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Cheap ways to give to Charity

Updated on November 6, 2010

Everyone would love to give to charity when asked. If you are like me, you are probably pressed to give to several different charitable organizations every week, whether it's UNICEF, Goodwill, Salvation Army, St. Jude Medical Center or any other organization you can think of. The only problem is, most of us can't afford to give to charity every week. Some of us can't even afford to give at all because our bills are so tight. Through several years I have found a lot of ways that people can donate to charity without spending a lot of money on it. Given a lot of charities only want money to help fund their cause, but know that there are other charities you can give to that will accept tangible goods, such as school supplies, foods, clothing and any other thing on this earth that you can think of. In the next section I will explain some ways you can give to charity and barely see a difference in your budget.

Cheap way to donate to Charity

Example #1 - School Supplies on sale

There are many places that would love to have school supplies, whether it be overseas or right in your own neighborhood. While they are far too many organizations to name, finding the right charity will be up to you and trust me, it's not difficult to do. But still comes the fact that school supplies cost money. Although that is true, there are ways to save a lot on school supplies. If you will notice at your local retail store, for instance Wal-Mart, they have clearance sections. In those clearance sections there are notebooks, folders, pencils, pens, rulers and all sorts of other school supplies year round. The way I stumbled upon this fantastic way to give to charities was when the Church I attend had a charity drive. The drive was primarily for school supplies for over seas children in Africa. While I was browsing our local Wal-Mart I saw that 5 subject notebooks were on sale for .25 cents. The next thing I saw were pencils. A whole pack for .25 cents. Next came the folders. Again those were only .25 cents. I walked away that day with 20 of each, only spending around $18. I supplied 20 children basic school supplies for a year for only $18.

Cheap way to donate to Charity

Example #2 - Charitable thrift stores

Goodwill and Salvation Army are just two thrift stores that take donations of all sorts. There are others, but these two have become the widest known throughout the U.S. Goodwill and Salvation Army are great organizations to donate to because they help in two different ways. Most of the things they sell are sold to people who don't have much money to spend and they donate that money made to people who need it. So in a way they are offering two tiers of charitable service. If you have old clothes that don't fit or you just plain don't want, don't throw them out. Give them to Goodwill or Salvation Army. All it costs is a trip to one of their stores. I have even heard of Goodwill going to houses to pick up donations if you have a large quantity. For more information on how to give through these organizations check out their websites @ Salvation Army and Goodwill.

Cheap way to donate to Charity

Example #3 Via the Internet

Another easy way you can help charity without spending a dime is to use different search engines. There are several search enginesĀ  and click sites that use your participation to donate to charities. Every time you use their search engine to search for your queries or click on anything, you earn money for charities. This works the same basic way as google or yahoo. Each of those companies make money every time someone clicks on an advertisers site. I know google and yahoo are great search engines, but this is one of the simplest ways you can help charities out. If you are reading this today, chances are half of you used a search engine to access it. An example of one search engine that benefits charities is An example of a charity click site is

Cheap way to donate to Charity

Example #4 Recycling your goods

There are several organizations and even websites that take recycled goods and donate them to charity. It can be anything from your old reading glasses to used cell phones. If you have something that you don't use do some research. 95% of the time you can find a place that will take it as a donation and it will make more of a difference than you could ever think possible. One example of a website that takes cell phone donations is envirocharities.

Cheap way to donate to Charity

Example #5 Volunteer your time

A seasonal way to donate to charities is by giving a little bit of your own time. Several places around the world have soup kitchens that are ran solely by volunteers. It doesn't matter if you can only give an hour of your time. It will be greatly appreciated. We have to ask ourselves, "what is our time really worth"? Around Christmas and Thanksgiving Holidays is when you will see most of these soup kitchens, but some areas have them more frequently.

These aren't the only ways you can give to charity. They are just some easy starters. There are so many ways you can give without spending a dime. You can have a yard sale and donate what is made to charity. Donate an old car. Hold a raffle for a $100 giveaway and give the proceeds to a charity. The possibilities are endless. If you are willing to give a little of your time each day, you can make a difference in this world. For those of you that do have money to donate, a good tip for you is that you can write those donations off in your taxes. There's always something you can do.


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    • Jaynie2000 profile image

      Jaynie2000 6 years ago

      Great ideas. I am a huge fan of volunteerism. I am always donating my time to serve on non-profit boards, plan special events, chair walk/ run committees, etc. Currently volunteering as a coach for Girls on the Run, a non-profit club for girls in 3-5th grade. We teach self-esteem building, anti-bullying, healthy nutrition, etc. etc., all while training the kids toward running their first 5k (which we're doing on November 13).

      Thanks for a worthwhile hub!

    • carrie450 profile image

      carrie450 6 years ago from Winnipeg, Canada

      Wonderful hints Fenixfan, thanks for this hub...voted up.

    • profile image

      jca197493@yahoo.c 6 years ago

      Awesome tips. It is so important that paople take time to donate to their community. These were all great ideas!

    • angela_michelle profile image

      Angela Michelle Schultz 6 years ago from United States

      Voted up, useful and awesome. There are many great ideas here!

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