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Brita Water Bottle Review

Updated on August 7, 2012

An Unbiased Brita Water Bottle Review

I have found at times it's hard to find an unbiased review of any product sold as a loyal user of the Brita water bottle I decided to write my own Brita water bottle review. this revolutionary new product from Britain combines the power of their traditional water filters with the convenience of a portable water bottle. This marriage made having Wally filtered water anywhere if you are. Now if you are like me and hate to buy bottled water this is the answer you are looking for. Now any product in my opinion it's not 100% perfect but it is as close as you can get the perfect on the market today. Now I have been using a Brita water bottle says it's came out on the market just about a year ago and I think after a years worth of usage I can safely call myself an expert on using it and therefore I think this might be one of the most comprehensive reviews you will find on the let's take a deeper look into what makes the Brita water bottle so special, and is it worth spending your hard-earned money on.

Brita Water Bottle Construction

What Makes it Work?

well the brittle water bottle is a plastic squeeze bottle that has a filter located inside the. It also has a handy rubberized handle that you can use kind of hook your finger to carry with you. Now the construction of it is both positive and negative. The great part of the borough water bottle is that it is durable. It is made out of some sort of plastic that is tough, durable, and through my rough usage seems to be almost unbreakable. The plastic is made from plastic that is BPA free. That means that there's none of that nasty chemical inside of the plastic they use that is been proven to cause people harm. Now this is a big deal because most people don't realize that the companies that make actual bottled water have BPA inside of their plastic bottles. That is why none of the bottled water you buy never say BPA free. That is because the plastic they used to bottle their water has BPA in it.

Well the construction of it is very good I would like to point out to small issues I've had with the bottle over the last year. The first issue is that if you don't pay attention when you screw the cap of the water bottle on it may not make it tight seal, and therefore when you go to squeeze water into your mouth some will eat out the side of the Onto the front of your shirt. Now this is really no big deal because it is water and it won't stain, however if you are using it at work or in public inmate was a little bit of uncomfortableness walking around with a wet shirt. Now I've found over the course of the last year that if you take one extra second screw the lid on properly this is not an issue. Now this is a molded plastic product so there is that rare chance that you may get something that is not molded correctly, and therefore it will always leak when used go to squeeze it. If this is the case make sure to call Brita and let them know, or if you still have your receipt return it back to the store which you purchased it. the second small issue I have with the bird a water bottle is that when you first get it the plastic may seem a little bit tough to squeeze. And I think this is a natural breaking in process like when you're wearing a new parachutes are you after you use it a couple times you will find it easier to squeeze and overtime will think nothing of it, but just be told now that the first time you go to use it it will seem a little tough to squeeze. This really is no big deal for adults but if you give it to a small child they may have trouble in the beginning just something to keep in mind.

now it goes to small faults out-of-the-way I'm going to give construction of the Brita water bottle 4 1/2 out of five stars.

Brita Water Bottle Filter
Brita Water Bottle Filter

Brita Water Bottle Filter

Is it any good?

Now the heart and soul of the river water bottle is the filter that sits underneath the cap. This filter has the same design and similar inner workings to its big brother sink and refrigerator counterparts. Now if you've ever seen the commercial for the Brita water bottle you will see someone drinking it out of the water fountain at the mall and says it tastes delicious. Now I would like to tell you where I work the water is terrible. Everyday I was buying at least one bottle of Poland Spring water to drink at my desk. When I first saw this commercial being the doubting Thomas that I am I reluctantly went online and ordered it from Amazon since there were no stores in my area that carried it because it was so new. When the water bottle came I took it to work the next day. I decided to test it so I first took a glass of water straight out of the water fountain and put it on the side. I then took my Brita water bottle and filled it up from the water fountain. What I did next was I took a swig of water from the unfiltered cup and tasted it. There was no surprise that the water tasted awful like it always did. I don't know if it's the town or what but the water is always semi-cloudy and has a hard chlorine bite to it. Then I took my Brita water bottle that I just filled at the same time as the cup, took a deep breath and squirted a mouthful into my mouth. I could not believe what happened next. The water tasted great! There was no chlorine bite, no bad taste, and it tasted just like the Spring water I've bought every day for $1.49. I could not believe it, and I drank down the entire bottle and refilled it. From that day on I been using my Brita water bottle everywhere I go. I've tried it at the park and I've even tried it at the mall just like they do in the commercials. It always comes through for me 100% of the time. The only thing I have not tried the water on is what Brita says it is not good for which is water that is not deemed safe for human consumption. What that means is I have never went taken a bottle full of a lake, river, or stream and try it because that is not considered safe drinking water. I don't advise you do not either.

so my final verdict on the actual filter is five out of five stars. Not only does it do an awesome job giving you quality water wherever you go, it also saves you on of money because you are no longer buying bottled water.

My Brita Water Bottle Review - The Final Verdict

Five out of Five Stars

I hope you have enjoyed my Brita water bottle review, and if you are an avid drinker of bottled water I strongly advise you spend the couple of dollars for a Brita water bottle. Not only will this wonderful product delivery you many many gallons of filtered water that tastes great, it will save you a lot of money as well. I love my bottle so much I have been talking about it to all of my coworkers, friends, and family. Many people I have spoken to about it are now loyal users and are no longer slaves to the bottled water companies. If you have been considering getting one do yourself a favor and pick up one or even two because you will find that you use it all the time and it is going to be one of the best investments you have ever made under $10. I hope you enjoy your bring a water bottle as much as I do

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