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Want to remove your tattoo?

Updated on February 6, 2013

How to Remove a Tattoo?


1.Learn about the different procedures available for tattoo removal, including surgery, laser treatment and skin-peeling methods.

2.Plan to spend much more money having the tattoo removed than you spent getting it.

3.Identify your concerns about discomfort and the appearance of the treated area after the tattoo has been removed.

4.Consult one or more board-certified dermatologists or cosmetic surgeons to discuss the best removal options considering the size and location of your tattoo, your skin type and any other unique issues.

Really Bad Tattoo Decisions

Someone obviously thought it'd be a good idea to commemorate one of Britney's public melt downs by getting some ink done.

Tattoo Translation Horror Stories

Surely Tatt´s a Mistake?

Lee Becks, UK

Lee Becks was shocked to hear that his tattoo had been inaccurately (and possibly maliciously) translated by the tattoo artist. He had paid almost £100 to have ‘Love, Honour and Obey’ tattooed onto his arm in Chinese characters. Instead, the tattoo artist decided to translate and tattoo his request as ‘At the end of the Day, this is an Ugly Boy’. This poor translation has resulted in Lee being mocked and laughed at by a number of people who understand the Chinese characters. Lee will now have to finance up to £600 to get this terrible tattoo translation removed.

Vince Mattingley, UK

Vince had hoped to have a translation of his name tattooed onto his arm in Chinese characters. Unfortunately, his request was translated as ‘Coca-Cola’ and tattooed onto his arm accordingly.

Anne Tenbury, USA

Anne has hoped to have a translation of ‘Freedom’ tattooed on to her arm. Instead, the tattoo artist had this request translated as ‘Free Love’ and tattooed accordingly. The connotations of this inaccurate tattoo translation need little explanation……

These stories make it clear why the translation of any tattoo should always be taken extremely seriously. As such, here are a couple of key tips:

* Always ensure that your tattoo translation has been carried out by fully qualified translators

* Do not rely on friends who ‘claim’ to be fully conversant with another language or bilingual. Even someone who is bilingual may not be fully successful in transliterating or translating something for you ….

Horrible Tattoos

If there is one important thing to know before getting a tattoo.. that it's PERMANENT, IRREVERSIBLE, INDELIBLE !!

You should think about it twice before thrusting.

Here are a few examples of people that should have better stayed home the day they decided to get a tattoo!

In our team, we prefer temporary tattoos, because by´s temporary.

Once again we adapt the society´s evolution: "No strings attached era", fixed terms contracts...

Bizarre & Strange Tattoos!


Sexy Tattoos


Cool Tattoos Designs

How to Make a Tattoo Stencil

A tattoo stencil is a stencil that is used to create an ink or henna tattoo. Creating your own stencil allows you to personalize a design or create a tattoo to your specifications. This is a useful technique that helps insure that you like the tattoo design before you commit to a permanent tattoo.


Pick or design the tattoo of your choice. Draw it or print it on regular paper first. Take the time to review every aspect, color and line. This gives you the chance to make sure it is exactly the tattoo you want.



Lay the transfer paper on a flat surface. Place the carbon paper ink-side down onto the transfer paper.



Tape your design onto the top of the carbon paper and transfer paper to hold it in place.



Trace the design with a pencil. Press hard along the lines so the tattoo design transfers completely. Make sure to trace each line of the design.



Cut the design out of the transfer paper leaving about two inches around each edge.



Rub a glycerin-based deodorant over the area of skin where you want the tattoo. This moistens the skin and allows the transfer to stick.



Put the transfer paper on your skin on the moistened area. Rub the stencil into the skin until all of the transfer has been placed on the skin.



Trace around the outsides of the tattoo with henna or body art paint. Another option is to add the colors with paint so you get the full picture of the tattoo.

Read more: How to Make a Tattoo Stencil |

Creative Tattoos!!

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    • allenwebstarme profile image


      6 years ago

      Excellent collection of weird tattoo!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      You know, it was no picnic getting my first tattoo ... it rather hurt more than I expected ... then I proceeded on to have another and another. At this point in my life, I'd say, they are here to stay.

    • SecondHandJoe LM profile image

      SecondHandJoe LM 

      7 years ago

      In this case, I don't mind laughing at other people's expenses! This is hysterical! 'Liked it". Hey did you see my other lens,"Shop Vintage Online For Profit"? let me know what you think!! I'm going through all of your stuff now- (should be here a while)! Thanks again


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