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Life Behind the Star.

Updated on August 26, 2014


Whats up doc?

One Friday an officer brought a young lady in who was highly intoxicated. This gal was about 5 feet 5 inches tall and 100 pounds soaking wet. She was being charged with public intoxication, cruelty to animals, and assault on a family member. The poor girl’s day started to go south as soon as she left work, let me explain.

On her way to the train station she got her heel stuck in an escalator and broke it trying to get it out. This little inconvenience made her miss her train. She had to wait an hour for the next one because of a scheduling problem by the station.

She arrived at her bus stop already an hour late for her surprise evening with her live in boyfriend. She got off the bus at the commuter lot and finally reached her car. She thought everything would be going her way now and that nothing else could go wrong. WRONG!

She sat in her car and put the key in the ignition. She turned the key and it didn’t start. Lucky for her she saw her neighbor who agreed to give her a ride home. On the way home her neighbor stopped for gas. This unlucky gal went in and picked up a six pack of beer and immediately starting making her day better.

She reached home without any beer and less than hour to prepare before her boyfriend got home. She walked into the den to feed her pet rabbit. She reached down to open the cage and it was already open and her bunny was missing. She went looking for her beloved pet throughout the house. She walked into the bathroom and found her boyfriend’s six foot pet python curled up in the bathtub. She picked the snake up to put it back into it’s cage and noticed a bulge in the snake’s belly.

She freaked out and ran to the kitchen. She grabbed a knife from the drawer and ran back to the bathroom. While she was attempting to free her pet bunny her boyfriend arrived home. SURPRISE! Her boyfriend ran in and took the knife from her but it was too late for the bunny and his pet python.

She started arguing with her boyfriend that led into a fist fight in the front yard. Soon the neighbors called the police. When the boys in blue arrived she had her six foot four inch boyfriend in a head lock and was beating him over the head with a rubber mallet.

The young lady was a sobbing mess once she sobered up and immediately called her boyfriend to bail her out. He came down the next morning without any sign of trauma and $1000.00 to pick her up.

It's true what they say about time healing all wounds. Unfortunately it didn't do much for their pets.

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