately. Autism does not make people "attack" other people and do horrible things to them. If your son is lashing out at his environment / family, there must be an irritant within the house that is causing him significant trauma. It could be a bad odor, it could be the lighting (especially if it's fluorescent lighting vs. incandescent), it could be the music or a particular high-pitched noise made by a device your daughter regularly uses...

        These may seem like minor details, but for an Autistic person who is especially sensitive to certain stimuli, they can be torture.

        Ask your son what it is about his environment / sister that bothers him, or if this is not possible, observe his behavior to see what things he actively tries to avoid or seek out -- even if these are not directly correlated to his behavior / attacks, you may be able to figure out which sensory inputs he responds to and alter his environments accordingly. Your son will be happier for it, and I imagine that will make you happier as well.

      • anonymous 8 years ago

        wow. I really think you are being a bit tough on parents here. I myself am the parent of a wonderful bright son who happens to have Aspergers. I have no desire to change him and although I may make mistakes sometimes (as EVERY parent on EARTH makes because we are HUMAN too and ALL humans make mistakes) I DO think of my son first. Just because I want for him to have proper help in school because he was not functioning or learning and becoming EXTREMELY frustrated with teachers trying to force him to learn in a way he simply did not understand does NOT make me a demon, and just because my heart breaks FOR my son everytime he runs to his room and screams to me that he is lonely and just wishes he could know how to make friends does NOT make me a "poor pathetic parent!" It makes me a mother who LOVES her child with every fiber of her being and just wished that he didn't have to hurt! That is what you are seeing when you see parents so desperate. it isn't that they didn't get the child they is that they LOVE their child and any GOOD parent who loves their child and sees them having any form of difficulty and ESPECIALLY any form of pain will be desperate to take that pain away from her child! How DARE you turn a parent's love and concern and quite frankly frustration...not just at a child who is having a meltdown and peeing on himself in the middle of walmart because some alarm went off, but also the frustration that a parent has to go through dealing with the finincial responsibilities, wondering how on earth they are going to be able to hold it all together FOR their child who needs them. How DARE you turn a parent's concern and LOVE for their children into something selfish and wicked! You should be ASHAMED of yourself! Yes, I am aware that because of so many people's ignorance that my SON is the one who bares the burden of people trying to speak for him...but how dare you act as though parent's aren't going through this as well!!!! 2 years ago my son who was only 7 at the time was placed in a MENTAL hospital via his own SCHOOL because his teacher kept trying to make him do work in a way he didn't understand, he had a HUGE meltdown, ended up at the ER where they sent him to the state mental hospital for one week. During that time we were only allowed to see him once and we honestly didn't know WHEN we would ever see our child again or what horrible things were being done to him. We had to hire an attorney just to get him out! Do you SERIOUSLY think for one second that we had NO emotional envolvment in that situation?!?!?! Do you not think we were FURIOUS over how he was treated and felt completely out of control and helpless?!?! Do you SERIOUSLY think that the event I just spoke of didn't effect US as PARENTS in ANY WAY AT ALL?!?! Well are...INSANE!!! How dare you act like autism doesn't have an overwhelming effect on the parents...or how about my daughter who has had to deal with all sorts of horrible things that her brother has done to her BECAUSE of his autism?!? Do you think her life hasn't been directly effected?!

        I can assure you of one CERTAINLY aren't going to gather as many supports for your organization as you would like simply because of how utterly narrow minded you obviously are and how horribly cruel your ridiculous statements are! Do you not ralize that when you put down innocent people and attack people with your words the way you have on here that you might be doing some damage to your own cause?!

      • religions7 9 years ago

        I don't know the organisation 'autism speaks' well enough to know whether they are evil. The parents should get support in dealing with autistic children (and adults) - and wining may to some extent be part of THEIR healing process. After all - even if you love your kid, you would not have wanted it to turn out autistic.

        It does sound like funding should be directed more to actual help than to research on featuses.

        BTW: the non-verbal autistics ARE actually the majority. The smart asperger type is a minority amongst autistic people. Not saying they don't need help, just that - they don't represent autism.

      • anonymous 9 years ago

        Demonizing parents is just as stupid as demonizing autistic people. Both of them suffer tremendously, and one side's suffering isn't less valid than the other's.

      Think Autism Speaks has Changed? - Think again - New Video, "I Am Autism", is More of the Same!

      Earlier this year, Autism Speaks asked for several family-submitted clips of autistic individuals and their families for a video designed to "shine a spotlight" on Autism.

      ... And then here's what they did with the clips.

      Would YOU want yourself or your children associated with this kind of propaganda? Would you have submitted clips to these people if you knew they were going to do THIS with them?

      Read about Temple Grandin!

      Thinking in Pictures, Expanded Edition: My Life with Autism
      Thinking in Pictures, Expanded Edition: My Life with Autism

      As an individual with Autism (and an inspiration on several levels), Temple Grandin's story is a must read!


      Five Things Autism Speaks Must Do Before I'll Support Them - (Like that'll ever happen.)

      1. Stop referring to Autism as a "horrible burden". Okay, we get it, you're mostly made up of pissed-off parents. Stop giving 'em what they want to hear and start telling them "Okay, so your kids are Autistic. Are you going to help them become all they can be regardless of whatever difficulties they have, or are you going to sit here and whine about it?"
      2. Drop the 'Cure or Nothing' Attitude. Among Autistics, there is a special name for this -- a curebie -- that is basically a slur against folk who think that you can magically "remove" the Autism and find a healthy, normal person underneath. It doesn't work that way. The autism spectrum is a behavorial and sensory amalgamation of traits and quirks, and to remove those and replace them with "Non-Autistic" traits and quirks just isn't going to happen. And even if it could, it would basically be brainwashing on the most horrific scale you could think of.
      3. Recognize that Autistics who are articulate, verbal, and intelligent need help too. Autism Speaks defines a very narrow band of autism; namely, the one where a child seems to have been replaced by a "little demon" who can't speak, can't function, and is doomed to life sweeping floors for a living. Yes, there is a name for the smart, savvy kind of Autistic; it's called Asperger's Syndrome. That doesn't mean they have it any easier, and it certainly doesn't mean they're the 'cured' kind of Autistic.
      4. Start supporting Autistics that need the funding. In today's health care crisis, Autism is not funded by any major insurance companies. All treatments at this point are untested, unfounded, and costing hundreds of thousands of dollars to provide one-on-one learning, personal assistants, equipment that can stand up to abuse, not to mention whatever various medications these parents are testing out. If the money Autism Speaks spent on research and dissecting dead brain tissue -- to try to find a neonatal test they could apply in order to "filter out" Autistic fetuses -- were spent cushioning the costs of all these treatments and expenses, families would be a whole lot better off for it.
      5. Quit threatening lawsuits against everyone who so much uses the name "Autism Speaks" to criticize you! Okay, really now: threatening legal action against Autistic people who you KNOW aren't as socially (let alone legally) savvy enough to stand up to you otherwise? What's up with that? The only other group I know of that reacts even close to the same way when their name is brought up is the Church of Scientology. Now who wants to be associated with a money-grubbing, closely-guarded organization who refuses to listen to Psychiatrists and allows Autistics to rot on the vine without any treatment? ... Wait, which group was I talking about again?

      The Dan Marino Foundation - A Charity that gets it Right!

      The Dan Marino Foundation focuses on adult services, recognizing that chidren with Autism grow up to become adults with Autism, and as such donations go to treatment options, helping Autistic individuals seek employment, self-sufficiency, and enriching their lives!

      ... which, y'know, is what people living with Autism actually need, instead of endless fundraisers for "awareness" and long-term research.

      Still, if you're looking for a good Autism-based charity that's a solid alternative to Autism Speaks, the Dan Marino Foundation is a solid choice!

      Think Vaccines Cause Autism?

      Think Again! MMR Doctor fudges results to fake link between vaccines and autism!


      Sign the

      Autism Speaks: Don't Speak for Us


      Books on Autism from Amazon!

      (Note -- I'm not always sure which books on Autism are the best to provide. if you think any of the books listed below are offensive to Autistics, speak up so I can replace them with a more worthy book!)

      Has this lens opened your eyes? Is there something more I could add to it? Let me know!

      (no login necessary)

      Sound Off!

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        • profile image

          CristianStan 4 years ago

          I'm not sure who to believe at this moment. But the ideas you presented against it seem plausible

        • Shorebirdie profile image

          Shorebirdie 4 years ago from San Diego, CA

          Very interesting page, not just on Autism Speaks, but autism in general. I really liked reading the comments by people are are autistic. It's nice that know that many of them accept who they are.

        • Spiderlily321 profile image

          Spiderlily321 4 years ago

          Wow great information here! Thank you for sharing

        • profile image

          anonymous 5 years ago

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          anonymous 5 years ago

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        • profile image

          anonymous 5 years ago

          from our experience with a son with autism, some of the agencies there that are supposed to be helpful and supportive are the most devient and corrupt you'll ever find.

        • profile image

          ahmedaisar 5 years ago

          Another Important Lens! Very Informative Keep it uP!

        • Gypzeerose profile image

          Rose Jones 5 years ago

          Interesting lens, I will research further below I make any decisions.

        • profile image

          bryonetter 5 years ago

          Nice lens - please pleasze please like my and comment and i will return the favor.

        • Einar A profile image

          Einar A 5 years ago

          Thank you for this article. It's not a "disease" or even a "disorder," it's a way of being, and those who want to "cure" it would have everyone be the same. What a boring world that would be!

        • profile image

          anonymous 5 years ago

          Mark Rothmyr, the president of Autism Speaks makes $390,000.00 per year. Peter Bell makes $260,000.00, Geri Dawson Makes $456,000.00, Tom Hetzel makes $183,000.00, Patrick Kemp makes $227,000.00. The list goes on!!! Have you ever looked these people up online?? Look up their names! These are a bunch of bandits and thieves in the night preying on the hopes and dreams of others to finance their lavish lifestyle. Go to page 63 & 64 of this link:

        • DominicWoodfield profile image

          Dave Woodfield 5 years ago

          nice lens :) i wrote this article the other day about the difficulties of diagnosing autism: have a look if you're interested!

        • profile image

          SIALicenceUK 5 years ago

          Great lens very informative. Thumbs Up

        • mysticmama lm profile image

          Bambi Watson 5 years ago

          AQutism Speaks must be stopped! They are horrible & treat people with Autism like they are monsters rather than people ~ Please people do not give Autism Speaks any money or support, there are much better Autism organizations out there.

        • nuestraherencia profile image

          nuestraherencia 6 years ago

          Thanks for writing this. Every time an autistic speaks out, it helps ALL autistic children...much more than the "poor me" syndrome, let's get free this and free that which many parents who support Autism Speaks want...In their search to make people feel compassion for THEM, they are truly harming their children by making other people believe that having autism is the worse thing that can happen to any human being...sigh...Sorry, my pet peeve. I am so thankful that my son is awesome & autistic and the people whom I credit are the people from wrongplanet, not Autism Speaks.

        • Commandrix profile image

          Heidi 6 years ago from Benson, IL

          You might want to take a look at your Plexos; there seems to be some non-autism-related links in there. Otherwise, good Lens.

        • tandemonimom lm profile image

          tandemonimom lm 6 years ago

          I didn't realize there was a controversy around Autism Speaks. Very interesting. ** BLESSED ** and featured on Blessed by Tandemonimom!

        • EuroSquid LM profile image

          EuroSquid LM 6 years ago

          Interesting lens, very informative. I have given it an Angels blessing.

        • MargoPArrowsmith profile image

          MargoPArrowsmith 6 years ago

          Nice lens interesting argument. I heard about this first from an autistic client of mine. I suggested that she write a lens, but it just wasn't for her.

        • nenierhea profile image

          nenierhea 6 years ago

          For me there is no such term "Cure" in autism. I think they prefer "treatment" for that just like what Dr. Kurt Woeller's said. So if you want to know the different kinds of Autism Treatment, just visit his sites. There's no harm in visiting his site. In fact, you will get lots of information in the world of Autism.

        • profile image

          anonymous 7 years ago

          I pray to God That someone will give me a "decent job". I'm a hard worker and a a very professionally minded person. But, the waves my Autistic / Asperger personages gives off are immediatelly interpreted as not what a business wants.........................

          I don't know much about Autism Speaks. But, If they really do actually believe that those of us in the Autistic Spectrum aren't capable of thinking or speaking for ourselves. They'd really hate me!!. I'm one of those talkative, friendly, social butterfly types of Aspies. Who wants nothing more than to engage another in a deep conversation on a myriad of subjects. Like History, Politics, Literature, Animation, Manga/Comics, Spiritualism, etc., etc..............

        • Commandrix profile image

          Heidi 7 years ago from Benson, IL

          Hi, good Lens...I haven't visited Autism-speaks for years because it was all about the people who live with people with autism and how crummy their lives were, without ever once mentioning how the actual autistics felt. At least, it was last time I visited. Besides, I don't really think you can wave a magic wand and "cure" somebody with autism. If somebody actually develops a "cure," I'm sure it will be a highly complex, highly expensive, and probably even a highly risky one.

        • rachelkeslensky profile image

          rachelkeslensky 8 years ago

          [in reply to Angela] If you'd like to continue this discussion, I would appreciate you at least keeping it in the same section of the page so other readers can follow along.

          If you are truly dedicated to stating your opinion, you are more than welcome to make your own Squidoo account and start your own lens and I will be more than happy to link to your page from mine as an appropriate counterpoint and resource for other parents and caretakers of Autistic children.

        • profile image

          anonymous 8 years ago


          Actually you are incorrect in your assumtions of my child. It is i8n fact the sensory issues that goes along with his autism that causes him to react violently when touched, especially when he is already upset. I am NOT echoing your in fact are echoing MINE. You are absolutely correct. NOt all autistic people are the same not do they have the same feelings. Not every autistic person agrees with you. There actually ARE other autistic people who WANT a cure. It's the same as in the deaf community. Some people do not want to be cured from their deafness because that is all they have ever known so they reject the trasnplants but there are other deaf people who DO want to be cured of it. Just because it is something YOu don't want doesn't mean you have the right to speak on EVERY autistic person's behalf. Just as I don't have that right. I DO hope they find a cure for autism. For the people who have it and want it.

        • teamlane profile image

          teamlane 8 years ago

          Blessed by a SquidAngel today!

          ~ Colleen :o)

        • VarietyWriter2 profile image

          VarietyWriter2 8 years ago

          Thanks for the info. Would love for you to review our Autism-101 lense at Autism 101

        • religions7 profile image

          religions7 8 years ago

          Great way to introduce the topic. I used to teach in a school for special education - there were kids with autism there too.

          You might like these lenses:

          Books about Autism

          Sensory Processing (aka Sensory Integration) explained: with tips on how to help your child.

          Information about sensory processing and tips for parents.

        • religions7 profile image

          religions7 9 years ago

          Thanks for giving autism a voice :)

        • profile image

          anonymous 9 years ago

          Spread the link to this podcast everywhere you can, folks:

          "Special Feature Interview with Douglas Giesel and An Update Interview with Lewis Schofield"

          can be found at

          At the end of it, a 13 year old boy with Asperger's Syndrome explains why it is Autism Speaks is NOT an organization to be supported.

        • profile image

          anonymous 9 years ago

          Autism Speaks is a complete sham. It exists to exert control over the media and rob funds from well-meaning groups who may actually help autistic people.

          The fact that Autism Speaks is just a bunch of thieves is the one thing Neurodiversity and sane people can agree on.

        • The Homeopath profile image

          The Homeopath 9 years ago

          I've never really investigated Austism Speaks before. I'm so tired of these pseudo-sham, money grubbing, worthless, so-called "charities". And I guess this is another example along the lines of the Susan G. Komen foundation and Locks of Love - just places to make wealthy "supporters" get more positive P.R. Thank you for enlightening me. It makes me sick that big business charities like this receive so much money to pad their directors pockets, while smaller, well-deserving ones go without because they don't have big money starting them off.

        • Sheryl Westleigh profile image

          Sheryl Westleigh 9 years ago from Maine

          Thank you. My mom is a special education teacher with several autistic students and she keeps telling me how tired she is of parents who think their kid is broken. 5 stars!