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Essence of Knowledge

Updated on July 14, 2010

The Basics

Who am I?

The body is different and the soul is different. The combination of both becomes the living soul (jivit atma). The living soul is conscious power working inside a body. Otherwise, neither the soul can work nor can the body. This is compared with the car and the driver. For example, the is a car. Unless there is a driver in it, it won’t move. If there is no driver, the car won’t move. It means that the soul…. [someone says, ‘It is air…’) No, the soul is not air. Earth, water, air, fire and ether…. These five elements are separate. The body is made from them. When the soul leaves the body, the five elements remain. They are burnt or buried in the earth. They are non-living elements. However, what is the soul that is different from the body? The soul is a very subtle point of light (jyotirbindu), consisting of the mind and intellect. It is described in the Gita as ‘anaurniyasamanusmaret yah’. It means that it was called ‘smaller that an atom’. It is an atom, but it is luminous. That luminous atom, its mind and intellect, contains sanskars (traits, imprints) of many births. The combination of the mind and intellect is called ‘soul’. It was even mentioned in one shloka (hymns) of the Vedas (Hindu scriptures) ‘manarev atma’, [meaning] the mind itself is called as ‘soul’. When a person leaves his body, when a soul leaves its body, it is not said that the soul has left, but the mind and intellect remained. Everything [else] remained, but the power of the mind and intellect has left, which means that the soul has left. So, the power of the mind and intellect is in another way ‘soul’. Sanskars of this births and past births are recorded in the mind and intellect. ‘Sanskars’ means…? The influence [or imprint] of good and bad deeds that are performed remaining in the soul are called ‘sanskars’. Suppose there is a child born in a butcher’s family where cows have been butchered since his childhood. When that child grows up, he is told that butchering cows is a serious sin. Yet this does not sit in his mind. His sanskars (traits, imprints) [of killing cows] have become very powerful. In this way, sanskars are the third component. So, the soul is the combination of the mind, intellect and sanskars.

The three worlds

From where did the soul come into this world? These insects, animals, birds and flies are all souls. There is a soul in each of them. In this picture [the picture of the three worlds] there are the sun, moon, stars and space. There is a shloka in the Gita. God said to Arjuna, ‘Where do I live?’ “Na tad bhaasayate suuryo na shashadko na paavakah. Yad gatwaa na nivartante dad dhaamo paramam mama.” It means, ‘I am a resident of that place where the light of the sun, moon and stars does not reach, where the light of fire does not reach, where the light of the moon does not reach; that is my Supreme Abode (paramdham). The entire shloka is about the where the Supreme Soul lives. It is proved that beyond the world of the five elements, there is another sixth element, i.e. Brahmlok, which in English is called “Supreme Abode”. The Muslims call it “arsh”. “Khudaa arsh men rahta hei, farsh me nahi.” (God lives in arsh not in farsh). But now even the Muslims have started believing that God is omnipresent. The Jainis consider it as “turiya dham”. It means that all the dharm (religions) believe in the Supreme Abode. Actually, all of us souls are residents of that Abode. The Supreme Soul who by the Hindus is called ‘Shiva’ also resides there. He is beyond the cycle of birth and death. What is the order [of their coming]? The greater deeds does a soul perform, the closer to the Supreme Soul Shiva it resides. [The Supreme Soul] is the most beyond. The more sinful deeds a soul performs or the worse role a soul plays, the lower it is in the Supreme Abode. [Souls of the second kind] are more numerous. The number of souls performing bad actions is bigger and the number of the deity souls performing great actions is smaller; it is said that there is 330 000 000 of them. Those elevated souls [shown] in the upper part [of the Soul World] are less numerous.

The new world starts in the Golden Age. Then, in the Silver Age it becomes a bit older, in the Copper Age again it becomes older, and in the Iron Age it becomes completely old. Everything in the world passes through the four stages. The childhood is the satopradhan stage (the stage dominated by the highest purity, goodness, light), the adolescence is the satosamanya stage (the stage of general purity), the adulthood rajopradhan stage (the stage of being half pure half impure) and the old age is the tamopradhan stage (the stage dominated by impurity, darkness; the stage of degradation). The same principle applies also to the world. It passes through these four stages. The satopradhan world is called ‘Golden Age’, the rajopradhan world is called ‘Copper Age’, and the tamopradhan world is called ‘Iron Age’.

So, the order of the souls descending from the Supreme Abode is like this: the more elevated the soul is, the more elevated is the age in which it descends. The souls that are perfect in 16 celestial degrees descend in the Golden Age. The souls that are perfect in 14 celestial degrees descend in the Silver Age. Those who are perfect in 8 celestial degrees descend in the Copper Age and the stage of being without celestial degrees (kalahinta) starts in the Iron Age onwards. Those souls with no celestial degrees (kalahin), whose dharm is to give sorrow to others are referred to in the Gita as “mudha janmani janmani”. They fall into the chasm of the hellish world. Those souls come at the end of the Iron Age. The souls descend [from the Supreme Abode]. They do not find the way to go back. They keep rotating in the cycle of birth and death. They keep rotating in the cycle. While continuously rotating in the cycle of birth and death and enjoying bodily pleasures, the souls become impure (tamsi). When a seed is sown many times, it loses its power. It produces small leaves, small fruits, and small trees and at last it stops producing fruits. It is the same in the case of the souls. After coming down from the souls world once, the souls keeps falling down. For example, refer to the 2 500-year history of the world. Has peace and happiness of the world changed into unhappiness or has the sorrow and peacelessness decreased? What does the history say? The population has been increasing as the souls kept on descending. So, along with increasing population, unhappiness and restlessness only increases. So, it kept on increasing. Finally, such a time comes, when all the souls have come down. Population of worms, animals, birds and moths has been always increasing in the world. So much insecticide is being used in India as well as in foreign countries, but still their number is continuously increasing. The population of mosquitoes and flies is increasing continuously. So, where are these souls coming from? The answer is in the Gita itself, but no one has clarified it. Now it is being clarified that these souls are coming from that world and keep playing their parts here rotating in the cycle of birth and death.

Supreme Father Supreme Soul and His divine tasks.

When all the souls are about to descend from the Supreme Abode (Paramdham), the Supreme Souls Shiva descends on this world and enters into the bodies of the hero and heroine souls of the world drama stage. There will be someone who is the hero and heroine. In a drama there are actors who play good and bad roles. So, there must be some who play the most elevated role. They are called as Adam and Eve in English, the first humans of the world. They are called Aadam and Havwah by the Muslims. The Hindus say, ‘twamadidevah: purushah: puranah: twamasya vishwasya paramam nidhanam (Shankar Parvati)’. But no one said anything about their origin. That Adidev (the first male deity) and Adishakti (the first female deity) have existed since when? Who gave birth to them? No one knows. They are known as ‘Shankar and Parvati’ among the Hindus and ‘Adinath and Adinathini’ in Jainism. You see how much similarity is there in these words! At first there was only one dharm [religion] and unity prevailed. Such unity can be established only when the parents of the whole world are one. The true feeling that ‘the whole world is a family’ (Vasudaiva Kutubakam) can only arise when first of all there are only one mother and one father in the world. So, the Supreme Soul comes and uplifts the souls of Ram and Krishna who play the roles of the hero and heroine of world drama stage. But now they are not in the form of Ram and Krishna, because the kingdom of Krishna/Narayan was in the Golden Age (satyuga) and the kingdom of Ram was in the Silver Age (tretayuga). The same souls of Ram and Krishna, while passing through the cycle of birth and death undergo degradation and exist somewhere in the form of ordinary human beings like us. There is a word in the Gita ‘praveshtum’, which means ‘I am capable of entering’. Who? That Supreme Soul, who is beyond the cycle of birth and death enters and first plays the role of mother through the soul of Krishna, who is called ‘Brahma’ in Indian tradition. ‘Brahm’ means great or big and ‘maa’ means mother. The mother is the most tolerant person in the world. The Supreme Soul too, comes and plays the role of the Mother in the world, for whom in the Indian tradition songs of praise of the Supreme Soul have been sung, such as ‘twameva mata cha pita twameva...’ It means that when He comes into this world, first He plays the role of the Mother in the form of Brahma. He showers so much love, so much love that the demons (devilish children) become used to receiving boons from Him. The mother’s stage is such that she never wants to part her child away from her lap, no matter he is a leper, one-eyed, hunch-backed, thief, robber, shameless or loafer. His father may say ‘just get out!’, but the mother would never like to separate her child from her lap. In the same way, the role of Brahma is played first in this world of creation (srishti).

The classes (vani) which the Supreme Soul Shiva narrates after entering Brahma are known as ‘murli’. Why have they been given name ‘murli’? All of us know that the flute (murli) has been shown in Krishna’s hands. So, we all thought that it may be a flute made of bamboo tree. But it is just a symbolic, metaphorical, allegorical language, which poets used in the Bhagwad and Mahabharata [Hindu scriptures]. Its real meaning is that people like much that love, which the Supreme Souls showers through Brahma, i.e. the souls of Krishna, and the sweet words that He utters through his mouth. When they come to understand the secrets, they will consider that there is nothing sweeter and more melodious than this. That is why they [those words] were called ‘the sweet song Gita’ or the most elevated among the scripture. The Gita, which is the jewel among the scriptures of India is known as murli. So, the Supreme Soul comes and narrates this knowledge, i.e. murli through Brahma.

We know that it has been written in the scriptures that Brahmins emerged from Brahma’s mouth. So, [people] think that there may be some instrument in the mouth of Brahma. When he opens his mouth Brahmins come out from it. But it does not happen in this way. This is the old world. It this very old world the Supreme Soul comes, enters in the form of Brahma and narrates knowledge. Those who listen to that knowledge and reform their life, acquire the sanskars (traits) of Brahmins. So, in this way the Brahmins, who are called as Brahma Kumars or Brahma Kumaris [Brahma’s sons and daughters], are born. It is the story of the world beginning, which repeats itself now.

This task started in MountAbu. The Supreme Soul Shiva comes in an secret form. Just like it has been said in the Gita, ‘Stupid people do not recognise me, the Supreme Soul, who comes in an ordinary body.’ So this form of Brahma that you saw, this personality existed in a real form. The Supreme Soul Shiva established the Brahmin dharm [religion] through Brahma in MountAbu. His name was Dada Lakhraj. He was a Sindhi Brahmin, a resident of Hyderabad in Sindh [province]. This task was completed through him. There are a number of Brahma Kumari ashrams in India and abroad. It is not an ordinary task to make such a huge establishment within 60 years. The Supreme Soul Shiva gives the name ‘Brahma’ to Krishna’s soul (Dada Lekhraj). And when the Supreme Soul Shiva establishes through him the Brahmin religion, the Brahma Kumars and Kumaris are created. The Supreme Soul Shiva can see that there are two types of Brahmins among these Brahmin children. Ravan, Kumbhakarn, and Meghnad [demoniac characters from the epic Ramayana] were also Brahmins. Guru Vashista, Vishwamitra [sages mentioned in the Hindu mythology] had also adopted Brahmanism in their life. The number of Brahmins like Vishistha and Vishwamitra is small and there is a great number of Brahmins like Ravan, Kumbhakarna. The same happened in the Ashram of the Brahma Kumaris. Among the Brahmin children created through Brahma, lots of wicked Brahmins were born and the number of tyagi (observing renunciation) and tapasvi (following ascetic practices) Brahmins, who find pleasure in the knowledge and yoga, decreases. As a result, the Supreme Soul has to leave that body of Krishna soul (Dada Lekhraj or Brahma Baba). After that, in 1969, the Supreme Soul enters secretly in the body of the powerful Ram’s soul. The Supreme Soul Shiva does play both the loving role of the mother and the strict role of the father. “Without bending a finger, one cannot extract ghi.” Now Ram’s soul will be somewhere on this earth, won’t it? So, the Supreme Soul enters in that person who is already a Brahma Kumar, and starts his work through him. Within a short time, after starting this task, a division in the Brahma Kumari organisation becomes clearly visible. Just as it is in every religion. Among the Buddhists two gatherings were formed – the Hinayana and the Mahayana. Amongst the followers of Jainism two gatherings were formed – the Shwetambar and the Digambar. Among the Muslims two gatherings were formed – the Shia and the Sunna. Among the Christians two sects were formed – the Roman Catholics and the Protestants. So, all the other religions simply followed the Supreme Soul. When the Supreme Soul Shiva established the Ancients Deity Religion, the same process took place. After Brahma leaving his body, two types of people became visible in the Brahma Kumari ashram. So, it comes to a clash between them. Number of intellectual people decreases, and they go away. So, the clash will certainly increase. In every religion this struggle keeps increasing and finally reaches its climax. The big group of gurus does not recognise the truth, because they have got the position. They have been controlling MountAbu till now. They do not listen to the truth. But you will see that whatever vani [God’s knowledge, words] have been narrated, they are in accordance with the scriptures. However, the Brahma Kumaris even today say that scriptures are false and whatever their Baba said is true. But what is the meaning of ‘whatever our Baba said’? They are not aware of it and they are not even ready to listen. In every religion circumstances like this are repeatedly being created.

In this way, Shankar (Ram’s soul) who also exist in the Silver Age (tretayug)… He undergoes the cycle of birth and death, and at the end of the Iron Age (kaliyug) is in an ordinary human body. The Supreme Soul Shiva enters in his ordinary body and gradually it comes to his revelation in the world under the name and form of Shankar. Shankar’s role is strict. Through his strict role the Supreme Soul creates a division in the Brahmin community. A few selected great souls emerge. You must have seen a mala [rosary, garland] around the arms of Shankar. Many types of garlands are in his neck too. The mala is a symbol of the gathering (sangathan). Those souls symbolised by beads are connected to each other by the sacred thread of love and the sacred thread of knowledge. Their gathering was established. That gathering is recognised by the entire world. In what form? You can see that the Muslims pray using the mala. The Christians too can be seen praying using the mala. The Buddhists can also be seen using the mala. The Sikhs also pray using the mala. What is the importance of this mala, that it is used by people of every religion? Nobody knows this. Baba has said in murli, ‘Children! This mala and its beads are the memorial of you souls.’ When the Supreme Souls comes, he gathers you souls in the form of beads and the gathering of great souls, which emerges, brings about upheaval all over the world. Initially upheaval takes place within the Brahmin world in Bharat.

Kalpa Tree

In the gathering of the mala there are 108 beads. You can see that in today’s world especially 9 main religions have been spread. The Hindu religion is very old. In the Hindu religion there are two groups [Suryavanshi, i.e. the Sun dynasty and Chandravanshi, i.e. the Moon dynasty] which never become converted into other religions. The other groups have become converted. When Muslims came, they became converted into the Muslim religion, when Christians came, they became converted into the Christian religion, and when Sikhs came, they became converted into the Sikh religion. It means two groups were formed in the Ancient Religion (sanatan dharm). One group [consists of] non-converted ones; the ones who never become converted. They may have faced any type of test, but they did not leave their religion. And the other group [consists of] those souls who repeatedly became converted from the one religion to the second one, from the second one to the third one, and from the third one to the fourth one. 2500 years ago the Islam religion was established. Then, the fourth religion that is the Buddhist Religion came, which spread in China, Japan, Burma [Myanmar] and Malaysia. Later on, the fifth religion that is the Christian Religion came, which spread in European countries and America. The sixth religion that is the Sanyas Religion [established by] Shankaracharya[1] came. They wear red, yellow and white clothes. After that, Mohammad came. He created a division in the Islam religion, finished with the idol worship and spread the Muslim Religion. After that, Guru Nanak came and in order to clash with Muslims, he converted physically strong, but intellectually simple people who belonged to the Ancient Deity Religion of India into Sikhs. They kept clashing with the Muslims and Christians. Finally, the Arya Samaj come. It is such a religion that invites everyone to come and gather in India. One may belong to any religion, but they will make them Hindu. Hindus never accepted vidharmi [souls belonging to the dharm opposite to the father’s dharm]. But they (i.e. the Arya Samajis) gathered rubbish of all religions in their country.

Atheism (nastikvad) is such a dharm that never receives a place in the mala. They do not receive a number in the mala of the 108 elevated souls created by God. They are the atheists, ‘Russians’. They neither believe in paradise nor in hell. They neither believe in the soul nor in the Supreme Soul. They don’t believe in anything. They become intoxicated in themselves and prepare atomic energy to show that they are only everything. ‘If we wish, we can make the world dance to our tune.’ But they become entangled in their own net. Nowadays Russia has become divided and America has accumulated more power of the atomic energy than them. So, in this way there are 9 main religions of the world. The Supreme Soul gathers 12 selected elevated souls from each of these 9 main religions. 12 X 9 equals 108 beads that are selected and made ready from the whole world.

60-65 years ago, there were not present so many gods (bhagvan) in Bharat. Today Acharya Rajnish is a god, Jai Gurudev is a god, Sai Baba is a god, Satpalji Maharaj is a god and Chandra Swamiji is also a God. These numerous gods were not present 65 years ago. These numerous gds were born only within 60-65 years. Now, will God be one or will there be many gods? Certainly, there is only one God. But what is the account like? When the real Diamond [the Supreme Soul Shiva] leaves the Supreme Abode and descends to this world, numerous fake diamonds become ready in the world market to compete with him. Those fake diamonds spread their pomp and show and make noise all around. Recently a big building of Yogi Mahesh has been constructed at Jabalpur [a city in Central India]. This building was constructed at a cost of several millions rupees. What is going to happen inside? Just the same swaha.[2] Nothing happens because of this. Offerings have been made for past 2500 years. Will any transformation take place through it? No transformation will take place. They made up a story that it purifies the atmosphere. Instead of becoming purified, the atmosphere is getting spoilt day-by-day. [Someone said, ‘Mahesh Yogi smuggles gold into the country from America.] All right, whatever he may be do… It has been said that there are lots of gods, but they are false diamonds and no one knows who among them is the real one. Certainly there is a real one too, no one is able to know it . And the evidence [who is God] will be that when God comes, he will undertake the task of destruction of the old world along with the establishment of the new world. Along with the establishment of the true religion (saddharm), he will destroy numerous wicked religions, which are spread all over the world. He destroys them and brings about their destruction. The first shloka of the Gita says, ‘Vinashaya cha dushkrutam’ [that means ‘for the destruction of the wicked ones]. When the Supreme Soul comes to this world, first he makes these preparations. He establishes [the new world] and has the task of destruction revealed.

Russians and Americans who are called Yadavas in the Mahabharata in Indian tradition, were very wealthy and drunk a lot of alcohol. They had high buildings. What did that Yadavas group do? They were under the control of Krishna. He ruled over them. But what did they do? They fought with each other with the missiles that emerged from their stomachs of the intellect. The destroyed their own race and destroyed the whole world. People thought that they were physical missiles.

This is a problem in understanding things. It is a question of missiles indeed. Just like someone’s stomach digests something, stores something [for digestion]; in the same way, there is a stomach in the form of the intellect also. People say, ‘Your stomach cannot digest this.’ So, is it about the physical stomach? Or is it about the stomach of the intellect? So, those missiles emerged from the stomach in the form of the intellect. Those missiles destroy the whole world. The atomic energy has been prepared within 60-65 years and the Supreme Soul has also incarnated in this world within the last 60 years. And within those last 60 years, at the time of Mahatma Gandhi, the voice, ‘O You who purify the impure ones, come!’ was also raised. 400 millions people were invoking God under the guidance of Gandi. 400 millions people of entire India were singing, ‘Raghupati raghav Raja Ram, Patit Pavan Sita Ram’.[3] But those who were praising did not know that Supreme Soul had already arrived in this world at that time.

So, the purpose of saying this is that when the Supreme Soul comes, on one side he makes preparations for destruction and on the other side he secretly undertakes the task of establishment. Both these tasks were undertaken at that time. When the task of establishment is completed and when the amount of atomic energy reaches its climax, on one side the destruction of the world takes place and on the other side the mala becomes ready. Gradually this mala takes the control of the whole world, the religious power and the political power in their hands. You must have heard prophecies of astrologers, which are published very often. The prophecies of the ancient astrologers, who lived 400-500 years ago, like Kiero, Keat, Nostradamus were published. Everyone determined the year 2000 [as the final time]. However, the time around the year 2000 is not the time of destruction of the whole world. Actually, it is the issue of destruction of the world within the Brahma Kumari Ashram. But nobody knows it. If this big world was destroyed so quickly, then who would recognise the Supreme Soul? If takes time to recognise the Supreme Soul. So, the period around the year 2000, will bring about major transformation in the Brahma Kumaris Ashram. There will be some transformation in the outside world also, but they won’t be such that they would cause the destruction of the whole world. There will also be atomic explosions little by little, but not such that they would cause the destruction of the entire world. Only the destruction of the old world of Brahmins takes place. The establishment of the new world takes place and all the souls go to the Supreme Abode through their intellect. It means that the important souls within the Brahmin family recognise the form and time of the Supreme Soul, and how this task is going on.

Here it has been shown that just as we souls are points of light, the Supreme Soul is also a Point of Light (jyotirbindu). That Point of Light is represented in a big form as “Shivlinga”, which is famous as 12 jyotirlingams (phallus shaped idols representing God Shiva) in Indian Tradition. These 12 Jyotirlingams are installed at Ujjain, Kashi, Rameshwaram, Kedarnath, Bhadrinath (Indian Cities) etc. Why there are only 12 jyotirlingams? Why not 13? Why not 11 or 10? There are 9 groups consisting of 12 selected souls each from nine religions. There are great souls in every religion, isn’t it? When Supreme Soul comes, He selects the best from each religion and makes them Brahmins.

Actually in today’s world, no one is a Brahmin. [Somebody said, ‘What are you saying? You are insulting the Brahmins.’] No, 400-500 years ago, Tulsidas wrote about this in the Ramayana, ‘bhaye warnsankar sabei’ that means ‘everyone has become a hybrid from the point of view of the caste’. No one is a Brahmin [the highest caste among the Hindus] and no one is a Shudra [the lowest caste among the Hindus]. He wrote it 400 years ago. Now the situation has become worse. Now immorality (vyabhichaar) has spread very much. Immorality has spread to every house.

So, the Supreme Soul has come and is creating the true Brahmin clan. You must have heard that nine groups (gotra) of those Brahmins are famous. The Shandilya Gotra, Bharadhwaj Gotra, Kashyap Gotra an so on. Nine groups are famous on the base of the nine sages (rshi). Those nine sages are no one different from the nine best souls representing the nine different religions (dharm) that the Supreme Soul selects from the Brahman Religion in this world. One among the nine souls must be the greatest, mustn’t it? The group of 12 souls connected to that greatest one attains such similarity to the Supreme Soul Shiva that their stage becomes like his. That is why even today in India the 12 luminous lingams (jyotir lingam) are worshipped as the form of God. It means that the Supreme Soul Shiva is also a point of light. The sages and ascetics have created a big form to worship him. It is a symbol of the incorporeal stage (nirakar). ‘Incorporeal’ means that among the 12 who are in that stage, the first form of Shankar, who is called Rudravatar[the incarnation of Shiva], remains in such an [incorporeal] stage as if he didn’t have his clothes in the form of the body. The practice of remaining a stage like this, always experiencing oneself in the soul conscious stage, considering the others as souls, and becoming perfect in all this is called ‘the incorporeal stage’. It is as if the organs don’t exist, although they exist. Just like [people] say, ‘Not seeing something, despite looking at it, not listening to something, hearing it.’ If someone is not affected by any amount of defamation in the world, he is said to be in this stage when he doesn’t listen to something despite hearing it.

Trimurti Shiva

He is God Father. Is he Mahatma Buddha or Ram or Krishna? Although he has been given different names and forms, there is a form, which is recognised in every religion. How? Jyotir lingams[4] are worshipped in India, for example in Rameshwaram and so on. Whom did Ram worship? Ram is considered as God. However, whom did he worship? He worshipped Shiva. So who is God? Is he Ram or Shiva? Shiva himself is God. Similarly, there is the TempleGopeshwaram [the Temple of the God of gop and gopi]. Krishna is called ‘gop’. So, it proves that Krishna was not God. In fact, they (i.e., Ram and Krishna) also have God who made them like Ram and Krishna. In the same way, there are temples of Kedarnath, Badrinath, Kashi Vishwanath and Somnath (famous Hindu temples in various parts of India where God Shiva is worshipped). In all these temples there are memorials showing that the incorporeal luminous point of light is worshipped in form of jyotir lingam in Bharat. There is Pashupatinath temple in Nepal. At the end of the Iron Age (kaliyug), all the human beings start behaving like animals. It is the incorporeal Shiva point of light that transforms those humans who become like animals, monkeys into those being worthy of being worshiped in temples. That Shiva lingam was established also in Nepal.

All right, let’s leave the topic of the Hindus. The Muslims go for a pilgrimage (haj) to Mecca. There also Mohammad placed a stone surrounded by a wall. He called it ‘Sang-E–Aswad’. Even now, until [pilgrims] kiss that stone, their pilgrimage is not deemed to be complete. It means that they also accept that Incorporeal Father, although they do not believe in idols. The Muslims have been destroyers of stone [i.e. idols and temples] and Shiva lingams. They came here and broke Shiva lingams, but there they have belief in him [i.e. the incorporeal one] there. Even today, Buddhists in China and Japan can be seen placing a round stone on a round table along with some cotton on it. It shows that they also believe in that incorporeal Father. Guru Nanak often said ‘Ek omkar nirankar’ and ‘Satguru akal-murt’. He does believe in the incorporeal one. In the Bible of Christ, in many places it has been written, ‘God is light’. The Supreme Soul is a point of light. That incorporeal God the Father is recognised in all the religions. So, now the question arises, ‘If in all the religions there is the belief in that form, why don’t followers of all religions believe in only form as the form of the Supreme Soul?’ Why do they believe in various forms? Actually, the real answer about it (vastavikta) [lit. reality] doesn’t arise anyone’s intellect.

When that incorporeal point of light comes to this world it selects two special souls of Ram and Krishna and makes them the heads in the tasks of establishment and destruction. The soul of Krishna in it’s last birth is born [as a person] having the name and form of Dada Lekhraj in Sindh, Hyderabad [in present Pakistan]. The Supreme Soul Shiva enters him and does the work in the form of Brahma [great mother]. He plays a loving role. You may visit any Brahma Kumari Ashram and ask anyone of the Brahma Kumars and Kumaris, ‘Did Baba [i.e., Dada Lekhraj] ever look at anyone with anger or did he ever say any bad words to anyone or is there any one who experienced sorrow after coming in contact with Baba?’ Every Brahma Kumar and Kumari will tell that even though they met him only for 10 minutes, no one has given them as much love in the world as much as they experienced from Baba. Brahma Baba was the embodiment of love. For example, even today you may watch in the serials on T.V. in which even demons receive boons from Brahma. They are demons, yet they receive boons from the Great Mother (Brahma). Actually, that form [of Brahma Baba] is shown [in serials]. And just opposite to it, there is another form, meaning the soul of Ram. It is said ‘kalp kalp lage prabhu avatara’, meaning that at the end of every cycle [i.e. in the Iron Age, the last age of 5000-year cycle] the Supreme Soul Shiva enters the body of Ram’s soul and becomes known under the name and form of Shankar.

Look! Just like Krishna’s name and form has become famous as ‘Brahma’, in the same way, that Ram’s name and form becomes famous as ‘Shankar’. There are another two souls that help these powerful souls [i.e. Ram and Krishna]. They are ‘Radha’, the helping shakti of ‘Krishna’ and ‘Sita’, the helping shakti of ‘Ram’. In their present forms these souls are called ‘Saraswati’, the helping shakti of Brahma and ‘Parvati’, the helping shakti of Shankar. These are the names of their present forms. When the Iron Aged world ends and the creation of new Golden Aged world takes place, the nature and sanskars [character, tendencies, traits] of these four souls combine. Now the sanskars of men and women clash in every house. You don’t find any house without a clash of sanskars. However, at the beginning the Supreme Soul created such a world in which the natures of these four souls were one [i.e. harmonised]. They are the souls that are the hero and heroine of the world and the combination of these souls is shown in the form of Vishnu. [People] say, ‘They are arms’, don’t they? ‘My brother left his body. My right hand is broken.’ So, it doesn’t mean that the [physical] right hand broke? It means that the helping power has gone. In the same way, two souls - Brahma and Saraswati, i.e. Radha-Krishna, become helpers in the task of the Supreme Soul like the right hand. They never assume a strict form. In order to reform someone, they always followed the path of love. That is why the Supreme Soul has accepted them as the right hand. However, when the work cannot be accomplished by the right hand, one needs to bend his finger. Those two forms are Shankar and Parvati. Adishakti [the first female deity] assumes the form of Chamunda [a ferocious form of Parvati, the consort of Shiva] and Shankar assumes the form of the one who destroys. The soul of Shankar/Ram causes destruction. Without assuming a strict form, demons [wicked Brahmins] like Ravana, Kumbhkarna, Meghnath cannot be transformed. The soul of Ram becomes ready to shoot the arrows of knowledge at the demoniac elements which have penetrated the Brahmin community in large numbers and play the role of Ravana, Kumbhkarna, Meghnad, in order to reform them. These arrows are not anything else, but sharp words which the Supreme Soul Shiva utters for those demons through the mouth of Shankar or Ram and which act like arrows of knowledge. We like those sentences (mahavakya), but the same sentences act like arrows for those devilish souls who have penetrated the Brahmin family. These arrows of knowledge hurt to them [i.e. their minds].

So, in this way, Vishnu - the third form, is also merged in these two forms i.e. Brahma and Shankar. Vishnu is the combination of four souls, Brahma and Saraswati, Shankar and Parvati. Apart from these, there has never been in this world with a person with four arms or Ravan with ten heads.[5] Ten heads of Ravan means that all together ten religions establish a gathering of democracy which causes destruction all over the world. Actually, the Supreme Soul came and created the kings by teaching them Raja Yoga.

The Supreme Soul opens a school and is a called a True Guide (Sadguru), so he must have certainly become the Vice Chancellor of this University of God where he gives high positions. The Supreme Soul gives the highest status. He taught those who had been kings in many births in the country and abroad the technique of ruling. It is known as Raja Yoga. Now the Supreme Soul is teaching that Raja Yoga through the Knowledge of the Gita. He is preparing kings for many births. A father in this world gives the inheritance for only one birth, but when the Supreme Father comes, he gives kingship for many births to his children; then he goes away. That kingship for many births is being given now. The 108 great souls of the world are going to be revealed very soon in the world, which will create turmoil all over the world and the reigns of the religious and administrative power will be taken over by these souls.

When the whole world is trapped in the clutches of Maya, the Sun of Knowledge (Gyan Surya)descends on this earth. The clutch of Maya does mean any lady. The human beings of the whole world are overpowered by the five vices: lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego. The whole world is entrapped in those vices. Today no one is free from the clutches of these five vices. When the condition of the world becomes like this, the Supreme Soul Shiva descends in this world, the memorial of which is being celebrated as the festival Mahashivratri[6]. When the Supreme Soul Shiva descends at the time of Mahashivratri, many religions are spread all over the world. In those religions, there is lots of unnecessary argumentation in the name of a religion and no knowledge at all. Ignorance is being taught in the name of knowledge; money is given lots of importance, pomp and show are given lots of importance. And the task of the establishment of the dharm [religion, law, system of right duties], the question of assimilating virtues almost don’t exist. At that time the Sun of Knowledge God the Father Shiva comes to the world of creation and finishes darkness [of ignorance]. That’s why, in the memory of this Mahashivratri is celebrated in the midnight, in the month of Magh[7]. This means that in the last month of the year, meaning at the end of the world drama, the end of Iron Age the darkness of ignorance spreads all over the world. Just like in the TV serial of Shaktimaan. They say, ‘Andhera Kaayam Rahey’ [let darkness prevail forever]. So, the devils keep shouting, ‘Andhera Kaayam Rahey’. Let the world live in ignorance and let us carry out our work! So, these are the devils of lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego whose head is the vice of lust. The Supreme Soul comes and first of all destroys the vice of lust through the body of Shankar. We thought that lust must have a form of a deity[8]. He was named ‘Kam-Dev’ (the Deity of Lust). Actually there is no such separate deity. It is an evil attitude in us; it is a weakness in us. It is the evil in us, which was first destroyed by the Deity Shankar. However, those who destroy it are number wise. Shankar is depicted as the one who destroys lust first. He opened his third eye of knowledge and the vice of lust was destroyed. It was not any external lust [depicted as a deity, who shoots an arrow of flowers on Shankar to break his penance]. It was an internal vice, which he burnt and destroyed. So, when the main vice is burnt, the other four robbers and dacoits (i.e. vices of anger, greed, attachment and ego) will run away automatically.

Shiva and Shankar

It has been depicted here that actually Shiva is separate and Shankar is separate. By mistake we combined both of them. But in fact it is not a mistake, but our misunderstanding. Due to this, the Brahma Kumars and Brahma Kumaris are also entangled in that misunderstanding. What kind of misunderstanding took place? When the Supreme Soul, an incorporeal Point of Light (jyoti-bindu) comes in this world, he will definitely make someone equal to him and teach him. When the teacher teaches, some student who assimilates his knowledge 100 % will certainly emerge. So, that incorporeal Shiva point of light is revealed in the world through this form of Shankar, and both become the same [known as Shiva-Shankar]. You see, no one says that Shiva and Brahma are the same. Why isn’t the name of Brahma joined with Shiva? Why isn’t the name of Vishnu joined with Shiva? Why is only the name Shankar joined with Shiva? It is joined because Shankar is so deeply engrossed in the remembrance of Shiva that he immerses Shiva in himself. That stage of merging him is the stage of Shiva and Shankar being the same. This stage becomes famous all over the world. Actually, both are different souls. The Supreme Soul Shiva never comes into the cycle of birth and death. That is why it is said Shiva Lingam [Shiva’s idol in the forp of phallus]. It is never said Shankar Lingam. It is said Shiva Ratri [the Night of Shiva] and not Shankar Ratri [the Night of Shankar]. God the Father Shiva is beyond sin (pa) and merit (punya); while the bodily human beings become entangled in [accumulating] sin and merits. Now you see, Shankar is seated in meditation. If he himself is a form of the Supreme Soul (parmatma) who is he meditating upon? If you visit the old temples, you will see Shiva lingams kept in the main place, in the centre and the idols of all other deities including Shankar are placed around the Shiva lingam. What does it prove? Among the 330 000 000 deities, the deity Shankar is the Dev-Dev-Mahadev [the greatest of all the deities], but he is not the Supreme Soul. He is also sitting in front of Him and praying Him. In front of whom is he sitting? He is sitting in front of Shiva lingam. So, Shiva is the point of light (jyotirbindu), the Supreme Soul; and Shankar is the one who plays the role of the hero of this world drama stage.

Supreme Soul is not omnipresent

Here it is has been said that when God descends come to the world of creation, he will certainly narrate such unique wonderful points of knowledge regarding which the whole world has been under the illusion. He will definitely narrate such a new knowledge that the entire world has been unaware of. They have been know something opposite. When people searched for God everywhere and could not find him anywhere, they started saying that God was omnipresent (sarvavyapi). He is present in every particle. He is present in every atom. Whatever you see, God is there. Actually, one entire shloka in the Gita is about this issue, ‘ebhana tad dhamo paramam mama’ [I am a resident of that paramdham - the Supreme Abode]. This issue was proved in the Gita which is the most elevated scripture in the world and has been most commented. One word ‘vibhu’ has been mentioned in Gita. The meaning of this word has been exaggerated and it has been spread in the world that God is omnipresent. Actually, in the word ‘vibhu’, vi means ‘in a special way’ (vishesh rup se) and bhu means ‘remembrance’, meaning by being remembered God occupies a special place in every soul’s intellect. But an opposite meaning was applied and God was said to be omnipresent (sarvavyapi). Here it has been explained that actually, the Supreme Soul is not omnipresent in the world. There are evidences of this even in the Gita and Ramayana. In the Gita and Ramayana it has been clearly written ‘I come whenever there is irreligiousness in this world.’ The phrase, ‘I come’ proves clearly that he was not present earlier. That is why he came. Otherwise, why would he have to come? Secondly, the shloka of the Gita mentioned above definitely proves that the abode, name and acts of the Supreme Soul are the highest of high ‘uncha tera dham, uncha tera nam, uncha tera kam’, which means ‘high is your abode, high is your name and high is your work.’ If the abode, name and acts are high, will He reside at a higher place or lower place? Even a king of this world sits on a high throne. So, why did we merged the Supreme Soul in every particle?

Here it has been depicted that when the sages, saints, sanyasis become overwhelmed, they play the khartal [a kind of music instruments] saying ‘he Prabhu, hame darshan do’ which means ‘O God! Reveal yourself unto us’. When they preach, they say God is omnipresent. They say “atma so Paramatma” i.e. the soul is the Supreme Soul, and “Shivoham”, i.e. I am the form of the Supreme Soul; I am God. So this is not rational. One should stick to one view. What does it mean? While singing kirtan [chanting hymns of God] you say, ‘O God! Reveal yourself unto us.’ Now, from where should he reveal himself to you, if God is sitting in you! Here it has been depicted that when the followers listen to the preaching of the Guruji Maharaj [spiritual guide], they become overwhelmed with joy and say, ‘Yes, God is omnipresent. The guru narrated very good knowledge.’ But after coming home, a brother starts killing his own brother! Now, aren’t they able to see God in each other? How did this hatred arise all of a sudden? Actually, everyone’s soul is different. The Supreme Soul is different from them.

In the Indian tradition, the mythology of Shankaracharya[9] is different and the mythology of Madhavacharya[10] is different. In the Gita of Madhavacharya it is said that every soul is separate and the Supreme Soul is separate from those souls; whereas in the Gita of Shankaracharya it is said, ‘sarwam khalu idam braham’, which means that whatever is seen in this world is the form of God. Madhavacharya said that each soul possessed different sanskars [traits, characters, imprints of actions].

When a soul enters the womb, it plays its own part. Its role cannot be similar to another soul. We have always been mentioning an example from the scriptures that we all souls are the bubbles of the ocean. All the bubbles merge in the ocean, which means that we are a part of that ocean. We have been saying so, haven’t we? But we have forgotten one thing. If we are bubbles, if we are a part of the ocean…. Then, if we take a handful of water from the ocean, that water will also possess the saltiness present in the ocean, won’t it? At the time we mix this handful of water again with the ocean, both possess the same quality. But why do all of us have different characteristics? How did these differences arise? And these differences have been lasting for many births. Next, it has another perspective. Did anyone wish his existence to be destroyed forever? Does anyone like it? If our soul merges with that Supreme Soul, if the handful of water is mixed with the ocean, its existence will end forever. Then, how did the saying ‘kalp kalp lage prabhu avatara’ [God incarnates in every kalpa, i.e. every cycle of 5000 years] appear in the scriptures? When the Silver Age (tretayug) comes, the incarnation of Ram takes place.

Every soul is eternal and immortal. That is true, but it is something seperate. Every soul is imperishable and eternal, their entities and sanskars are different, but the role of every soul’s many births is recorded in the ‘tape recorder’ in the form of a luminous point. When the soul descends on this world drama stage, it takes as many births in the cycle from the beginning of the Golden Age to the end of the Iron Age as it had taken in the previous cycle. If it is Ram’s soul, it will take birth as Ram in the Silver Age. If it is the soul of [the one who is called] “O Krishna-Narayan’, it will again rule in the beginning of the Golden Age as Narayan. In this way, the role of every soul changing its body is determined. It repeats itself as it is after every 5000 years. So, the soul is not the Supreme Soul. The Supreme soul is always separate. If the Supreme Soul started coming in the cycle of birth and death, there would be no one to release us. We souls cannot be compared with the Supreme Soul. We souls can play the role of a hero or a heroine or a villain or we may be a soul playing an ordinary role; but nobody’s role is like that of the Supreme Soul. His role is higher than others’ role. He will not come into this world again and again. Just as it has been written in scriptures: ‘Sambhawami yuge yuge’, i.e. I come in every kalpa. Arey! If he comes in every kalpa, at the end of the Copper Age when the Supreme Soul came in the form of Krishna and caused the war of Mahabharata, did he come to establish the sinful Iron Age? Is there a need to come every cycle? Even an ordinary father constructs a new house, when the house [that is used] becomes old, when the old house can no longer be used. Until the old house is usable, he keeps having it repaired. It is the same in the case of the house of the world. Abrahim, Buddha, Christ, Guru Nanak came and repaired the world at some places. Someone repaired it in the Arab countries, someone in European countries, and someone repaired it in China, Japan. All of them came and repaired it. No one has constructed a new house. Did they create a new world? How long will the work of repairing continue? Those religions exert their influence for some time, and then it ends. At last the Supreme Soul God the Father, who is the Father of all the religious Fathers, the Father of all the fathers has to come to this world. He comes and transforms everything. He is not omnipresent. He enters into the body of the soul playing the role of the hero as in his permanent form and plays the role in him.

Did you hear the name of Jesus? Did you hear the name of Christ? Why are these two different names? Christians believe that the person who was not famous was called Jesus. Then, when he became famous he was named Christ. Nobody knows this secret. The Supreme Soul has come and is explaining that when a new soul descends from above, it changes the name of the person in whom it enters. For e.g., Vivekananda was earlier known as Narendra. Later he was given the name of Vivekananda. The same happened also to Acharya Rajnish. Initially was an ordinary lecturer [named Osho]. When a new soul entered into him, he was given the name Acharya Rajnish. So, the soul which descends from above converts the person in whom it enters [into its own religion]. The soul in whose body it enters belongs to the Sanatan Dharma [Ancient Deity Religion] of Bharat. After entering in it, it converts that person and attracts him to its religion. In this way, souls were converted into various religions. Other religions have originated and flourished through residents of Bharat.

It means that we souls cannot compare ourselves with the Supreme Soul. He is always above all of us. He neither experiences happiness nor sorrow. He is always beyond happiness and sorrow. But yes, it is certain that when the Supreme Soul comes to this world and teaches us Raja Yoga, he teaches us such a knowledge that despite living in the world of sorrows and happiness, we souls number wise experience the stage in which we do not experience sorrow while being in sorrows and do not become too happy in happiness. It is the stage of being always the same which is called in the Gita ‘sthitapragna’. We will not experience that stage always, but Shiva always experiences it. He is the Supreme Soul. So, how can we say that the soul and Supreme Soul are the same? How is the Supreme Soul omnipresent? The Supreme Soul is always different.

People sing the song, ‘Jhanda uncha raheh hamara, vijay vishwa tiranga pyara. Vishwa Vijay karke dikhlaye’, but they do not know who those three cloths-like bodies are who caused turmoil in the entire world and gain the victory over the world. Actually, the three cloths in the form of the body are Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar themselves. Their colours are also shown accordingly [in the tricolour flag]. The top-most reddish colour is that of Shankar i.e. it is a symbol of revolution. The middle white cloth is a symbol of the pure, virtuous Vishnu; the green colour below is a symbol of Brahma. For instance Gandhiji used to repeat that the Kingdom of Ram would come… However, instead of it the Kingdom of Ravan came. In the same way, Brahma Baba always kept saying that they would bring the Kingdom of Rama, heaven would come, it was about to come. Now, instead of heaven, the Brahma Kumaris ashram has become a hell. That is why Brahma is neither worshipped nor are his idols or temples found anywhere, because the so-called Brahma Kumaris and Kumars could not sustain the honour of Brahma. On the other side the idols of Vishnu and Shankar are made and worshipped in entire Bharat even today.

Adhyatmik Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya

House No. 351/352, Block A, Phase-I,

Vijayvihar, Near Sector-5 of Rohini,

Delhi-10085. Ph. No.011-27044227, 27044152.


[1] A Hindu saint in VI century who founded the path of renunciation.

[2] The Sanskrit word uttered while making offerings in the auspicious fire.

[3] A popular devotional song of India, praising Lord Rama as a purifier of the sinful.

[4] Idols in the form of phallus worshipped as a symbol of Shiva.

[5] Vishnu is show with four arms; Ravan is show with 10 heads.

[6] Literally meaning “the night of Shiva”. A Hindu festival celebrated in the month of February/March when God Shiva is worshipped in the midnight after a day’s fasting.

[7] The last month of Hindu calendar which corresponds to February / March of the Christian calendar.

[8] In Hinduism, lust is personified as a deity who once tried to break the penance of Shankar through his power of lust.

[9] A seventh century Hindu monk who established the path of renunciation, who believed that a soul and the Supreme soul are one and the same.

[10] Another prominent Hindu saint who believed the soul and the Supreme soul to be different.

The Pictures of Knowledge

The Trimurti Shiva and the Cycle - the key to understanding God and man.
The Trimurti Shiva and the Cycle - the key to understanding God and man.
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Lakshmi and Narayan - the aim of the human life.
The Tree of the World - the matrix of the human history.
The Tree of the World - the matrix of the human history.
The Ladder - the rise and fall of Bharat, the Father of Humanity.
The Ladder - the rise and fall of Bharat, the Father of Humanity.


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