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Avatar: biological robot for a disembodied spirit?

Updated on July 30, 2010

In a movie that broke the all time sales record by beating Titanic, Avatar left many exhilarated while at the same time deflated. The stunning visual effects of a new generational technology did not disappoint but the message of the Na'vi (the Avatars that live on planet Pandora) to many of those in the conservative circles, including yours truly, sent out a warning. This message being of a one world government and religion with all living in harmony. I have watched many news reports where people, after watching the movie, became even more depressed about our world and were yearning for a world like Pandora instead. The book of Revelation assures us that this world will come all right, in the tribulation, but it will be a short lived facade before all Hell literally breaks loose. If I may mention, Pandora's box will be opened.

The fake Avatars are biological robots cloned from mixing the DNA of a human and the DNA of the Na'vi. The robots are stored in test tubes filled with a nutrient rich bath waiting for a disembodied spirit or conscientiousness to embody them. The humans that manufactured these bodies, invented a machine that would transfer the human spirit to the Avatars. This transfer, shall we say astral projection (or OBE), would happen at night. (I find this night OBE parallel interesting when considering the data of most alien abductions happening at night.) The sole purpose for this engineered Avatar was so that the humans could live amongst the Na'vi and spy on them in hopes to gain their trust. And the endgame was to siphon their resources for capitol gain. Towards the end of the movie, the Na'vi figured out that their new friends were indeed demons in a false body, as their chief called them. The Hindus said their Avatars were deity that came from heaven to earth, that incarnated. Sound familiar, Genesis 6? Though the Bible doesn't quite spell it out where the demons came from, whereas the book of Enoch does, many take the position that the demons are the disembodied spirits from the Nephilim. This could explain why the demons always seek a body, even if it's lowly swine (Mark 5:12).

Now with Avatar, there are a plethora of newage details in the movie that one could discuss, but I'd like to hone in on the demons in a false body concept, that has starting implications. These, I feel, are from the powers that be, are flaunting such concepts before our very eyes. There have been many people of various nationalities, cultures, education, occupation, religions etc that have been witnesses to aliens appearing in a tangible physical body. It is my position that these are not aliens or extraterrestrials from other planets but something else. What do I mean here? I'm glad you asked. In one of many accounts of human/alien interaction, there arose a book-The Day After Roswell-by the late Colonel Philip J. Corso, where he claims to have seen five bodies of the Grey aliens that were seen in crates after the infamous 1947 Roswell crash. He, and other people in the various encounters which encompass many decades, have described the beings in detail. A detail, that has harmony among isolated eyewitnesses. I would hardly call this mass delusion, but rather credible testimony. Yes, random people are seeing something similar where their numerous fanciful stories appear to ring true.

They usually describe these beings as being under four feet tall with a big head and big eyes. This being the classic description of an alien that we see everywhere, especially in Roswell as their economy thrives on this image. But there's more, much more. They are said to have no reproductive, respiratory, or circulatory system, nor a voice box hence their means of communication by telepathy. In the majority of alien abductions, the visitors and their experiments are centered around harvesting genetic material, in specific, eggs from women and sperm from men. Oftentimes, the captors rape their subjects in addition to these medical experiments. Why all the need for DNA harvesting? Well, Satan and his minions can't create from nothing, so they have to work with what's already here. He is not a creator but a duplicator. With this, many researchers have concluded that these alien beings are cloned genetic shells for demons in a false body!


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      3 years ago

      Barb on July 13, 2012 I had the same problems yresetday. My buddy e-mailed me at the same time I was in my yahoo mail and the detector still showed he was off line. How does this show me what is going on. How do you tell if this is the real person who is talking to me. His avatar matches the pictures he sent me. But I have also found he has two avatars.Help please?


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