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Reduce, Reuse, REBAG!

Updated on October 11, 2011

Cute Canvas Shopping Bags to Fit Your Style!

No paper, no plastic, no thank you! Reusable shopping bags are the way to bag it now! These roomy, stylish 100% cotton canvas tote bags have plenty of room to carry everything you need when you are on the go! Reusable shopping bags with cute, original designs feature heavyweight natural canvas fabric with full side and bottom gussets and 22" reinforced self-fabric handles. Each bag measures a roomy 15" x 18" x 6" and will hold twice as much as a plastic bag. These bags are machine washable.

All designs copyright © tandemonimom.

Return the bags to the car as soon as you unload them so they're ready for your next shopping trip!

Recycle Old T-Shirts into Cloth Tote Bags! - Step-by-step video tutorial to make your own cloth shopping bag!

This is an extremely simple process and this video gives very detailed instructions, showing each step clearly, so that even sewing newbies can do it: three straight seams, and some cutting. You'll have your own individual cloth bag made from a favorite old t-shirt - what could be better?

Cute Canvas Tote Bags are Addictive! - How many reusable shopping bags are in your house and car?

Do you have a hard time resisting a really cute cotton canvas bag? How many do you have?

See results

this design also available on t-shirts

Return the bags to the car as soon as you unload them so they're ready for your next shopping trip!


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    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Wooow awesome

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Wooow awesome

    • orange3 lm profile image

      orange3 lm 6 years ago

      Reusable bags rule!!! I haven't thought about making my own bags, but maybe I'll give it a go.

    • PromptWriter profile image

      Moe Wood 6 years ago from Eastern Ontario

      No paper, no plastic, no thank you! :) I loved the t-shirt bag tutorial, it is a great way to use up old tees.

    • misbhave999 profile image

      misbhave999 7 years ago

      Hey great tips... check out my lens for fun

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      An important message well presented :)

    • Shoputopian profile image

      Karnel 7 years ago from Lower Mainland of BC

      I love this I have so many reusable bags, think I buy one from just about every store I go in to, way to help the planet...

    • michelle8989 profile image

      Michelle 7 years ago from AZ

      *Leaves a trail of angel dust* Blessed by an angel :)

    • profile image

      poutine 8 years ago

      I just added your lens on the following lens:

      Making Your Own Reusable Bags Is Being Green


    • lasertek lm profile image

      lasertek lm 8 years ago

      Anything for the environment. 5 stars for this lens. We also advocate the recycling of toner cartridges and refilling 'em with < a href="">toner refill kits. If you have time, hope you'd drop by on my lens as well.

    • TreasuresBrenda profile image

      Treasures By Brenda 8 years ago from Canada

      Nicely done, blessed & lensrolled to my Ban Paper Coffee Cups lens.

    • profile image

      Spring-Purses 8 years ago

      those a really nice bags. but i prefer straw bags... i think they're a bit more fashionable. and some bag retailers also help the communities that make them.

      btw, check out my site here

    • profile image

      cziv 8 years ago

      I'm always disturbed when I pick up my daily mail and think of all the trees that were used each day to support the junk that I burn up and never read. Re-using things, stopping the plastic epidemic at the grocery stores and saving on paper waste are always on my mind.

    • perfumereviews lm profile image

      perfumereviews lm 8 years ago

      couldn't have said it better. so important to "invest" in canvas bags. down with plastic!

    • tandemonimom lm profile image

      tandemonimom lm 9 years ago

      [in reply to HenryE] Thanks Henry - yes they are all my own design!

    • HenryE LM profile image

      HenryE LM 9 years ago

      Did you design those? If so, very impressive! Simply but classy and clever. I like them a lot. I use plastic bags when I go to the grocery store, but I'm going to look into getting some canvas bags like you show. Great tip of putting them back in the car so they will be ready to go!


    • Heather426 profile image

      Heather Burns 9 years ago from Wexford, Ireland

      I should just get some html code that says, 5***** as usual, and add it to all of your lenses. I really like your bags. You are so creative...

    • profile image

      Tarra99 9 years ago

      great green lens! 5* All of our grocery stores are doing away with plastic bags or charging for them and I need to get one of these for when I go and just get a few items...for the full stash of groceries we use large plastic bins (4)

      ...thanks for visiting my Hallmark Family Tree Ornament lens...I appreciate it!

    • hempnecklace profile image

      hempnecklace 9 years ago

      You are cordialy invited to join my shopping group if you havn't done so already.

      My Squidoo Shopping Group

      Click here To join the shopping group.

      thank you

      David Depape

      p.s Feel free to leave a comment in my guest book. :)

    • Natalie W Schorr profile image

      Natalie W Schorr 9 years ago

      Really like the bag lenses! :)

    • greenerme profile image

      greenerme 9 years ago

      Thank you for featuring my 50 things you can reuse lens! I like the video you added about turning t-shirts into totes, that's a great idea. Welcome to A Million Ways to Go Green!

    • EpicFarms profile image

      EpicFarms 9 years ago

      Nice lens! The video demonstrating how to turn an old T-shirt into a bag is absolutely fabulous ~ I'm passing it on to a friend of mine who sews - what a great idea!! 5*


    • Mihaela Vrban profile image

      Mihaela Vrban 9 years ago from Croatia

      This is looking great! :) Had to give it a thumbs up!

    • Mortira profile image

      Mortira 9 years ago

      Whenever I shop at a store that sells their own reuasable bags, I pick one up. You can never have too many!

      Thanks for featuring my lens on reusing greeting cards. I've rolled this over to some of my green living lenses! * * * * *

    • Dianne Loomos profile image

      Dianne Loomos 9 years ago

      Love your canvas bag designs! I have several reusable bags. The trick is remembering to take them to the store with me!