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Making a Difference: Malkia Foundation

Updated on November 30, 2014

One woman can make a difference and she proves it every day. Her name is Phionah Musumba and she is the Founder and Executive Director of the Malkia Foundation. A native of Kenya, with a heart full of love and big dreams, Phionah is filled with passion to bring change, to the young girls and women of Kenya.

Her work is never ending and through donations, she has been able to provide the materials needed to make Sanitary Napkins, School Supplies and pay the School Fees, to the young girls in Kenya. Her dream of building a Village Community Vocational College, in Vihiga, Kenya is in the works. She has been collecting Computers and Printers through donations.

Phionah has stared into the eyes of poverty her whole life. She struggled to feed her own children and at times, had to feed them soft stones because food was not available. She has endured many challenges and heart ache, her son died in her arms and she lost her sister to HIV/AIDS. As her and her husband struggled to provide for their own family, she also took on her sisters four kids, after her death.

With the determination of lifting their family from poverty, Phionah's husband found her a sponsor to pay her College fees and she was able to go to college. After working with the Centre for Disadvantaged Girls-Kenya, she started the Malkia Foundation and is now mandated by the government of Kenya, to work in 5 counties, Vihiga, Homa Bay, Nairobi, Rift Valley and Mombasa.

Her long term goal is to build the Community College, to help the young girls and women, get an education. Along with a Clinic, to help the people get the medical care that they need. Phionah plans to replicate what she is doing in her community of Vihiga, into all the other counties that the Kenya Government has aloud her to work in.

The Malkia Foundation accepts Donations of any kind, from disposable Sanitary Napkins, to bike's that the Kenya girls have recently learned to work on, to beauty supplies and clothes, along with finding sponsor's to help pay school fees and cash donations. Computers and Printers are always in need, though the cost of shipping the supplies to Kenya is very high and they are in desperate need of a solution for shipping.

You can learn more about the Malkia Foundation, by visiting the facebook page. If you are interested in donating, there is an account set up through

I have been writing about the Woman and Girls of Kenya, over the past four weeks, through my Blog 'Bobbie Speaking'. I am donating my writing skills, to help the Malkia Foundation make a difference, for the girls and Women, in Kenya.


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