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Updated on August 17, 2012



Nothing seems to faze some of us any more, we live in a world that when we are faced with horrific things, we either cannot believe it, so we let it pass or we tell ourselves that it cannot be true so we don’t even entertain the thought.

Some of us these days seem to have very little reaction to the hardships around us; some of us even offer our opinions on how the situation someone is in is their fault and not our problem.

What comes to mind to you when you see people begging on the streets, do you drop your small change in their cup?

It seems like some of us thrive on the miseries of others, it is as though we are looking for the unfortunate and the unlucky so we can make a quick buck, never mind the fact that we are sinking them deeper and deeper into a hole.

It seems that some businesses plant themselves into the low income area of our cities so they can make a profit off the lack of knowledge of the people and the lack of opportunity for them to do anything else.

The phrase, “the devil comes with a big smile and a comforting hand on your shoulders”, seems to be the only attention that our underprivileged and low income families are seeing these days and what pray tell will be the outcome of that.

The attackers do not seem to be ashamed of what they are doing, they do not seem to have any concerns as to the continued destruction that they are causing, they even have a name for it, and they call it, “business”.

A man who harms a woman can walk free while a person who harms an animal spends time in jail, how is that possible?

Gun shots fire in the center of our city and in the west end of our city and what do we have to say about it, nothing much. Lives are lost daily throughout the world to crime and violence and we are so bombarded with it that we have become speechless and emotionless. It is not until that very fatality hits our front door that we begin to fight for the better world, what about all those other families that have been destroyed by the violence?

In the small towns where the people are plagued by unemployment and over-controlled by drug users, do we just pass them in the street and say that they have chosen that life for themselves?

When we see people fighting in the streets, do we walk fast to get away from it or do we just stand around to watch? How are we making changes in this world, how are we making a difference, are we even making a positive impact in this life or are we just concerned with ourselves and our own affairs?

How many things have you heard, that you have said “Oh, my God, I can’t believe it?” To you it is something that you have heard of for the first time but it is a life that others have been living for years. What do you do, it is new to you, and do you just let it pass by as if it was never mentioned?

Are we letting the horrors of life pass us by because we are so immune to it? How about the lies, are we not tired of the lies? Told by professionals with smiling faces and nodding heads, a friendly pat and a hope of glimmer in their eyes but still all that comes out of their mouths are nothing but lies.

It seems so natural for people these days to just tell lie after lie and be okay with it. They have no problem sleeping at night no matter how many lies they have told through the day. Why can so many people just tell lies and be okay with it no matter the damage that it causes someone else as long as they benefit from it?

What is wrong with us as people, as human beings are we just insensitive or desensitized?


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