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Easy way to counter global warming

Updated on August 24, 2011

Easy way to counter global warming: Go veg !

Well, the heading says it all.

Yes, it is probably the easiest was to counter global warming. In this article I will try to explain how by just changing your diet, you can save the planet. I am not trying to convert people in to vegetarians, I just want to share my views and if you agree with me, please share this message.

Eating non veg food is connected to global warming in many ways, here are the main ones:


We clear off a lot of forest covered area to grow crops to feed billions of animals. From all agricultural land in the U.S, almost 80% is used to raise animals and more than 260 million acres of US forest has been cleared off to create crop land to grow grain to feed farm animals. This is a stats taken from

Now, you may argue that even if all the people in the world turn veg, more land needs to be cleared off. But, thats not the case. To "grow" 1 chicken, we need to feed it around 10Kg of grain during its lifetime. That 1 chicken may feed a maximum of 5 people. That same amount of grain can feed almost 50 people(stat take via personal experience). Hence, i think there would be enough for all of us. This could also be the solution to the world wide shortage of food too. 

There are other ill effects too. Overgrazing leads to erosion and then desertification of land.


There is a lot of energy wasted in the whole process in which some steps can be otherwise avoided.

1) Grow massive amounts grain
2) Transportation of graing to manufacturers on gas-guzzling vehicles 
3) Operation of feed mills itself consumes a massive amount of energy.
4) Transportation to farms (in inefficient vehicles)
5) Operate the factory farms
6) Transport animals to slaughterhouse
7) Operate slaughterhouse
8) Transport meat to processing plant
9) Operate the processing plant
10) Transport the meat to stores.
11) Keep the meat refrigerated.

Many of these steps can be avoided if you choose to be vegetarian.

Wasted water

Well, as I have said, more crops need to be farmed for the production of farm feed, more water is consumed. Add to that water consumed by the animals itself. This water can be saved and needs to be save in today's world where water is so precious. 

I know it is hard to understand the magnitude of the problem here. It may seem small, but when the numbers are multiplied, the numbers are just huge. We all need to do our part to save the planet.

I know it would be very hard for a non vegetarian to change his habbits. But, there are many alternatives to meat which you could try out. Just try them for a week and decide if you can continue or not. Its worth a try.

Here is the link which you can follow:

For more information and stats, please have a look at this:


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    • profile image

      laxminarayan meena 6 years ago

      pagal answer hai

    • rajan1311 profile image

      rajan1311 6 years ago from bangalore, India

      ^ I cant help it if your small brain cant compute the full picture, such a pity !

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