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Updated on June 2, 2013


C3PO is the nerdy protocol droid from the Star Wars movies who was usually teamed up with the astromech droid, R2D2. C3PO helped to provide much of the comic relief in the movies but also served to assist in etiquette, customs, and translations. He is fluent in over 6 million different languages! Over his years in service, C3PO served over forty masters.

C3PO, is also known as C-3PO, See-Threepio, or even Threepio.

Who Played C3PO in Star Wars?

C3PO is voiced by actor Anthony Daniels in all six Star Wars movies, and in radio dramas, some of the audio books, and the animated Droids TV series that aired in 1985.

In Episode I, Threepio was puppeteered by someone else for a skeletal C3PO model, and the puppeteer was then digitally removed in editing. In Episode II, Daniels took over some of the puppeteering duties, but those scenes were later edited out and replaced with Daniels doing a voice over in post production editing. In Episodes II through VI, Daniels wore a costume for most of the filming and provided the voice of the droid.

C3PO Sayings

C3PO Quotes

“Don't call me a mindless philosopher, you overweight glob of grease.”

“Listen to them, they're dying, R2. Curse my metal body. I wasn't fast enough. It's all my fault. My poor master.”

“We seem to be made to suffer. It's our lot in life.”

"I beg your pardon. What do you mean, naked?" [Artoo chatters] "My parts are showing? My goodness."

"Oh, my. Space travel sounds rather perilous." [Artoo chatters] "I can assure you, they will never get me onto one of those dreadful starships."

My obtuse little friend, if they had needed our help, they would have asked for it, hmm? You obviously have a great deal to learn about human behavior."

"For a mechanic, you seem to do an excessive amount of thinking."

"Oh my goodness. Shut me down! Machines making machines. Hmm. How perverse."

"Oh, oh, oh... A battle! Oh no, there's been some terrible mistake! I'm programmed for etiquette, not destruction!"

"We'll be sent to the spice mines of Kessel or smashed into who-knows-what!"

"I am C-3PO, Human-Cyborg relations. And this is my counterpart, R2-D2."

"Artoo says the chances of survival are seven hundred one."

"If only you'd attached my legs, I wouldn't be in this ridiculous position. Now remember, Chewbacca, you have a responsibility for me, so don't do anything foolish!"

"If I told you half the things I'd heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short circuit!"

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This poster combines the Keep Calm and Carry on saying mixed with the scene where Obi Wan Kenobi tells the stormtroopers that "These are not the droids you are looking for."

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Star Wars Basic Figure C-3PO with Salacious Crumb
Star Wars Basic Figure C-3PO with Salacious Crumb

The unfortunate C-3PO is constantly faced with indignities that rattle the worry-prone droid. He is horrified when Luke gives him to Jabba the Hutt, not realizing it is part of Lukes plan to rescue Han. In the palace, C-3PO is tormented mercilessly by Salacious Crumb and slathered with revolting slime by Jabba. Based on the character from Episode IV: A New Hope, this articulated action figure has detailed styling and comes with an exclusive collector coin! WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD. Small Parts. Not for children under 3.

Star Wars 2008 Clone Wars Animated Action Figure No. 16 C3PO
Star Wars 2008 Clone Wars Animated Action Figure No. 16 C3PO

The nervous protocol droid never likes being anywhere near trouble, but he once again finds himself in the middle of an alarming situation when he discovers that Padm Amidala is in danger ? and it?s up to him to rally reinforcements to rescue her.

Star Wars - The Saga Collection Basic Figure C-3PO - Ewok Village
Star Wars - The Saga Collection Basic Figure C-3PO - Ewok Village

No one was more surprised than C-3PO by the sudden manifestation of powers brought on by the golden droid's frustration at being unable to convince the Ewoks to free his friends. Then his sudden short, Force-induced flight around the village drove the superstitious Ewoks into a panic. C-3P0 with Ewok Throne measures 3.75" tall. Includes exclusive 2" hologram figure.

Star Wars: Power of the Force Flashback and gt; C-3PO Action Figure
Star Wars: Power of the Force Flashback and gt; C-3PO Action Figure

Star Wars collective figure includes Episode I Flashback Photo

Star Wars E3 BF23 C-3PO
Star Wars E3 BF23 C-3PO

C-3PO finds himself in the midst of one tumultuous circumstance after the other. How will he survive? You decide, as you reenact scenes from Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, or create your own adventures with this exciting new action figure.


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    • SusannaDuffy profile image

      Susanna Duffy 

      9 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Some times it's hard to tell the difference between Anthony Daniels and Threepio


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