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Create Buttons for Great Causes

Updated on November 14, 2015
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Erica Moreno has been making buttons since 2003. I love sharing my knowledge with those who are eager to get started.

Show Your Support With a Button Today!

Every day people are working towards collecting donations for their cause. You see different walks, benefits or even products for sale. Every little bit helps and what a great way to collect a donation and give a little something in return with buttons. If you have different donations for different events you can even offer something else like a mirror button or keychain.

Your button will serve as a token of appreciation. The donor will feel proud to have your button with the cause they helped.

Have you used pin back buttons to raise money?

Have you used pin back buttons to raise money?

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Relay 4 Life

Creating a Cancer Free World!

Relay for Life is an event that brings communities together to celebrate those that have been affected by cancer. Whether you battled cancer, were a caregiver, or remembering a loved one lost from cancer this is your night to walk. There are many ways to get involved in the Relay for Life. You can volunteer. Donate at the event or to a team. And finally, you can sign up and fundraise for your own team

Volunteers are always needed. Some jobs can include doing errands to make sure the event goes off without a hitch. There is also a dinner days before the actual event where volunteers can help setting up or cleaning up. As a volunteer, you will get the gift of seeing so many strong individuals and families joined to fight this terrible disease.

Monetary donations are welcome online and collected by teams. You will often see people on facebook collecting donations. They have a special link that helps their team. You will also see local businesses collecting money from their customers. The donations are used to provide help with those battling cancer and find a cure.

If you want to contribute even more why not sign up! Creating a team is easy. It could be friends from work, your family and friends, or even a mixture of both. Fundraising as a team is fun and brings so much more money to fight cancer. Team members can have shifts at the event so there is always a representative from your team. You will see people camping out and having fun throughout the night and day.

Visit Relay for Life for more information!

Value Combo Kit -- Includes a Professional Button Maker, Graphic Punch and 250-500 Button Sets.
Value Combo Kit -- Includes a Professional Button Maker, Graphic Punch and 250-500 Button Sets.

Get a Button Maker!

Your fundraising efforts are endless so why not use a machine that is easy to use, makes a quality product, and is easy to transport. These button makers get the job done and keep doing the job for years to come. If you need help from another person on your team or need to make buttons at the event, it's easy to take along with you.

Have fun with your button making!

An example of a button someone created for an Alzheimer's Walk.
An example of a button someone created for an Alzheimer's Walk.

Go Far with Buttons!

Make Your Logo Famous

Making buttons for a cause is not a new idea, but knowing what to do with buttons will bring a new dynamic to your organization. Use your buttons as a gift to your donors. Give them away for free at events. You can also sell the buttons on your page for those that would like to donate.

You might have looked into ordering buttons for your organization. They can be expensive, minimum orders can cause problems, and if you run out you are stuck. Making buttons is cost effective for organizations because you don't have to worry about any of these problems. Just make sure you have plenty of button parts on hand to make more if you run out. Using buttons is a great way to give your donor a keepsake for helping your cause. They give a donation of $1 or $2 and they get a button. You both get something.

Some events include walking for your cause, join with a group that is related to your cause, and create a keepsake for goody bags for marathons or walks (anything that is health related). Since your buttons are inexpensive they can serve as freebies at events. Make sure you include all the important information on how they can find you. This can be a website that lists all your future fundraising events. If you have an awesome logo, you will be sure that they will show off their button on handbags, scarves or even hats.

You can create a website page easily nowadays. You can offer your buttons or other items for sale for those that were not able to get one in person. Ebay, etsy and cafepress are also sites that you can sell your buttons. I'll update more ideas too.

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