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Burden of History in My Blood__Astounding Story of Founder Mutation Genes to Future Medicine

Updated on April 24, 2013

My Blood and Your Blood

Blood of individual and families sometimes carrys genetic signature of what is known in science as a "founder mutation".

Founder mutations that carries the potentials for a serious disease have received much attention recently since knowledge of human genetic code has become known.

For example, people who carry the gene BRACA1.185delAG, originially a Hebrew ancenstory founder mutuation that likely arose according the best scientific estimates probably during what is known in history as the Babylon Captivity of the Hebrew in the year 587 BC for approximately 40 years or two generations. This mutation was widely present in the blood of the Hebrews who in many generations afterward became known as the Ashkenazi Jews.

In a facscinating new book titled "The Wandering Gene and the Indian Princess" by author Jeff Wheelwright (W.W.Norton and Company, 2012), tells the story of how this gene showed up in the blood of a young girl named Shonnie Medina, in a Hispano family of New Mexico , a devout spiritual Christian family that had lived in a small town for generations.

Shonnie Medina died from cancer caused by this gene at the age of 25, knowing about this predestination in her family but refusing medical treatment due to her deep spiritual beliefs. Her story is a real story happened recently.


Wheelwright Story of Race Religion and DNA

Wheelwright book just became available at the Fairfax County VA public library for this fascinating story of "race, religion, and DNA" tracing back to the Spanish Inquisition in several generation before and during the era of Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) who sailed for the Indies in 1492 and discovered America.

Thousands of Hebrews and Moors who live in Spain of that era was forced to convert to Spanish Christianity or face torture and death. Some were expelled from Spain and went elsewhere to find sanctuary. But many converted .

This is how centuries later, Shonnie Medina's family inherited BRACA1.185delAG either as a "carrier" in one generation not causing the disease, but sometimes when two genes from parents combined, the potential for the disease to appear increased substantially in the age of early 20's to 40's.

Just as some founder mutations are ancient as that of the Medina Family, there are other such founder mutations that are recent. Sickle Cell disease among many people with African ancenstry is one such mutation that arose due as a natural selection mutation that provided some protection to mosuqio born Malaria disease in Africa. It appears that this Foundatioon Mutation arose more than once in Africa, India and elsewhere where Malaria is prevalent.

Mystery Novel Like__Scientific Search - For Founder Mutation DNA


A riveting story of another founder mutation known as Hemocomatosis is chronicled by Dr. Dennis Drayna, a Scientist at NIH U.S. Government lab in Washington DC.

It appears this Founder Mutation arose more recently, may be 60 to 70 generations ago. The investigative search lead by Drayna's team came to the likely conclusion that this Founder Mutation rose around 800 AD, in North Western Europe, and descendents carried the mutation in their blood to further north in Europe and South where this mutation shows up more than elsewhere.

Dryana's Scientific American Article titled "Founder Mutation" ( Scientific American, October, 2005 issue) is a most valuable science gene hunt story that reads more like a mystery novel then a science article which it is.

Dryana mentions that knowledge of such mutations allows phycians to identifiy patients who should be tested for certain diseases.

But some variants of such DNA variation actually prolongs life rather than cause diseases. Longivity in such population segments in certain parts of the world is an example. But as knowledge increases, and more focus is given to new technology development possiblities from such basic research knowledge that are on going and have been done by scientists at university and government labs, "genes to future medicine" to find affordable diagnostics and treatement become reality in future.

Photo Album 01__My Blood Your Blood - Cafe Twin Conversations Healthy Living C2C

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Café Twin Community TV Perspective of Genes to Future Medicine


From this writer’s perspective, it was truly an honor for me to interview Dr. Dennis Dryana in my community tv show, “Our Family Origins”, “Genes To Future Medicine Series” , here in Fairfax County VA, shortly after his article, appeared in Scientific American Magazine in 2005.

Work of such scientist as Dryana and most fascinating book as the new ““The Wandering Gene and the Indian Princess” are worthy of attention and conversations for those who seek healthy life styles in everyday living.

One wisdom that I think both of these authors would agree for readers and their family is “seek to know your genes as best as you can”, to reduce negative surprises in life, and increase positive healthy life styles as possible as science and technology development community leads the way to “genes to future medicine”.

A Small Town in NM__Hometown USA


Some Other Prominent Founder Mutations - Found in USA and Elsewhere


Sickle Cell


Genes to Future Medicine - Advancing Now in 21st Century based on rapidly growing knowledge of Human Genome


A Bridge to Arts & Science__Cafe Twin


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