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bush, now obama not creating real jobs.

Updated on December 16, 2010

bush 'bama combo, same ol story

Ever since 9/11 jobs in the US have slowly gone dry. 8 years of Bush drained it big time. Now that Barack is in office, the same ol same ol. Now is Barry O better than cuz Bush? yes, but he is far from great. All Barack is doing is slowing down a bit Bush's mess. But its not being fixed. What I remember of Bush's 1st year besides 9/11 basically nothing. And Obama 3 things that have no impact: him gawking at a Beyonce looking Brazilian girl, Beerfest with cop and professor and a verbal jab at Kanye West of the Swift mic incident. Ah great. 

The lie that both state is that they are creating jobs and may even have stat chart to prove it. But that can be deceitful. Since they don't detail it, it is mainly jobs overseas owned by US companies which makes it "seem" that jobs are being created but inside the US many are not. The US rarely makes anything to sell or export, basically no manufacturing. Good examples are Detroit and Pittsburgh, car and steel industry virtually gone. Many companies are hiring illegal immigrants more and more to work low wages so they can save more money. Now most US workers can barely get a fare wage to live off of. The service industry will be the dominant form of work. Problem is for this home manufacturing of sorts is needed not imported goods which will jack prices up which are high already.

They say its similar to the fall of Rome. Rome got everything needed from the outside then fell from within. like the end of Rome, all the US has is the military industrial complex where US citizens can make a good wage. But if that goes away then what?


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    • CHRIS57 profile image


      7 years ago from Northern Germany

      Good merge of the two photos.

      Of course both presidents can be blamed for the mess. But i think that goes much further back.

      First kick came when the US overstressed their financial capabilities during the Vietnam war. Richard Nixon tried to correct by fully cancelling the Bretton Woods gold standard system. That was the beginning.

      So from the beginning of the seventies the US gradually suffered more and more from their own pride, the pride of the Dollar being the worlds safe haven in conflict situations. That continuously overrated the Dollar at the cost of loosing competitivity. Eventually the US decided it was better off by creating a service dependent economy, only forgot that service never creates real prosperity, only distributes prosperity.

      So all presidents beginning with the one who started the Vietnam war are guilty of leading into a mess, not only the last two.

      Yes - it took some 600 years for the Roman empire from rise to fall. It took 200 years for the US empire from rise to downturn, how long will it be to the fall?


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