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Campaign / Political Buttons

Updated on November 15, 2015
Let's talk buttons for your campaign!
Let's talk buttons for your campaign!

Political Buttons Encourage Conversations about Platform

Buttons are a cost-effective way to identify staff, promote your platform and really get citizens to ask questions about your goals.

Buttons have been used in elections ever since our very first President, George Washington. How amazing is that?! I love history and that is exactly what you make with buttons.

Our recent elections for city, county, state and even Presidential elections have been the most important this last decade. Every election encourages people to vote, but there are still citizens who are not sure about the candidates. The more people see your button, your face, your name they just might be interested in what your goals are since everyone is showing their support.

I like to think of buttons as "mini billboards". They are actually walking mini billboards if many of your supporters are wearing them. Buttons will serve as great conversation pieces when someone is curious about that little button.

There are a variety of ways to use buttons during campaigns to create buzz or identify key players in your campaign.

Button Making Kit
Button Making Kit | Source

Button Making Kit for Headquarters

It's a great idea to have a button making kit available at your headquarters. There are volunteers that can work on making them. When your stock gets low you can always make more, as long as you have plenty of button parts on hand. And finally, it's a great way to get your supporters to talk more about you.

Volunteers are always willing to help and show their support. They can help pick up the art work from the print shop, cut the images out or even make the buttons. If you have the manpower use them to help with your campaign buttons.

One of the great reasons to have a button maker is to be in control of your stock. When you have to order your made buttons from a company you are relying on their inventory and time. If you have the machine, you are more in control. Plus you have more flexibility on different designs you want for different events.

And back buttons will stay around forever. At any level of politics, you are creating history. People will continue to talk about that little button and why they supported your platforms.

Making a Button

My little Zoey says, "Don't forget to vote"!
My little Zoey says, "Don't forget to vote"! | Source

It's That Time of Year Again

Don't wait till the last minute! Stock up on your buttons now. Show your support for your candidate and get the word out about their platforms.

The upcoming 2016 Presidential Election is supposed to be huge!! They are expected a 20-30% increase in promotional items (aka buttons, stickers etc.) to be ordered. We are going to increase our stock, but we might not be able to keep up with the high demand. That means orders may take a day or two to get shipped once orders are placed.

Planning is important when it comes to ordering your supply. Order in advance and make sure you have your designs printed and cut out before your pin backs arrive. Try to get as much completed before your buttons arrive so when they arrive your volunteers can start making buttons ASAP.

Got Buttons?

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