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Bullying - Bully Conduct and Types

Updated on July 7, 2014

Bully Conduct

Bullying is growing as fast as our population is, and then some. It has become a staple in society and must be stopped. In most cases bullies were not raised like that or beat or even in a bad place. No matter where you are you should be ready for bullies and no how to handle them. Bullies will never go away, you get rid of one and another one will show up. Lets see the different types.

Types of Bullies

There are many types of bullies. There are different ways they act and different mental states. It is better to know what kind of bully you are dealing with. Bullies can show up through your entire life. You may be one of the lucky ones who may have not been bullied.

Look around you there are many opportunities to help people with bully problems if you haven't been bullied, or even if you have. I will try to help you see the difference in bully types here.

There are four main types of bullies. I will go over all of them, and try to highlight the main difference in those. Sometimes there is no way to tell a difference, sometimes you just do not know what kind of person you are dealing with. Bullying was part of my childhood and sometimes part of my adult life too. I reached a point where I will not take it anymore. I stand strong, and I don't give in. I also developed a hard skin. All the names I heard started to fade lower and lower. It took me a long time to be where I am. I hope that this can give you a head start, or a drive to put you in the right direction.


Aggressive Physical

This is by far the most common bully, they are not easily handled and don't want to back down. You know the type, they are better at everything, they do whatever they want. This type of bully is dangerous, hot headed, and tries to break anything he can get his hands on, including you.

These people have usually been abused and have no way to vent there frustration, so they turn on others. They are misguided and hard to read. This could not be the case, but usually that would be why people act out that way. Try to stay out of there way. These type of bullies need to be put out of commission, put down if you will. If you have to deal with them and can not fight, you should learn how to. Martial arts, boxing, kick boxing all of these are good for you to learn. If that doesn't work then makes friends with bigger people.

Can you break a bully?

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Pushy Physical

Ok these guys for the most part are weaker then the aggressive ones, but still just as troublesome. This bully likes to make you do stuff you don't want to do, like eat rocks and make you say " i am stupid" really loud during school.

I have dealt with this kind the most. They will fight but will use it as a last resort. All you have to do for these guys is stand up for yourself. In most cases that is all it will take. There is a fine line when it comes to protecting yourself, and you wont know it till its to late.

If you manage to get him on the ground, and he stops fighting back, then you just leave him. There is no need to do extra damage to him.

Aggressive Mental

Theses guys will make your life hell, they are usually pretty smart and know how to push your buttons. They are more of a nuisance then anything. They can and will use all there verbal abuse to inflict damage on you. They will mock and offend you, they joke and intimidate verbally. When they do this they make sure others are around. They could actually be different one on one. There is one everywhere you want to be.

For the most part you can avoid these guys and be okay. If you have to fight, which I actually never recommend unless you are in real danger, swing quick and try to hit the jaw. If it doesn't knock him down, he will at least get rattled enough to back off. They just cause stress really though.

Pushy Mental

These are the low level noob types. They are not to aggressive, just a little pushy. They still try the mental thing, and they can hardly ever fight. I don't even think they would try to. This is the most annoying bully there is.

These mostly are people in power, like managers and leaders in your community, people who get a little authority and then run with it. These people can be walked past with little to no effort. No pain at all should be involved here. Stress yes, but this one can be taken care of just by standing up to them. Easy peasy. Yea I said that.

Where do you find them?

You can never tell for sure. It kind of gets snuck up on you when you least expect it. Some people say oh well this person messes with everyone so you just assume. Sometimes though that person will not mess with you, so you can never really tell that its your bully, until its your bully. They come in all shapes and sizes. When you least expect it.

Cyber Bullying

This is one type of bullying I have not dealt with before. This is so common though that I can tell you my thoughts about it. Cyberbullying is a term used to describe online social media attacks one individuals. There are a lot of ways this can happen, accidental photos or videos getting put on the web are common ones. Some bullies have went as far as making entire websites dedicated to a hurting certain individuals. With all the modern technology we have cyberbullying is way to easy to get away with. No one can hide from it, everyone is subject to it.

From what I can tell, this is mostly a highschool thing. I do not know that for certain though. This is not something you can take care of easy. There is no internet police, no matter what people say. The effect that an individual can be put through, because of social media giants like facebook and twitter are not there fault. Cyber bullying is from the bullies themselves. They figure out how to use the systems to there advantage. Everyone joins in and for some it never ends.

My only suggestion and cyberbullying is to not put yourself in those positions, like taking pictures of yourself that you shouldn't be, or sending pictures of yourself to others. No one will keep those pictures to themselves. No one!!

I am not saying it is your fault, sometimes there are just bad people who want to hurt other people to make themselves feel better.


Where is your bully?

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What can I do?

Well it depends on the bully and the situation. I mean if its only a day, tough it out to avoid future conflict. I know that the right thing to do is to tell someone about whats going on, if its a student , then tell a teacher, a co worker then tell a boss.

Unfortunately, this can have repercussions, mostly in the form of humiliation and pain. My suggestion would be to stand up, say no more, fight if you must, but remember its only a valid option if you are in real danger.

Do not be the bully. If this bully has backed down from you or asked you to forgive him...accept it. I hate to say it, but if you have a bully on your side, it is definitely beneficial for you. 10 extra points if you can get him to stop bullying others too.

Do not go looking for a bully, if you are looking for trouble you will find it. It will probably not be a pretty picture either. Do not turn into the bully. Don't be that person. If you are reading this right now then you know I am saying truth here. Just do not do it.


This is not a world we should have to live in. If you see someone being bullied, help. That includes adults if you can. Never let anyone be hurt again. There is always something that can be done. If you have to find an adult or a parent, do it fast. Stand up against bullies in numbers. Find friends, other kids who don't like bullies, or just a group of kids to stand up at once. Bullies need to be put in their place. Sometimes it doesn't take much, but sometimes drastic measures must be taken.

Ask why. Sometimes you if you know why bullies are like this, you will be more excepting of them as individuals. Maybe they just need good people in their lives.



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