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Bin laden is dead but the narrative...

Updated on November 5, 2015

I was seventeen years old when terrorists attacked America; it was an attack of some distinction. For no one had attacked American soil after the attack of Pearl Harbor, during Second World War. Those were my amateur, teenage days, but even I knew back then from the reactions of my elderly that U.S would certainly, without a doubt hunt down the perpetrators. The immediate statement that came out from Bush’s mouth, the then president of America: U.S would hunt down those who are responsible for this attack.

Bin Ladin was already a hero for some of the radical sections of Muslim societies, so no wonder the attacks were celebrated from those sections of societies. Nobody knew at the time that it was Osama who has done this as would some terrorists call: bringing America to justice. One is baffled at the level of stupidity and at how narrow, chauvinistic and bigoted mindset these radical sections possess.

To begin with even they did not know for certain that it is Osama who has done this; by the same token Osama himself went on to deny his involvement in the attacks of 9/11. However, he was supportive of attacks like those, and reiterated that such attacks should be carried out against America daunt its spirit and economy.

But why did Bin Laden become an overnight hero for millions of people with in Muslim world. Perhaps, they saw in him, someone who has dared to attack their enemy. There are lots of reasons for such form of thinking; one being on top of all is the lack credible governments within Muslim world. Radical sections all of sudden realized to have gotten their much awaited leader - the one who would fight to the western nations, so as to stop their patronization of corrupt kings and military dictators.

osama bin laden
osama bin laden | Source

Defeating the extremist narrative - Maajid Nawaz, Quilliam

Hence a narrative: “west is enemy to Islam”, has been reinforced over and again by Muslim extremists. That has been exploited by militant organizations to further their perverted ideology. But it should be mentioned here, that there are some genuine reasons as to why such a narrative has been formulated successfully; and why do people buy it? This is not the discussion here; rather, the issue is to defeat such an in human, heinous narrative.

Radicals reveal half truth to the potential recruits, thus matters are made worse, when extremists’ agenda is solidified by western nations’ blatant support to the state of Israel. Muslims feel that crimes committed by state of Israel are always going unpunished. Furthermore, they believe that their natural resources are taken away by powerful western states.

Heinous acts of Bin laden paved the way for catharsis of extremist mindset, further more it saw the ray of hope in the grim hopelessness. What it failed to realize is the dangerous long term effect that this narrative would have on the various stratum of Muslim masses. Now that Bin laden is dead, but one wonders if the narrative lives on- which is “The west is enemy to Islam”.


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    • 50 Caliber profile image

      50 Caliber 

      6 years ago from Arizona

      mtariqsattar, Osama like any other man is a pawn in a game of war for power and money, and includes control of the assets of Islam, Israel, the United States and the whole of the world. Evil abounds in governments all around the world, I wish it different but it is not, the narrative will continue, Osama was just another man who may or may not have been the man who set 9/11 in motion, I don't know and may never know the truth. I only wish for peace and friendship to come to the world and it will, sadly only with Jesus returning to lift up the faithful and put an end to all the evil we see, 50

    • mtariqsattar profile imageAUTHOR

      Tariq Sattar 

      7 years ago from Karachi

      Thanks asianlight for the encouragement, compliments and support, yes i will try my utmost to come up frequently with nice hubs so that we are able to learn from each other.take very good care of your self always.

    • aslanlight profile image


      7 years ago from England

      This is a very well written, clear and concise article that I enjoyed reading because of the flow and your style.

      I hope you'll be posting more hubs soon?


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