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Truth is always bitter. Please unite and let’s build Pakistan

Updated on May 12, 2010

Dear readers, especially our ministers n the people who r governing right now.

The most basic n rising question is unemployment..

Have u guys ever thought thousands of graduates and masters student are roaming in streets as there is no job in market, and if any vacancy is announced the reference comes..

Just think for a while what n where my Pakistan is going. students are getting degrees but no jobs the thing i want to say is this unemployment situation will lead towards robbery, theft and lot of negative issues.. so please wake up guys, do u know what are we, we having lot of natural resources we can be like US n UK a independent country.. just come on get together n come on roads let the Governing people know that their policies are not fruitful, the IMF loan do u know who will pay?… we dear we in terms of expensive electricity bills gas bills but unfortunately the peoples of this nation are either dead or sleeping. i dont know why….i am thankful to media but media should come with some reasonable issues… whoever is a president we are not concerned the peoples want ATTA, Bijle, GAS n etc.. if the basic things r not available do hell with these parties…

i hope a slight change n gathering a young generation is a first step through apna system site….. n its a deep request kindly forget this bradri system n pole a vote to a right person just because of this bradri system we r remaining back from our enemies india..

its a harsh n bitter truth that in the race of many things our enemy country is far ahead why have u ever thought,

A single person cannot change but a nation can change the system… the fault is not in the leaders its our fault we pole a vote n bring them although we r knowing their past history what have they given to us except loan from other countries.


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    • profile image

      earnup 7 years ago


    • pisean282311 profile image

      pisean282311 7 years ago


      I am an Indian which you addressed as enemy on this hub..but i did like your way of thinking of choosing right person to lead your country...problem u mentioned regarding pakistan are similar to that of India..though lately India has seen some improvement but still i think we share problems..I am totally in agreement with you on 'choosing right person'..

      I have had opportunity to interact with many pakistani and I found them to be talented lot..I truly believe pakistan has potential to rise...all the best..