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Body Scan at the Airports

Updated on May 7, 2015

Liberty Vs Security


I guess the question here is, how far can the Obama administration stretch the power of the constitution in the name of national security? All this talk about the full body scan at the airports made me feel like I needed to express myself on the subject.  The following is just my opinion and nothing more.  Some people may agree with me and some may not, that’s the nature of the beast. Personally, being scanned at the airport doesn’t bother me at all.  And while I understand the safety and security it is supposed to offer I think the images generated by the scans are a bit revealing.   For this reason I wouldn’t like to have my wife or child go thru that.  Would you want some pervert TSA officer checking out your wife’s or children’s naked scans? What are they going to do with Muslim women that, for religious reasons, can only show their eyes and cannot be touched by others?!!

What about radiation?  How is the government allowed to expose people to radiation at the airports?! What about women in their first trimester of pregnancy?  The effects of radiation can’t be good, right?!!  Yes, I am the first one to recognize that we do more damage carrying a cell phone all day then twenty seconds in a body scanner, but my point is that carrying a cell is a personal choice, where walking your family through a radiation box at the airport is NOT.  What if you refuse to go through the scanner?  In that case you will have a stranger pat you down with their open hand and even touch your ‘junk’ or breasts like it’s no bodies business.  So basically you have two choices.  Choice one, shown your naked body to someone in a room and pray that it wouldn’t be put on the internet for everyone to see.  Choice two, have some stranger touch your family jewels and hopefully they aren’t a pervert.  Wow what a great choices.  Where did I sign up for this?                        

What is next? I got an idea…why not make two lines?  One line for hot people and another line for ugly people.  All for the sake of “security.  LOL. (Where can I apply for a job in the hot people line?J)

Now let’s talk about safety because all this is about “safety” and nothing else. RIGHT?!!

I have nothing against added security, but in my opinion these measures are worthless because they only stop the tactics that have already been used. All this is not security. This is just a bunch of smoke and mirrors.

There has to be different and better ways in these days of technologic innovation to detect explosives.

I hate to be the one to burst your bubble but these new machines have nothing to do with security.  It’s all about money and the TSA has to give some use to these machines since they were bought with taxpayer dollars that they received from stimulus funding.  So TSA is using these machines on me against my will. The same machines that they paid for with my tax money…do you see the irony here?!!

So my point here is not about petty concerns of patting down or radiation or scanner this scanner that but to look at the bigger picture.

The people in power and the CEOs, VIPs and Presidents of the biggest companies keep using fear to control the people. WAKE UP people. They are closing in slowly.  They keep on taking away our rights one by one and using their power to smooth the things over.  As long as people feel “safer” they (the government and people with power) will always continue to do whatever they want so they can maximize revenue and power.  All because we are scared little sheep who will sell our souls for safety, but yet jeopardizing our liberty. L

I really feel that people are getting so numb with all these government tactics that they don’t even realize all the civil rights that are slipping away. Think about all the people that fought for freedom and liberty. What do you think that they will say?  Well I know Benjamin Franklin wouldn’t be happy with all this fear and negligence.

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” _Benjamin Franklin.

City Airport

Does it just happen on big City Airports?!!


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    • profile image

      Lynn Brinegar 6 years ago

      This morning I refused the body scan at the Orlando Airport while I was traveling back from Disney World with my son. I was told I would have to have the "pat-down" instead. I refused the pat-down because it would have required me to leave my son unattended in the airport while I went to the "pat-down" room. The TSA agent told me my son would be fine in my absence. I refused to go with them so they "patted" me down in front of my son and about 1,000 strangers that were also traveling today. The agent did indeed touch my breasts and up between my legs with the front of her hand. It was the most humiliating and degrading experience of my life. I love traveling but I'm really considering never flying again because of this. It really put a scar on our wonderful weekend at the Magic Kingdom. Shame on our government.

    • zemel profile image

      zemel 7 years ago from boston

      true. but the law enforcement profiles individuals when seeking info to prevent other crimes.why not at airports too.I say PROFILE AWAY !!!

    • profile image

      rommergrot 7 years ago

      Why is it, that Israel, the most targeted of all for terrorist activity does none of this? The profile of a would be terrorist is very narrow and Israel has a method of profiling that works. In the USA profiling is worse than an act of terrorism.