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DUI Attorneys How Choosing the Right Lawyer Makes the Difference

Updated on March 30, 2011

Lawyers Can Make Or Break A Case

Choosing the right lawyer can make the difference in your cost (saving thousands), the time (if any) you spend in jail, and your record if it should ever happen again Sorry, but stats show that 50% will be arrested again and if it’s you, the penalties are devastating. Some states go back 75 years that’s a lifetime for most Truth be told 80% convicted a second time will be arrested a third!

So although it’s not what you choose to think of now, I assure you the right attorney can save and change your life, or do nothing more than a public defender or you could have accomplished on your own.

This Is Not The Time To Flip A Coin


How to Choose

Although one would think it would be easy, when it comes time for judgment day don’t be sorry for not taking the time to make the right choice.

Things to consider:

1) Are they upfront with the good and the bad about a plea bargain or diversion program. Although many states and counties offer them, some are so intense as far as structure that they are almost impossible to complete without consequences. Ex: Polk County Fl has a diversion program where you must go to the courthouse and test (urine or breathalyzer) 3 times a week, attend 4 AA meetings a week, attend a class once a week, court every 2 weeks, pay $180.00 a month, meeting with a counselor once a month, meeting with probation officer once a month, etc. and all of this when most of the participants don’t have a drivers license. If they are employed full time (needed to pay monthly dues) this can cause numerous issues at work and at home.

Some states will allow other treatment programs opposed to jail time or the diversion program These are things you NEED TO KNOW. If you do not adhere to the program I assure you the alternative will not be pleasant (normally jail time) For more information on court ordered or private treatment click on more info The statistics alone will astound you.

2) Do they believe you and are willing to research and investigate possible discrepancies in the arrest, your driving record, etc. All to often all the attorney is interested in is cutting a deal and being finished with the case. Why not it’s how they make more money. Remember the more time they spend on your case the less time/money they have to spend on another clients.

3) You want an attorney who either has or is known for is making a reputation in criminal defense. These attorneys are willing to go the extra mile due to the word of mouth and reputation being built that will exceed any advertising they could possibly imagine. It assures them that the new clients will be eager to hire them. They also (depending on the attorney) once their reputation is built can charge more money I mean think about it would you rather go to an attorney who is known to plea bargain a lesser charge or had a 60% not guilty percentage or one of 5%?

4) It needs to be one you have a connection with or can trust. The last thing you need to be worried about, along with everything else going on, is if your attorney is going to do what he says and is working on your case in your best interest. Just think sometimes your deal will be a bargain along with another clients. In other words, when striking a deal with the prosecutor if you’ll give this plea bargain to this client, I will convince the other client this is in their best interest This could work for or against you.

5) Probably the most important thing you need to consider is what you want out of this personally. Is alcohol or drugs a problem? If the answer requires more than a 2 second hesitation it’s something you should look into. I’m NOT saying you have to decide if you’re an alcoholic (I hate the way people use that word as if it was no big deal), just if maybe alcohol right now is causing a problem in your life. Like it or not if you’ve been arrested for a DUI it’s a problem right now. The thing is that there are alternatives that you don’t even realize. I am not knocking AA by any means, there are hundreds of thousands of people staying sober by going to meetings and working the program, but there are also hundreds of thousands of people staying sober that don’t. Nobody wants to acknowledge that because they’re not all in one big group saying this is the way we do it.

This Should Be The End Result


So Before You Choose

Go talk to them with copies of the arrest report, or have them pull the report and review it BEFORE you meet with them.  Knowing the facts of the case should make a difference whether it’s something you should take to trial and fight, or make the plea bargain. 

Make sure you are aware of the consequences if there should be a guilty verdict. Although the attorney may think it should be an easy not guilty verdict, the jury may make a different choice.
Also if you qualify for a public defender who can make the same deal or they are offering you a program up front that is no different of a paid attorney it may be the way to go.

So Good Luck and I Hope Your Choice Is One That Will Benefit You and Your Family the Most.

A Special Thanks

If you are in Polk County Fl or the surrounding area and are looking for one of the best criminal defense attorneys I HIGHLY recommend
Mr. Gil Colon
Bartow Fl.

He is one of the most upfront, honest when it comes to choices that will affect your life, hard working, stand up for what is right, people (let alone attorneys) I have ever known. He worked on a case for me for a year and never even hinted at charging more money because it was the right thing to do and believed me when I told him the discrepancy.

Thank you for helping change my life and yes still doing without the meds and the booze for over two years, but more importantly found out the triggers that caused the problems. You and your staff are an inspiration and gave light to what seemed to be a tunnel of doom.


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