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bully conduct 3

Updated on November 30, 2011

Many of us have to deal with bullying in life. While most of us do not talk about it, or just ignore, there are times where action needs to be taken. Bullies that are older have done this a while, their tricks and manipulation are worse than they have ever been before. Welcome to bully conduct in the work world, lets begin.

This is very similar to school situations, but the troubles can be much more severe in most cases.

PHYSICAL - This type in the workplace is a bad type. While all types can lead to profanity and headaches this type can lead to a hospital trip. For the most part people do not like their jobs already and this can make it much more difficult. Anything that involves physical contact is what I am speaking of, whether it's a bump on passing or them throwing down your belongings. These people are every, usually the go to the gym or always harass the women in the office. They should be relatively easy to spot. There are two very important things to know about them. One, they will try to make your life hell in or out of work. Two, they are probably not as tough as you think. I have seen huge muscle-bound guys get taken down by very small people. Cause the truth is that not all of this type can fight, they never have to. Everyone just backs down all the time.

MENTAL - This type is a nuisance, their goal is to make you look bad and themselves look good in some way or another. They plot, scheme and, manipulate you to bend your will. This is not a person you want to mess with, it is a person you need to mess with, as with the other type of bullies they need to be handled correctly. Do not hurt them physically, they already know who to turn to, to get you arrested or fired. This is about a mental game, it has nothing to do with strength. They are miserable and want to make others miserable to. They need it done back to them, on a large-scale.

ACTION YOU CAN TAKE - With the physical type and this is the same with school, it is important to learn how to fight. It will build your self-confidence and might just help you take care of some business, if you understand what I mean. Also understand, if you hurt them you may look like the offender, often the defender will get the blame for hurting the bully. So be careful and know it might get you into some trouble, but something must be done. The mental type is all a head game. You can tell the boss if you want to, but they are already friends with the boss. If they aren't then that is where you go first. Bosses hate people who interrupt work flow and make them look bad, use that to your advantage. Mental games should be handled in groups, not only will it be more affective, but fun. I find its good to gas light them. If you do not know what it is ...Google it.

There are very few times where you need to move, and even fewer where you can just sit back and let it happen to you. The realization that it is happening to you is the first step. This article may not have helped all of you, but honestly, you are adults, when someone is threatening you or making you look bad, STAND UP FOR YOURSELF.


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