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why china afraid of jasmine revolution?

Updated on January 26, 2012

China is a great power in the world either it is in terms of economy or military. To say, China is the only country in the world which can stand against US. But now this communist country is worried about once thing. Much afraid that it may collapse the government. That is Jasmine. Below is the story about the Jasmine.

The reason for China's worry is not people or countries. It is Internet. yes, Internet is causing problems to the China government. It is making the government to put restrictions on the people not to use it. China rulers are more worried about the social networks. China is worried that the social networks such as Facebook and twitter may ignite the revolutions against the government.

One message in the Internet made many Chinese people to come on to the streets. They didn't carry guns or knives. They had a small jasmine plant in their hand. But its fragrance has brought headache to the government. Police has forcefully threw all of them into jails and arresting whoever appear with jasmine.

Jasmine threat

The reason behind China's fear is the revolution that started in the Arab countries. The revolution that started in Tunisia and spread to the other countries. That is Jasmine revolution. Now China rulers are worried if would reach China too.They wanted to wipe it out in its early stages. so are very stringent against the protestants.

Hu jintao govt is trying not to let chinese hear about the Jasmine revolution. It has put lot of restrictions on the internet such that there are no rearch results for "Jasmine revolution". Also it is censoring for any search words for Egypt or Tunisia in which the revolution has begun.

The most popular social networking sites Facebook, twitter along with youtube are already banned in China. it has recently banned Linked In also as they is a new group started with a name as "jasmine Voice".

Why China is worried ?

Whatever happens in Tunisia is put on the internet in forms of video or pictures. people from around the world express their support through tweets and messages which motivated the people who used to live under the dictators to turn against them. Social Networks have played a significant role in the success of jasmine revolution. They role was to such as extent that the world media has mostly depended on the tweets and messages from social networks to get to know what is happening in these countries. The revolution was successful and the Ben Ali had ran away from the country.

This revolution has provoked the people in Egypt and remained a model to the other Arab countries. The Egypt ruler has at last lost his power on Feb 11. The same is about to happen in Libia too.


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    • profile image

      Paul Chesler 

      7 years ago

      If we try to tell China to do something that ACTUALLY goes against their intuition, then we stand to lose our credibility with them and, therefore, our ability to intervene in a more "Tiananmen Square"-like crisis. You have to pick your battles. This one isn't worth fighting, especially with a country that you owe 16 trillion dollars to. (and counting!)

    • profile image

      Paul Chesler 

      7 years ago

      First of all, I think it is a little different because China is not an Islamic country, and for that matter, I doubt the folks in Urumqi plan on overthrowing the government. However, China's censorship is not to be criticized, though it may seem paranoid, even in America is that level of censorship legal and constitutional, in dire times. I am not a fan of censorship, but in this case, China would have a real case here if they wanted to censor something. What good is a government that cannot defend itself against an internal threat? A government's laws are useless if they are bound to be overthrown, sooner or later.


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