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Bryan Hoare Micro Light Pilot

Updated on January 16, 2015

Bryan Hoare

What can I say, I am just me born in Kent, Dad was from Kent, Mum is from Cornwall that makes a fanctastic combination. I am what I am, I can't physicaly change (I'm not into plastic surgery). Here is me at about 10 I think!

I love my family, Carol my wife of 28 yrs and my three lovely girls (ladies now) Alayna, Leanne & Kimberley, plus our four grandchildren Logan, Nathan, Jacomb and Luke. All four are great fun to have around, always full of energy and laughter. Time is going quick and they are growing up fast.

So there we have it please take a browse through my lens and please let me know at the end what you think.

Life in the fast lane, I never seem to stop for a moment there is always a project on the go, whether it be the back garden, the front garden, do the school run, read the latest book, update my latest blog on prostate cancer, I always keep busy, and I love it. If the weather is sunny all the better, it helps Carol to keep healthy, because she is a sun person. I have just bought some books to read on how to be successful in life, I'm not just talking about money that is just one aspect of life, there is so much more to enjoy about life so I thought I would read about it and see where it goes.
List of Books:
Masters of Success authors: Ivan R. Misner, PH.D. & Don Morgan M.A.
100% Success Basics
The Slight Edge author: Jeff Olson
The Zen of MLM author: John David Mann
Chicken Soup for the Soul authors: Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen
These come highly recommended for success in anything you do in life so here's to many hours of reading.

Find Bryan's Blog on Prostate Cancer.

Diamond Star DA40 G-CCKH
Diamond Star DA40 G-CCKH

Bryan's Flying ambition

Private Pilot Licence Training

I have just started a course to gain my Private Pilots Licence (PPL) I am flying a Piper PA28D this is a modified Piper Cadet with a Diesel engine. It is great fun to fly. Update 2nd January 2012, I now have 14.5 hours, have passed my Air Law exam and may be allowed to go solo anyday, if the weather gets better. I have changed planes to a Diamon Star DA40, I have mainly flown in G-CCKH but have also flown in G-CCHD and G-CCSF which has a glass cockpit. These aircraft are supplied courtesy of Flying Time at very reasonable rates and the Instructors and ground staff are great.

I have also purchased a Flex Wing Micro Light with a 477 Rotax engline and extended long range fuel tank. the micro light has been stored for the winter and will be looked at in the spring.

Summer 2012 update:

It is now 15th September 2012 and I have completed some 46 hours of training, on the 9th September I flew solo on a navigation exercise for the first time. I flew from Shoreham (EGKA) to Dunsfold - Guildford - Sevenoaks - Canterbury - Clipgate - Shoreham (EGKA), the aircraft was DA40 - G-CDSF, flight time was 1hr 45min weather was perfect wall to wall sunshine. An awesome experience never to be repeated i'm sure. Should not be long now for the final test.

Three reasons to love Bryan Hoare

From School Boy to Military Man and Beyond

I entered Sandwich County Secondary Modern School a young lad and came out the other side a young man, who promptly joined Her Majesty's Royal Air Force. Now I am the owner of ABC Taxis in Horsham and I am also a Network Marketing Consultant which lead me into building my own independent group of distributors for the Utility Warehouse which is a supplier of home & office utilities (Phone, Internet, Mobile Phones, Gas & Electricity).

Now the up and coming pilot, thanks Mum for your support and memories.

I am self motivated and will help anyone get to where they want to be. This is me on the extreme right with my family on the occasion of my Mums 80th.

My Thoughts on Pensions and How To Overcome These Issues

Bryan's Residual Income advice for you

... Take a look at this page The opportunity helping replace your pension.

In the picture opposite is my good friend and veteran John Davidson, who is an ex RAF Pilot of WW2. He flew Typhoon's over the Beeches on DDay in protection of our brave young lads, and flew sorties inland to blow up bridges, trains and tanks. He had to stop flying when he was grounded after diving to steeply and burst an eardrum. This lead to a spell in a Hospital in Belgium before being repatriated to England. We spend many an hour talking over his wartime exploits which he remembers with clarity.


Extra Income:

Are you worried about the recession, I was until I discovered how to acquire a residual income, something that bucks the trend, something that everyone needs, something that we use everyday of our lives, unless you live in the middle of the desert or on an ice flow that is.

You'll say but you own your own business, yes I do, but like all companies they can take a hit in the bad times and it is not always as great in the good times, as many people may think it is.

Free Advice:

Little bit of advice for FREE: If you have savings, but also have debts take the money out of savings and pay off your debts. Why you say, well your interest on savings is a lot less than what you may be paying for your loans of credit cards. If you have anything on credit cards then pay them off out of your savings and you will save money instantly. You will not make any money all the time you pay someone else interest, only have savings when you are not borrowing.


The Residual Income Generator:

So that is why I decided to look around for a residual income. The second wage packet, something that will always bring in the money even if I'm on holiday, or taking the grandchildren out for the day, even when I sleep. Something that will generate away and provide me with the things I really want in life.

Your Priorities:

What are your priorities for this year list them down and put aside the fear that you are not good enough to do this through your lack of knowledge, your lack of confidence, your lack of self-esteem, all these things and more can be overcome. Fear is a great asset if used in the right way but not if you let it eat away at what you really want to achieve. List what you are strong at, things like, can you communicate with people in a friendly manner, are you good at listening to people. The one thing about engageing with other people is to listen to what they have to say and bond with them on these issues. Certain issues can be the most serious things in that person's life at that time and you listening and staying on the same wavelength can bring immense reassurance to that person and you may stay strong friends for life. It should also bring great feelings in you as a person that you have encouraged some one, to have helped them and turn their life around and even, maybe help them to financial freedom like you. They may look up to you as the one who helped them when no one else would listen. Do you see where I am coming from? They would most likely tell their friends about you. This is just the beginning for you if you want to achieve great things in life and earning extra money in the process is one of these then call me or visit my site above and click on the opportunity I have a great team that is growing all the time and everybody is happy and smiley, because they enjoy the work they are doing, helping people save money and in the process they are rewarded with a great commission structure.



If you need to top up your pension before you retire take a look at ..

my other blog The Opportunity and see what you think.

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    • bryanhoare profile image

      bryanhoare 9 years ago

      [in reply to alaynabell] Thank you Alayna, it was really nice to read your comments, good luck with the business venture, I am always here. Bryan x

    • profile image

      alaynabell 9 years ago

      Hi I am Bryan Hoare's Daughter Alayna Bell, My dad is a complete inspiration to me, I have always looked up to him and he has always been there for me, as I am for him.

      I know that you will be a success and the support of a loving family is definitely a big help towards that.

      Love you loads