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March for Babies - Team CHD

Updated on January 30, 2015

March for Babies - Team CHD

Welcome to the March for Babies fundraising page for Team CHD! We are spread out across the country, and would love to add even more cities to our Team. Look through our page for all of the different ways to help!

A real easy way to help is to click the Like button, and the Share button to spread the word.

The 2014 Chicago March for Babies will take place on Sunday, April 27, 2013!

Thank you for the support over the years!


If you have a blog or web site, we would love it if you added this banner to your page!

Copy this code to your website to display this banner:

I wanted to point out that although the earnings from this lens don't go directly to the March of Dimes through Squidoo, I DO donate all the money to my March for Babies!

Squidoo earnings donated to 2012 March for Babies: $6.11

Squidoo earnings donated to 2013 March for Babies: $0.91

2014 Team Total: $80

(As of February 21, 2014)

Past Team Totals


2012: $1,816

2011: $1,340

2010: $455

2009: $720

2008: $2,258

Help us reach our goals!

Donate to Jessica:

Donate to Natalie:

Donate to Jennifer:

Donate to Jessica:

Join Team CHD!

To join one of the cities listed, click the appropriate link below and fill out your information. If you want to walk somewhere else, click the Pick Your Walk link and search for your local walk! There are walks in all 50 states, DC and Puerto Rico. There is even a walk for military members in Okinawa, Japan!

Some things you should know before signing up:

- There is no minimum fundraising requirement, and no cost to participate!

- If there isn't a walk near you, or you are unable to walk, you can still sign up and raise funds online for the March of Dimes! (Or you can mail in any cash/check donations.)

- If you have walked in the past, just use your previous username and password and it will have all of your info ready.

- If you have already signed up, and want to join Team CHD, log in to your account, go to Edit Profile, then Change/Join Team, Join an existing Team, and search for Team CHD.

- Once you sign up, you can invite your friends and family to join you by going to your donation page and clicking "Walk With Me."

- After I get the notification that you joined Team CHD, I'll add your fundrasing banner to this page!

Why I'm walking

It's that time of year again! On Sunday, April 27th, I will be participating in my 8th March for Babies event in Chicago! I know that it is incredibly hard for a lot of people to donate this year (I'm in the same boat), but I would like to ask you to keep reading this anyway, because there are other ways you can help even if you are unable to donate this year.  I am walking to honor Jackson's memory, in the hopes that the more research that is done, the less families will have to go through the pain of losing a child.

Why March for Babies? Because the March of Dimes champions the needs of moms and babies in our community and across the nation. The money we raise for March for Babies will help:

- support all-important research offering preventions and solutions for babies born too soon or with birth defects

- educate women on things they can do to increase their chances of having a healthy baby

- provide comfort and information to families with a newborn in intensive care

- push for newborn screening and health insurance for all pregnant women and children

This year, I would love for TEAM CHD (Congenital Heart Defects) to grow and be even bigger and better than previous years!  In 2008, we, as a Team, raised $2,258!!  (And that was with just 5 walkers, everyone did awesome!!)  Please join the Team and walk with us! There are walks all over the country, and even several in the Chicagoland area, not just downtown.  Just go "Join Us" section for links to sign up for Team CHD, and when you go through the sign up process it will allow you to change the location of your walk if you aren't in the Chicago or Indianapolisareas.  Have you already signed up for your local walk?  You can still join our Team by logging into your account and then Edit Page, and select a Team.  You'll be able to join an existing team by searching.

I am asking you to show your support for our Team and our mission to help March of Dimes by forwarding this to your family and friends, and asking them to do the same!  You can also share this lens by clicking any of the share buttons at the top of the page!

Ready to donate?  Just go to any of the donation banners at the top of the page and you can donate by credit card or PayPal, and you immediately get your receipt for your tax deduction!  Want to donate cash or check?  Let me know!

Thank you SO much for anything you can do to help us Save the Babies!!!

Great Stuff on Amazon

Click the link of any of these products, and if you purchase something from Amazon during that visit, a portion of the sale will be donated to my March for Babies! Just another way for you to help out!

March for Babies on eBay

Click the link to any of these products, and if you purchase something from eBay during that visit, a portion of the sale will be donated to my March for Babies! Just another way for you to help out!

Are you walking? TELL US WHY!

Do you support March of Dimes? TELL US WHY!

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    • xbratx99 profile image

      xbratx99 4 years ago

      @SimplySara LM: Thanks!! I've had this one going for a few years now I think :) Been doing March for Babies since 2007, and always on the lookout for different ways to get team members and donations.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    • SimplySara LM profile image

      SimplySara LM 4 years ago

      What a great idea for a lens! I haven't been active on Squidoo for a while. Are charity lenses a new thing or this something you came up with on your own? I love it!

    • xbratx99 profile image

      xbratx99 5 years ago

      @Gypzeerose: Thank you SO MUCH!! I think you are officially the first donation that has come directly from Squidoo, that's awesome!

      Sorry about your niece :( How old was she? It makes no sense to me why little ones die <3

    • Gypzeerose profile image

      Rose Jones 5 years ago

      When I come to a page like this I have to make sure that I can't remember my paypal password. Oh well, what the heck! I donated just a little - but every bit helps. I had a little niece who did not make it because of spina bifida. I know personally how much pain that can cause. Blessed and sent out by digg, and pinned onto my doing good board. God bless your efforts.